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by hamhurricane
Citation:   hamhurricane. "Myoliquification: An Experience with Methaqualone (exp75325)". Oct 15, 2017.

200 mg sublingual Methaqualone (powder / crystals)
  6 oz oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  25 mg sublingual Methaqualone (powder / crystals)


With enormous excitement I began weighing out a dose of the worlds most infamous pharmaceutical downer. One of the most popular recreational drugs of the 70s has now all but vanished from the face of the earth. Various analogs have appeared on the RC market usually to disappointing or dangerous effect.

The Methaqualone crystal appeared to be of very high quality, composed of transparent cylindrical shards of a consistent size and shape. The crystal was completely odorless but had a very strong taste not unlike the smell of the foam insulation which lines a snowboard boot.

I am very experienced with sedatives, especially benzodiazepines and struggled with dependence on both Clonazepam and Diazepam. I have also used Phenazepam, Midazolam, Alprazolam, and Flunitrazepam, as well as more unusual sedatives like GHB and Phenibut. Although I possess Methylmethaqualone I never took over a threshold dose. It has been several days since I took an appreciable quantity of any GABAergic drug including alcohol. This will be my first real experience with a Quinazolinone.

I pour 200mg of the crystals under my tongue. Awful. I hold it there until I cannot stand it any longer and then swallow. The underside of my tongue aches like it received a terrible chemical burn. Within five minutes I begin to feel the stress of my day recede into the background. My recent poor academic performance is inconsequential. I am reeling in euphoria. I talk to a friend on the phone and find myself inarticulate and stupefied, not in a funny drunk way but in a serious babbling way. This is not pro-social material.
This is not pro-social material.
My girlfriend comes over, she has just accomplished something impressive in her professional life but I am unable to muster the strength to congratulate her. I am apathetic.

I offer her some but she is not interested. Looking discombobulated and withdrawn Iím not a great advertisement for the chemical. I drink half a Stella Artois and find the effect potentiated to a surprising and slightly frightening degree. I offer my girlfriend some again, and finally convince her to take 200mg. I take an additional 25mg. She does not feel it for over half an hour. We both lay in my bed semi-conscious unable to say a word to one another. Its 3:00 in the morning and although Iím very tired I cannot sleep. Iím too sedated to sleep.

I go to the bathroom to pee and find that my urinary sphincter muscles are so relaxed that the urine practically falls out of my penis. Alone the sedation takes on an almost psychedelic quality. I see an ant crawling across the wall and turn - it disappears. Itís breathtaking how loose I am. I gasp and my lungs fill with air effortlessly. It feels like my muscles have liquefied and might drip off my skeleton.
It feels like my muscles have liquefied and might drip off my skeleton.
I turn on the shower and lay on a pile of towels as the bathroom fills with steam. Itís difficult to stand up for the duration of the shower. I keep taking deep breaths amazed by the sensation. Methaqualone is truly a myorelaxant par excellence.

I get back in bed with my girlfriend who apologizes for being boring, I say not to worry about it and we resume laying in silence. It feels more like heroin than a benzo. I am too sedated to turn off the lights. I close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing with seems shallow, itís amazing even taking Valium at doses up to 100mg I do not remember experiencing such pronounced respiratory depression. I see how this drug could be dangerous.

I wake up the next morning still very inebriated. Despite the fact that most downers inhibit REM sleep my dreams were vivid and sour. Lingering euphoria, dumbness and sedation lasted over 24 hours. Around the 24 hour point there was a surprising desire to do it all over again, which I resisted.

For nowÖ

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75325
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 15, 2017Views: 8,660
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