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A Long Account of a Great Experience
by Seller Gates XVII
Citation:   Seller Gates XVII. "A Long Account of a Great Experience: An Experience with Propylhexedrine (exp75149)". Nov 16, 2013.

T+ 0:00
250 mg oral Pharms - Propylhexedrine
  T+ 1:20 1 bowl smoked Cannabis
  T+ 1:20 1 bowl smoked Tobacco


So finals season is coming into focus and I have quite a bit of work to do (books to read, papers to write, exams to study for, etc.). Usually around this time of year I will just find myself a few nights supply of adderall and get cracking with extreme focus and clarity. Unfortunately, with a few connections getting busted and my general loss of contacts with a few people I found myself searching for berries in a rather arid landscape.

A guy I met randomly one night told me to try benzedrex, as that is what he used as an adderall substitute. As a huge fan of the effects of addies on my ability to do academic work I was rather skeptical that there was an actual legal substitute to my little blue, salmon, and off-white friends. I asked my main source of intel on speedy drugs and he told me that he knew a few speedheads who tweaked off it now and then for kicks. He said I probably wouldn't get the focus or clarity but it would help me stay up for all nighters. He also told me to research it online which is standard procedure before I try any new substance.

I researched and saw that there were pretty mixed results some people saying it was hard to get down and that it gave them headaches and made them sweat. However overall most people were impressed with the results and and say they would try it again. All that feedback taken into account I decided to do a test run on a day where I had little immediate work to do and plenty of time to either get ahead on my long term work or spend the day puking and cursing myself for taking a drug that made me nauseous (namely today).

I couldn't find any at my local Meijer (Midwest based chain of SuperMarkets) but was able to find a pack for roughly 7$ at Walgreens. A bit more pricey than taking adderall but this was legal to have on my person and readily available so I decided it was convenience store mark up prices and bought one. The old woman at the counter might have smirked when she saw that my only purchase was a pack of benzedrex (I don't know how widespread the knowledge of this stuff actually is since I had just heard of it last week but cough and cold medicine has a pretty bad rep in this area, especially when bought by people who look younger than thirty) but I could have been imagining it and she didn't bother to I.D. me which they normally will when younger looking people are buying cough and cold medicines (I don't know if this is a federal or state law luckily I was well over the age of 18 when it was actually passed so I have never thought much of it other than feeling annoyed).

Anyways, I took it home and took out the cotton rod (an extraordinarily easy task). I lack a very strong sense of smell so the lavender/menthol odors described in other reports was not that unbearable to me though I could definitely tell that it was not going to taste very good. Looking at it I knew I wasn't going to be able to swallow it whole or even in little pieces without gagging (this was partially psychological as I couldn't stop imagining the feeling of having cotton stuck in my throat which made me gag). I decided to cut the rod into four pieces and wrap them in toilet paper and parachuted them one by one. I was able to swallow the first two without any problem. The toilet paper acted as a pretty good cushion between my taste buds and the flavor of the cotton pieces and I was able to get them down before my saliva could work away at the paper barrier. The second two were a bit harder to swallow as my mouth was dry from the first wave. Thinking quickly I washed them down with Fruit Punch flavored off-brand Kool-Aid which mixed with the taste of lavender/menthol only for a brief and sufferable moment before it was all washed down. Completing the whole business between 1:40 and 1:55 PM.

I must mention here that I ate a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats right before consuming the cotton and I had a slice of wheat bread immediately after. I decided that trying this for the first time on an empty stomach wasn't something I wanted to do (for safety reasons) and besides I had a feeling that most people who experienced stomach aches experienced them because they tried to digest menthol on an empty stomach which seemed to me to be a pretty terrible idea.

And so I waited. For anything good or bad expecting either stomach aches or nothingness and doubtfully hoping that I might experience anything similar to adderall. I read for fifteen minutes but actually found that my brain was too tired, it couldn't be trouble with reading words because it just wanted to zone out for a little bit and listen to the TV (an odd thing I do, either watch TV muted with captions or with sound but while attempting to take a power nap). I flipped on Malcolm in the Middle reruns and listened to them while resting my eyes feeling disappointed that I hadn't found a legal alternative to adderall.

