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Complete Dimensional Shifting
B. caapi & S. divinorum (5x extract)
by Galaxy42
Citation:   Galaxy42. "Complete Dimensional Shifting: An Experience with B. caapi & S. divinorum (5x extract) (exp75174)". Jun 21, 2011.

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
  1 tsp smoked Banisteriopsis caapi (dried)


I sat down with some friends, to enjoy a deeper buzz, and so salvia 10x (leaf) was picked, and we loaded some up into a glass waterpipe. Now, we'd enjoyed this Salvia recently, and it was fairly low-key stuff. Made one feel a little odd, tho easily one maintains in the flow of philosophical discourse, ebbing and flowing in the room.

And then there's B. Caapi ('white' bark). Good stuff really. Not very potent, tho one can smoke it, and the serotonin buzz that ensues, generally lasts about 8 hours, and is very mellow, a nice warm serotonin-y buzz type off thing going on. Fine and dandy.

Mix 'em up, smoke 'em down, and get a deeper - buzz. Thus went the theory, anyway. So I try this. Didn't expect very much, have had plenty of experience with all substances involved in much larger doses than I was ingesting at the time. Fine, good, set/setting is nice, relaxed living room w/ 3 friends. All systems go.


The first thing I notice is that my pulse starts racing, I can feel my adrenal gland start pulsing along w/ my heart thump thump thump ( t+ about 3 seconds ). And as I pass the piece to the next in rotation, I comment, 'wow this (stuff) is really kicking in' and these extremely bright bands of light, white dark white dark ribbons of light, about a foot wide each or so, they come racing in from the left-hand side, at floor level, and swooped under the dudes on the couch to the right of me. I could still see them, their feet, the couch etc, and that's all. The floor was gone, the bands of light stretched off into infinity and took the visual perception of the world away. And these bands of light, stretching straight in front of me, were moving very very fast, they swept in and I was confused. Never had anything like this happened before. ( t+ 7 seconds or so) And there was this noise, a beating on a sheet of metal 'fwam fwam fwam fwam fwam' So then the local space stretched about 1000 meters in the horizontal plane, like rubber, within about a second. It was as though the room I was in suddenly had engaged a massive gravity field and everything was torn asunder (!).

So there I am, everyone is looking at me, and my eyes are getting bigger and bigger (so I hear after this gets all over... I could no longer see the room properly, and things were mounting rapidly all around me ! ) Just then ( t+ 10 seconds or so) my peripheral visual field, around the back of the neck area, the shape of it on the edges ripped open, as if it were frayed tissue paper, tho it ripped open from the outside, expanding my visual field quite astoundingly by about two feet from the peripheral edges outwards. Sort of as though I'd been looking through a hole in a boxtop, and some-being suddenly tore the edges of that into a much larger hole, so I could see more. Do you get that? okay. okay so, and ( t+ about 13 seconds ) this incredible energy starts, well, onion layers of energy, they go along the nerves... in between the onion layers, at the boundary-of layer there's this incredible pulling sort of twisting a bit kind of pressure. Along the nerves, in bands, like onion layers shoved through skins made of energies. Alex Grey's 'energy body' in sacred realms really describes it well, really.

In any case these bands were exploding upwards from my arms, face body everywhere and pulling pulling pulling through me. It was very uncomfortable. At this point I think I said something like 'I don't know what's happening'. Pulse racing, heavy breathing. Through the experience I sweated from every pore in my body, no joke, it made me damp. and the Fwam Ffwam fwam fwam sound really escalated. Now things got to be really weird. The room, from how I could see it, was completely distorted spatially. Parallel energy ribbons encompassed the whole space, and they moved. As they moved, they warped space. Like gravity fields, all onion-layered. Very long in one direction, though very flat, like infinitely-long onion layers. Very straight lines, or curved lines like a wheel. These intersected to make what sort of looked like conveyer belts, very long flat stretches or curvy (like the end of a conveyer belt, cylindrical) layers of grav-light bands. (it seemed like a space-time factory, no joke) Behind me, I could feel a vastness-of space. I was in a really big-big room. No longer the small room I was in, but a very large space, white, and full of energy-bands.

And I was not happy about it. No siree. It was uncomfortable, (tugging everywhere, gravity onion warping all over my nerves, face, everywhere) it was loud, (wham wham wham) it was totally unexpected, and when the visual field tore, so did my ego-awareness. and memory. I didn't know what was happening. It seemed like a dream. I had no recollection of what was going on, and I found myself in this totally new, unprecedented, and wholly screwy space-time distortion and there was no reality. So we're talking about (t+ 30 seconds for about the next 4 minutes or so) The sensation at this point, a very sort of strong intuitive vibe came, that I was getting crushed by a giant cosmic bus. The FWAM FWAM FWAM sound was the sound one makes when a bus hits one's skull at full speed with its front left bumper and tires. So what was happening was that this bus was huge. And made of energy. And I was a small mote under this tire, which was rotating, clockwise in the front of me. Literally, my face was stuck inside this huge energy cylinder, and as it rotated, it rotated through me, dragging, warping these energy onion-layers through my body with it as it rotated. fwham fwham fwham fwham

