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Cerebrial Spinal Fluid and the Dura Mater
Toad Venom
Citation:   ZeroDogma. "Cerebrial Spinal Fluid and the Dura Mater: An Experience with Toad Venom (exp75133)". Jan 12, 2009.

  smoked Toad Venom
Let me start by introducing myself, My skills include: Energy/Trance Dance, Breakdanceing, Afro-Brazilian Capoeria, Deep Meditation, OBE, Lucid Dreaming, Reflexology, Acupressure, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Electronic Music Production Vinyl DJ and MC(Trance, House, DrumnBass, Ambient, Trip Hop), Siuox Medicine Wheel Directional Wisdom, Allies I have friendship with include- MJ, DXM, LSD, Mescaline, MDMA, 2ct7, Methadone, Aderall, Morning Glory, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, Opium, Blue Mushrooms, Aminita Muscaria and a few others that wish to remain nameless.

Of course it was experience with these allies that prompted me to become a healer. My vision is to awaken the inner healer in all life forms by Physical, Energetic and Musical means.

I have always wanted a Bufo Alvarius toad as my guide into the depths of DMT space. Finally after over 12 years of consciousness exploration I have met my guide. She arrived in the mail beautifully wrapped in a sack made from a new Botanicals T-Shirt. She agreed to let me have some of her defensive “toxin” I thanked her and thanked the Great Spirit.

It was two days before Halloween and it was time to find out what the name of my Bufo toad was. I was sooo curious. I would never name my toad like a pet owner might. I was sure she had one I just needed to find put what it was. So I asked.

The windproof lighter heated the thin glass pipe rapidly until the “stuff” inside started to crackle and smoke. I inhaled slowly until I could hold no more smoke. Held It In… …then made the mistake of putting the HOT pipe on my carpet, that’s gonna leave a mark.

As I began to blast off I continued the deep breathing that I had started before I hit the pipe. I was relaxed but was not in a deep meditative state, I was overwhelmed with how much I was feeling all at once. I couldn’t seem to get a handle on my focus of mind (listening for the toad’s name) I felt a fiendish feeling like I wanted this little trip to be over so I could smoke a blunt, I wanted nicotine. I shook off that thought and continued breathing until the initial peak passed( 1-2 min) When it did I felt better and decided that next time I should be in a much deeper meditative state before I dose(and not it nicotine withdrawal).

At this point my head was in my hands and I felt like I couldn’t feel the boundary between my hands and my head. This is where the Cranial Sacral Rhythm comes in. I had been trying to learn to feel the Cranial Sacral rhythm for two class sessions with limited success.

The Cranial Sacral rhythm is caused by the circulating movement of Cerebral Spinal Fluid or CSF inside the skull. This current like movement causes the individual bones of the head to move slightly(40 Microns). This movement can be felt with your hands, According to professors its supposed to feel like the clients head is inflating and deflating slightly. Written sources say that it is very difficult if not impossible to feel on yourself.

In massage school we are also taught to try to “see” with our hands into our clients bodies. I did this while my head was in my hands and I began to feel something amazing. Not only did I feel the bones of my head move out then in, I could also feel something slushy moving under the bones. I could accually feel the Cerebral Spinal Fluid moving under the bones. I could also “see” it with my palms. It felt like my hands were holding a water balloon. I thanked the toad and dmt and the great spirit for what I had experienced.

At this point the toad began to jump around its tank wildly and stand up against the glass on just its hind legs. I began to think about how well adapted these toads are for the Sonoran Desert. I mean the idea of a Desert Amphibian is pretty contradictory but after all at the heart of the universe lies paradox. I looked at the toad, smiled and said “You are one tough mother.” And I knew right away that her name was
Dura Mater. It was a truly telepathic and ancient moment. Dura Mater means Tough Mother in Latin. Early anatomists named the outer and toughest layer of the Meninges(dense connective tissue that protects the brain) Dura Mater. Interestingly enough Cerebral Spinal Fluid flows just below this layer of tissue and also helps to protect the brain from hitting into the skull. Funny how some trips come Full Circle isn’t it!

I hope that my experiences have been revealing for all of you. Create your own reality the only thing that truly exists is energetic potential. The only constant is change. Don’t get Dogmated! I love You All.

A Fictional Adventure By Zero Dogma

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75133
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 12, 2009Views: 9,398
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