Also, around this time I started to get lavender tasting burps that came deep within my stomach. The taste was not nearly as bad as described by other reports and by no means should be seen as a deterrent from using the drug. The burps are only off putting because they taste like lavender which is not a taste humans are accustomed to (I feel as if burping up potpourri would be induce similar feelings). I only felt like I was going to puke once, not that I felt nauseous. On the contrary I felt just fine physically, however one of my later burps seemed to come from so deep inside me and be so voluminous (not a misprint or error in meaning it actually seemed like the burp was shooting more air up and out than usual) that I was sure solid matter was soon to follow. This never happened though and the lavender burps ceased for the remainder of the experience save for once during the come-down.

At 3 PM however, something exciting happened. I have never really heard of anyone with this effect but I have find that whenever adderall or ritilin gets into my processed into my bloodstream (be it 45 minutes when ingesting orally or a seemingly instant 8-10 minutes when snorting) I suddenly have to take a large yet easy flowing dump. I have not been so happy to be sitting on the toilet in a long time.

From there things seemed to be picking up rather quickly. Maybe a little too quickly as I felt slightly funny in a this could either turn terrible or be exactly what I am looking for kind of way. I decided to light up a hookah filled with the standard hookah tobacco and a tad bit of pot which I hoped would turn the situation in my favor. It worked wonders. My feeling quickly turned into something that felt like a light adderall buzz, almost disappointing like if your friend came in flashing a bunch of adderalls at you then ends up splitting a 5mg and leaves--i.e. you are disappointed but grateful for what little you were able to get. This was promising but I still remained skeptical as to whether it would pick up into a significant adderall-esque buzz as I felt like after close to two hours I was experiencing the most I would get.

I was wrong. Way wrong. But I have never been happier to be wrong in my life. Waves of euphoria rolled over me, my head was clear, my mind and body were energized. I was ready to do work and damn if it didn't feel almost exactly like a good adderall buzz. All negative effects (what little there were) were gone and I was pumped. I randomly felt like starting an outline/brainstorming ideas for a one of the papers I have to write as an English final. I recall another experience report mentioned that they felt like the high gave the ability to make direct line connections from the imaginary to reality. I must say that I firmly agree with that assessment. As a student of Literary Theory is it pretty much my purpose in life to find and/or make these connections and assess them and their ramifications (i.e. I look for connections to literature in reality and vice versa and theorize what these connections might say about the world we live in or how we perceive reality). It is all very mind boggling stuff that requires a certain amount of abstract thought and creative energy while still insisting that that very thought be grounded and logical, i.e. the perfect tasks for the recreational drug user. I was able to fire out three pages of notes in a matter of 10-15 minutes. I've heard that typing skills decline on this stuff as well but have not noticed much of a difference if not a slight improvement. I normally have a habit of moving my fingers faster than my brain can keep up resulting a lot of backtracking and minor corrections when I complete sentences. What I've found on Benzedrex and adderall is that I make fewer mistakes and tend to correct them immediately if they do occur. I believe this is because I will normally try to complete the idea so as not to forget it before I go back and correct any errors as in my opinion spelling errors are mainly an aesthetic problem as the intended signification is still present. While on Benzedrex however my mind is able to work so quickly and I am able to manage my ideas so well that I can simultaneously be correcting errors while thinking about what I am going to type next.

The previous paragraph describes what I consider to be the 'peak' of my experience which built up nicely starting at 3:20 PM, reaching its climax at around 5:00-5:15 PM. All times are rounded as when taking substances I like to get a general idea of the time only every so often so as not to reduce my experiences to monotonous clock watching--I firmly believe in the theory that the very act of watching oneself or knowledge of being watched automatically changes the behavior of the subject, i.e. the person be watched. The remainder of the five o'clock hour was an amazing mix of euphoria waves. This is the only term I can come up with to describe them. It was more relaxing than any massage I could imagine. That is not to say that it eased my back pain but I did, however, find myself more comfortable, content, and relaxed than I ever have. A warm and welcoming tingling sensation boldly rolled up and down my body for a continuous hour and a half. I did not end there but it did become less assertive and I could tell that it was fading out and the effects would be dwindling soon.
To my surprise there as actually an resurgence of euphoria at 6:15. Please note that the entire time I was peaking I was also focused and excited to be doing my work. This feeling did not fade with the euphoria which is important if your purposes are academic (which mine were).

