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I Certainly Enjoyed It
LSD, St. John's Wort & Cannabis
by SeekingEnlightenment
Citation:   SeekingEnlightenment. "I Certainly Enjoyed It: An Experience with LSD, St. John's Wort & Cannabis (exp75272)". Jun 10, 2021.

1.2 g oral St. John's Wort (capsule)
  2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  


Experience Is Universal

I had tinkered with weak acid in high school a few times and knew that LSD was a powerful, powerful substance, and I knew how beautiful an experience can be. However, I had yet to indulge in the powerful larger doses and stronger doses in general.

As is routine before a psychedelic experience, I spent time meditating to ambient music while incense burned. I cleared my mind using breathing exercises. My intentions for this trip were to finally experience the altered mind and hopefully become enlightened by a life changing experience.

On Halloween Night I dropped two doses of strong LSD-25, I would embark alone, with five friends to keep me company. At about 5:30 PM I turned on. We smoked the bong and the steamroller an I waited for the onset. After 50 minutes, the buildup was beginning to peak and I thought to myself ďhere we goĒ, and I started tripping. We smoked some more and then left my friend (T)ís apartment and headed back to our dorm.

It was just me and my roommate (B) in the room when the trip peaked. I laid on my bed and thought. My thoughts looped uncontrollably. With hope of calming my mind a bit I asked B to play Touch of Grey, by the Dead. He put on my entire dead playlist and it certainly calmed me down, which I was very relieved about. During the next hour and a half my trip teetered on the edge between good and bad, but for the most part stayed positive. I remember my thoughts running a million miles a second and my surroundings overwhelming me. The school pennant over Bís bed rippled, the walls and desks breathed with me and my covers threatened to engulf me. The television looked like a thermal camera. The ceiling rippled in large waves, which upon longer observation morphed into hands that tried to reach out and touch me, I reached up and delicately caressed a hand. Just as all of the goings-on around me would become too much, I would regain control and remember that I was human before slipping back into wonderland.

We decided to leave the dorm and go back to Tís place to smoke some more and listen to some music. Upon leaving the dorm I called and ex-girlfriend and talked to her about... whatever it was we talked about. My trip had decreased a little in intensity, but I was certainly still vulnerable. As all of the sights and sounds of Halloween streamed through my head all at the same time while I was still on the phone. Evidently, too much was happening at once and the car that I was walking behind started and I jumped out of my skin. After the initial shock, I gained control and B and I laughed about it. Arriving at Tís, I ended my phone call, none of which I remember, and we sat outside and waited. All of the costumed people made for quite a fun waiting period. I watched and watched intently as all sorts of characters walked by us. I remember everyone looking old and then young again. I stared at the tree across the road and the branches twisted and wriggled around each other and my entire view was projected in monochromatic color schemes that looped over and over. A sound came from the football stadium where a game was in happening. It sounded like a train horn and it was very loud to me. It engulfed me and I thought it would never end until it finally trailed off in a long echo.

When the guys came home and we got inside I took a seat and zoned out into my own world. Everything was so alive. Time would fly by for a few minutes, and then seem to stop altogether. We smoked up the rest of our teenth and chilled there until about two a.m. We left and went back to the dorm. We were there until about 5 a.m. I did random things around our hall in these hours. I talked with friends on the hall and played music. I watched about half of Alice In Wonderland and decided to leave the dorm and go for a walk.

I was starting comedown by now with subtle visuals and audits. I put on my favorite trip music and walked. I donít know for how long I actually walked, but it must have been about three hours. I specifically remember finding a hill, a hill that I have still never found again. I walked down this hill and it was very steep. When I reached the bottom, I looked behind me and the hill looked like a wave about to crash over top of me.

I finally came back to Earth at about 8 a.m. And enjoyed the afterglow with a cup of tea and a cigarette.

Overall, my trip lasted about fourteen hours before I fell asleep. I enjoyed this experience more so than anything I had previously done. It is a beautiful experience and so enlightening. I certainly enjoyed it and will most definitely be experiencing more in the future.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75272
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 10, 2021Views: 308
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LSD (2) : General (1), Various (28)

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