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First Trials
Citation:   LucidStudies. "First Trials: An Experience with 2C-C (exp75345)". Jan 27, 2009.

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20 mg oral 2C-C (powder / crystals)
  30 mg oral 2C-C (powder / crystals)
I wanted to compare the structural activity of the lesser-known phenethylamine 2C-C to that of it’s closely-related neighbor, 2C-B, a compound that I personally have always enjoyed. I placed an order and when my sample arrived, it appeared more or less identical to 2C-B: a fluffy, finely-textured white powder. 2C-C has been described by some people as having sedating traits, or even being a ‘sedative-psychedelic’. As a person who suffers from insomnia and social anxiety, I have little, if any, prejudice towards sedatives. I was eager to see if that was one of the qualities I would detect. Of course, with ‘2C’ in the name of the substance, I expected these experiences to be primarily psychedelic in nature.

-Trial 1: 20 mg (June 2008)-

3:15: A capsule containing 20 milligrams of 2C-C powder is swallowed.

3:40: There is nothing yet. Maybe a tiny bit of tingling in my skin but it is barely distinguishable from placebo effects.

4:00: I get a phone call from a family member. She is watching a bizarre television show about a steroid-using bodybuilder whose arms literally exploded. They got so big the skin couldn’t contain the muscle. She tells me I should turn on the television and check it out. As I hang up the telephone, something starts to feel strange. I can tell my trip will be starting soon.

4:08: There is a very alert feeling in my face. I can feel my pupils slowly expanding, and as they do my vision sharpens and becomes more focused. My field of vision seems to get stretched back, tightened, and become glossy. Objects seem like their exteriors are tightly pressed against their internal structures- like a table where the wood grain is attached too tightly and has a glossy appearance to it. It’s almost like everything got laminated.

4:15: The visions slowly become clearer and easier to define. The onset of symptoms seems to be comparable in speed to 2C-B, beginning less than an hour in but deepening very gradually. The visuals are somewhat similar to 2C-B, but resemble DOC more closely than anything. There is color amplification, a cartoonish look to the world, and wiggling movements with eyes opened. Not particularly strong visuals, but noticeable. My body is shivering, but there is no nausea. The feeling of the C is very sensual… I think I'd prefer to be naked. I don’t feel sedated, not even slightly.

4:22: I feel calm, yet under the surface there is a current of unrestrained hedonistic delight. The feelings coursing through my skin are powerfully pleasurable. There is a desire for sensual input of all kinds. Let's put on some music, and get out some food and drink! The senses must be fed!

4:35: No more shivers... things are evening out. I feel that I’m almost done coming up and starting to reach a plateau. The visuals are still somewhat subtle, but definitely noticeable. This is a ++.

4:42: I have music and television playing right now. There is also an air conditioner humming in the background that produces a lot of static. The ambient noises are emphasized and almost more significant than the music. The sounds all blend together, and the more sensory input my body receives the more comfortable I am. Give me things to hear and feel, and just don't make me think too much. I smoke a tiny bit of pot, which makes me feel even more calm and self-assured.

4:50: Open and closed-eye visuals are very mild now... they were more noticeable during the come-up. But there is an altered state of thought, mentally psychedelic effects that continue very steadily even when the visuals die down. This is really not particularly stimulating or sedating, but there are strong physical sensations to it. It is lightly visual, but fairly strong emotionally and mentally.

5:00: I smoke a little more pot, a moderate-strength strain called Blue Dream. It livens the visuals back up a bit, and gives me a very airy feeling. When walking I feel unnaturally light on my feet.

5:20: I feel like a hyperactive little kid, constantly getting lost in little sidelines. Trains of thought change readily. I often get distracted, but I still believe I’m enjoying myself.

5:30: My wandering thoughts turn towards sex, and I find myself looking at pornography and pleasuring myself. The tactile enhancement provided by the drug makes my job both easy and extremely enjoyable. A huge smile is plastered across my face.

5:40: I’m unable to focus on any one fantasy for too very long, so I keep switching from one thing to the next. My heartbeat slowly accelerates, signaling my increasing excitement.

5:50: I reach a truly lovely psychedelic orgasm, obsessing about one of my many private fantasies. The feeling of tension releasing is wonderful, and there is a burst of closed-eye visuals at the moment of climax.

6:10: I hop into a shower. As with 2C-B, the feeling of showering is extremely involving, and it is very easy to lose track of time as the feelings wash over me. It’s very easy to get lost in thought.