Occasionally I could see a face, only the faintest outline of only the face and eyes of a person in the room, way down at the end of an energy tunnel. Like I'm looking down the grooves on a giant tire, these grooves outlined the edges of their face, and it all rotated, they would come from the left, and leave through the right, and rotate back around and this tore at my nerves too, this motion went right through everything. I thought at the time that the world had somehow gotten fried with a blackhole, or even the thought came that I'd just been shot, and was experiencing severe brain-damage from a headshot or something. I kept trying to reach the people, and I couldn't they were too far away and embedded in the tire-motion, rotating and warping everything.

Okay so it was freaky, and it lasted a while, and I was extremely scared. Apparently I was lurching around the room all through this time, making very agitated noises. The other spectators noted how my voice got very high pitched at one point, and they could hear what was going on, as my voice was quite distorted, it would change along w/ the energy bands. Eventually I found myself in my wife's arms, she was hugging me, and telling me that it was okay. ( t+ about 4.5 minutes ) and I could see her. Total disorientation though. 'Why would this be happening?' No idea. Kept repeating 'I don't know whats going on' in an appeal that someone would explain anything. Another of the people present was looking me in the eye and saying 'Its okay, you're looking a lot better now. Yeah, you're doing great, it's okay.' And that was reassuring, tho I still didn't know why, this was totally strange behavior from those folks. Wife said: 'you smoked that bark'.

At this point, ( t+5 minutes ) very strong vibes were cloying along my skin still, I kept trying to wipe them off, and couldn't. Visual field was still ripped open, torn and fluttery at the edges. Tried to wipe it off my forehead, to no avail. Got some water from the sink, not at all connected w/ reality yet. Can't feel body very well aside from vibes, when I drink I get this sensation of water on my numb tongue, though I see, this wide open gash of a hole down where my mouth is (at my visual periphery), and that gash is my consciousness' perception of my mouth. (n.b. i think this is an effect of the thalamus)

Continue walking around, things are somewhat wearing off. By about this time ( t + 6 and 7 mins ) my left visual field reverted to about the right dimensions, peripheral and all. Right field of vision, still ripped open and fluttery, somewhat disconnected and behind the other eye's 'normal' perception. Bathed in sweat, shaking. People explain things, and I explain that they shouldn't smoke any of that. They agree somewhat. :)

By ( t + 10 mins ) I was almost totally at baseline, only really tired and somewhat dreamy. Serotonin buzz kicked in from the Caapi MAOI's, and I had a slightly difficult time trying to get to sleep. Caapi buzz felt like it typically does. The after effects were amazing. Clear mind, totally energised body for the entire next day. It cleared up my THC addled memory, and I was impressed. Could do math and remember lists of complex things quite easily for the next few days. There were some flashbacks over the next few days. At around the same time every evening, I'd sit on the couch, and the energy experience would come and start mounting, with a distinct pull from this reality into another one. It was very weird.

I tried this combination in lesser doses over the next few days, and the after-effects lingered somewhat. Shamanic entities began talking through the energy bands. I could feel precisely the sensations of other creatures, trees cats anything, with these energy bands. Leaves would look like human figures were trapped in them, and like a whole wall of ivy would turn into dozens of humans, some faces, others total bodies, outlined in the leaves really realistically, as though they were human-energies trapped in the ivy-dimension .. they would move, things would be said, teachings about shamanic wisdom etc. (n.b. very powerful psychic vibe of: the Ayahuasaca Shaman and the Salvia Shaman combine dimensions. A very powerful shamanic figure emerges. I am extremely moved by this portal and wish to share it. Please be gentle, it's very powerful.) It was very much like what I imagine being schizophrenic might be like.

At one point, I was driving, and the energy bands started within my arms, the shaman entity was talking, said 'let me drive, give yourself over, its okay.' And my hands started getting less-attached to driving, and these energy-hands were doing it .. not as well either. So I stopped it, said 'no, I'm driving here, go away' to the entity, (who protested 'you must give yourself over, why do you deny me?') and I pulled the car over and had my wife drive. Powerful flashbacks, I'm saying. Be aware. I stopped all experimentation and these after effects completely went away after 5 days to a week or so. This was completely unprecedented, and I'd be totally interested in anyone else who tests this combination. It's so fast, and totally mind-shredding, that for a while I suspected it was a DMT flash. No DMT tho. It seems like the synergistic effect of the Salvinorum and the various MAOI and other substances in the Caapi, shoved the salvia into parts of the brain that its never seen before, way further into the brain, and the MAOI effect burns it off in less than 5 minutes again. It's incredible though. Totally unique and astounding. Be well, and may the light bless you.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75174
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 21, 2011Views: 15,855
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Banisteriopsis caapi (169), Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3)

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