Around 6:30 the euphoria was still there, the focus as still there, problem was I started getting hot. Not beading sweat but coming kind of clammy. Granted I was wearing a sweatshirt and had a warm laptop on my lap. I felt like I might have to pee but was suspicious of my own uncertainty. I imagined it to be a similar situation to other drug influenced experiences where I kind of feel that I have to pee (the key term here being 'kind of') and end up just standing over the toilet in a futile effort to force something out. I felt slightly dehydrated and so I decided to take the sweatshirt off, take a pee, and get a drink of water. Checking the thermostat on the way to the bathroom I found that my apartment was 70 degrees (just to give you a point of reference also know that it was snowy and windy today and that the door and windows to my apartment have a very poor seal and therefore normally let in an impressive draft). I was able to pee but it was a dark yellow color as opposed to the crystal clear stream I had twice earlier (originally excluded as useless facts) and it came in spurts that I had to work harder than usual for. I drank a bit of water not wanting to over-do it but not wanting to feel like crap in the morning.

The euphoria waves dissipated at 6:45 but shockingly came back again at 7 seemingly stronger than on their first return but I think this must have been as a result of my surprise as I had written the experience off as complete, leaving me to quickly finish up my work while preparing for nothingness or a terrible crash. The clarity of thought continued throughout this time. My only complaint is that I found myself making plans to accomplish simple tasks at specific times (switch TV stations at a certain time, entertain several paper ideas interchangeably at twenty minutes intervals instead of committing all my time to one) and would wind up becoming so involved in my work that everything else faded out of focus; figuratively as in I was excited about one topic that I just pushed back everything else and literally as in the I stopped noticing the TV at all even though I had the volume on which amounted to me looking up from my computer screen to see that Two and Half Men (a show that I can't stand) had been playing for 10 minutes without me changing the channel. By 7:25 the euphoria has left again and I feel that the clarity and focus might be dwindling as well.

Another surprise when the waves come back only for a second though. I am surprised how structured the come-down actually is, it almost feels like the whole coming-up process step by step in reverse. This seems like it would be an obvious fact of drug but it doesn't truly reflect my past experiences. For example, when using adderall I will swallow and/or usually swallow the pill and begin to work and at certain point I will realize that I feeling wonderful and that working on school work and getting things done is awesome. Benzedrex, however, was a step by step process of euphoric waves which increased in strength and frequency until the peak (which was physical and mental bliss) and then the waves would begin to decrease in strength and frequency gradually. At 7:48 I am still getting the waves of tingly euphoria and am still feeling great though I sense the whole experience winding down which makes me want to get more (standard speed head response). Unfortunately my money is tight at this moment in time and so I had to let it go.

So I took it a little before 2 started feeling the come-up by 3 with a steady climb to the climax at five and the beginning of the come-down at about 6. This was all with a full stomach before the ingestion. I am curious to see what it would be like on an empty stomach but my inclination is to think that it would be a bad idea to attempt it. Especially since this was just a trial run, a preseason to get my bearings before the real games begin. I feel confident that I this experiment was a success. I felt almost none of the negative effects described by other reports on this site, no nausea, no headache, limited sweating, and a few tolerable lavender tasting coughs. The positive effects included increased focus, clarity of thought, copious amounts of energy and enthusiasm for progress, as well as a feeling of euphoria. Parachuting with a semi-full stomach seems to be a good way to avoid the initial taste of the cotton as well as aiding favorable digestion. The pot on the way up didn't hurt either. Good luck to everyone who is reading this to help them decide whether to try the experience themselves. I hope you experience is as positive as mine.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75149
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 16, 2013Views: 53,072
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