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30 mg Snorted = Hard Trip
by III
Citation:   III. "30 mg Snorted = Hard Trip: An Experience with 2C-I (exp75105)". Erowid.org. Apr 22, 2010. erowid.org/exp/75105

30 mg insufflated 2C-I (powder / crystals)


I'd like to start by pointing out that this drug should never be underestimated or used as an escape, as cannabis or alcohol or even MDMA. Some describe it to be an emotional/mental/visual mix of acid & shrooms, with the body high of MDMA or maybe dxm; I couldn't put it better myself.

2ci like many hallucinogens is a tool. Think of a chainsaw, if you use it blindly and do not respect it's power not only will you not have fun, you could end up in trouble. Those who've experienced shrooms and acid should understand this, and I don't recommend 2ci to anyone who has not done one or the other previously.

Two nights previous to my heavy trip I tried the drug with a buddy who had tried it a few times before. After having two points of MDEA (similar to MDMA but more subtle and calming) I snorted 7.5 mg and ate 7.5 mg mixed with water within 5 minutes of each other. Snorting hurts like a bitch. Soon after I noticed the right side of my face (I had snorted through my right nostril) was puffy around my nose and eye, a little inflamed and my eye was blood red, I figured I must have rubbed cat hair in my eye since I'm allergic to them.

I had some slight textural/pattern (shroom-like) hallucinations, those disappeared after about 20-30 minutes and I just felt really relaxed and satisfied playing mario kart for the night, that was the end of it.

Then the day of the real trip came. I had 30 milligrams of the 2ci lined up, thought to myself, 'I should really take like two thirds of this... But what am I gonna do with a third?' So like an impuslive idiot, I railed it all.


Immediately after my nostril was flaming, the drip in the back of my throat tasted awful and all I could think or say was, 'This. Hurts. Like. a BITCH.'

My buddy suggested snorting a few drops of water to clear it out, so I did that promptly. I was getting an intense body high instantly as I went to get water, and upon returning to my loft upstairs I was tripping hard and the first thing I said when I got into the room was 'Holy fuck.' I had literally gone from sober to full blown acid/shroom/MDMA trip in less than a minute. Once again, the side of my face I snorted through was inflamed and my eye straight blood red, I looked fucked up.

The come-up was far too intense for me, I did not like that aspect of it. Instantly everything around me began to stretch and ripple and warp, textures vibrating on walls, all the while changing color. There were roughly 10-15 people over; its also not a good idea to have more than a few close friends around, at least at heavy doses. All I could think at the time was staying calm and letting the trip come to me, I wanted the anxiety/intensity of the come-up to dissipate so I could enjoy myself. I asked my close buddy in broken speech to look up overdoses of 2ci, and as I was planning to take 2 points of MDEA that night, I also asked him to investigate mixing the two. All information he found said that 20-30 mg is a high dose, although snorting it produces a shorter but stronger effect, and not close to overdosing. Now I could enjoy myself.

As I said before, acid, shrooms, and MDMA are perfect descriptors.

My body felt as if it was asleep, like when you sleep in Saturday morning, waking up and dosing off every 20 minutes or so, complete bliss and relaxation. The only drugs I can relate this feeling to is MDMA or MDEA and DXM.

My mind was going a million miles an hour, almost amphetamine-like, but more similar to acid in that I could go as deep as I wanted into my head but with anxiety and paranoia from something I couldn't identify. I started to worry I was going to have a bad trip, it was just too intense. I thought about my first shroom trip (bad), and how the day after I had wished I had just relaxed and I could have had such a good time. This made the anxiety seem so illogical, it helped, I had to keep that thought in my head for a couple hours until the anxiety diminished.

The visuals were of every sort you could imagine! Save maybe seeing objects/people/animals that weren't there at all. I had massive shroom/textural hallucinations, certain hues on patterns like wood grain and the texture on ceilings would seem to pulse towards me. However, things would stretch and walls would ripple and pulse like waves or as if breathing. All the while, not a single thing stayed a constant color, everything was constantly changing in every hallucinogenic way I know of, changing from one end of the color spectrum to the other and back again.

I went outside to smoke a bowl with some buddies, it was dark. I thought there were blinking green lights in the neighbors yard, then they turned pink, then purple, then blue, I realized I was just tripping hard. My buddies asked me what I saw, so I looked at the glass door leading inside. I saw hundreds of half inch tall diamonds, constantly changing between bright colors of course, turning into bigger diamonds overlapping each other, then turning into bigger rounder shapes, and eventually into color changing clouds that began to rush past me like I was flying through a sky of rainbow clouds while sitting outside my back door. This was probably the coolest part of my trip, and only maybe 20 minutes into it.

I sat down at a retro-like table where some buddies were playing cards, I stared at the same spot flabbergasted at how cool the table looked for probably 5 minutes, before exclaiming, it IS a kaleidescope, moving my hands around an imaginary circular border on the surface of the table, my attempt to turn it into an actual kaleidescope. My friend asked, 'You trippin man?' 'I'm tryin not to trip too hard man,' I responded. I could not get over how intense it was, there had been no gradual ease into trip-mode. I called my good friend and explained I was way too fried to be here when my landlord arrived, so he agreed to come pick me up.

I was hungry but did not feel like I'd be able to help myself, my buddy poured me a bowl of cereal which I set on a board resting on the arm rests of my chair, like a high-chair. Cereal was delicious. By this time I'd say I had peaked, we left to another buddies house and my visuals seemed to dissipate but my body high increased, I literally felt as if my body was getting rest as if sleeping, yet still functional.

This was by far the hardest I've ever tripped, and I do have experience with shrooms, acid, mdma, mdea, dxm, pretty much everything but meth, coke and heroin. Overall I enjoyed it, even with the anxiety and paranoia, it only makes it sweeter that I got that high without freaking out.

I would not take this drug lightly again. I'll enjoy the euphoria and not take for granted the extra insight and change of views it provided. It really is a wonderful tool if you view it as such. I would not recommend this to newbie hallucinators, nor would I recommend snorting large doses, partially because of the intensity and partially because an inflamed face and blood red eye is not a good sign. I've talked to many friends who tried it after I did, all who were EXTREMELY satisfied with the trip. Happy tripping!

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75105
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 22, 2010Views: 8,233
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2C-I (172) : Difficult Experiences (5), Various (28)

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