6:20: I have long since washed the shampoo from my hair and finished cleaning my body with soap and water, but I still need some time to fantasize and imagine living the lives of other people in other worlds while the water drops dance across my skull.

6:30: I finally get out. I do a little picking up around my bedroom, then lay down in bed for a few minutes and read a chapter from a book.

6:55: The substance is beginning a slow decline; it has no more tricks to show me, and dies down from time to time, but it will continue to invigorate me for another couple of hours still. I decide to play my Wii for a couple of hours.

7:30: Mario is jumping around a planet made out of cake and cookies, stomping on reptilian creatures and collecting stars. This game really doesn’t need any outside circumstance to make it look and feel trippy, but then I’ve always been a fan of excess.

9:15: I return to baseline. The total duration was six hours. I would be comfortable dosing higher next time.

-Trial 2: 30 mg (July 2008)-

1:24PM: I swallow 30 milligrams of 2C-C in two separate gel capsules, a large capsule containing 20 milligrams and a smaller capsule containing 10 milligrams. My stomach is not entirely empty; I ate a bowl of cereal earlier. I ingested a tryptamine two days previously so it is possible that there is some cross-tolerance. Nothing is planned for the day but to stay home and recreate- I’m really just aiming for some great relaxation.

1:38: No visuals yet, but I can begin to feel it processing- the energy is starting to circulate. I’m very relaxed right now.

1:45: Listening to music. A little bit of stomach tightness, perhaps feeling a bit gassy, but not nauseous. I think I can feel my pupils beginning to dilate.

2:00: I breath slowly and steadily as energy transfers from my stomach up towards my head. My eyes are wide-opened and alive. I’m hyper-focused yet relaxed, and I know visuals will descend upon me very soon.

2:15: It’s starting to become visual. Objects with a lot of curvature seem to flow, their shapes becoming manipulated. Bright colors pop out and become ultra-emphasized. Especially white. A black chair with white highlights comes to life, the white swirls of color popping out like liquid fire. The room is alive. I breath slowly. I feel relaxed, but also very wide awake. There is not much with eyes closed, just a flashing display of white against black. I keep my eyes open, and feel like I don’t even need to blink.

2:25: My girlfriend just stopped in to check on me. We talked for a few minutes, then she headed out to do some shopping. We’re thinking of seeing a movie later in the evening.

2:40: The visuals have died down a bit. But the underlying feeling of the substance is deepening still. I think it comes and goes in waves.

2:45: It’s very strong now in my face. There’s a tingling, floating feeling all around my head. I’m mildly nauseous. Occasionally I’ll burp and taste the substance.

3:00: Empathogenic effects… I feel self-conscious as I look at myself in the mirror. I realize my emotions are flip-flopping back and forth, from positivity to negativity. Intense self-reflection strikes suddenly, then dissipates just as quickly into other thoughts.

3:15: Moderate pupil dilation. Nausea and dizziness, but not severe enough to lead to vomiting. The substance is mildly visual, but intensely emotional as well as physically quite powerfully.

3:20: Visuals just got strong again… the whole room reverberates with energy. It looks like barely visible wires hidden under the surface are carrying electric pulses through everything in the room. Closed eye visuals are becoming increasingly complex and noteworthy. Lots of color, spontaneity, and geometric complexity. An hour ago the closed eye visuals were boring.

3:25: It just moved partially out of my head and now the energy is very strong in my heart, and all around my chest. I measure my pulse and it is slightly accelerated: Up to 90 beats per minute from a resting rate of 75.

3:30: Pupils are really quite dilated. There are a couple of yawns; I’m not feeling particularly sedated, but somehow yawning helps work out the excess energy in my body, the same way that shivering works out the energy from 2C-B. Bright, flowering patterns emerge when I close my eyes. There is a bit of body load. I think I’m going to take a shower.

3:45: It is in the shower that I reach a peak. The feeling of the water splashing, the self-reflection coming back again, the visuals rising to the surface and bursting with new complexity… it all comes together at once. I close my eyes and I’m lost in a trance.

3:55: From the flowing patterns and play of colors there begins to emerge a scene… something solid, unchanging and meaningful. The longer I keep my eyes closed the clearer it develops. Is that a gateway? Are those eyes looking back at me? They are…. Watch them blinking. They see me. What do they want?

4:05: There is a wall inlaid with very ancient designs, complex and perfect and mysterious. Like hieroglyphics inlaid with circuitry. The walls are pieced together from interlocking blocks, with deep cracks, and they are alive. Eyes and parts of faces are embedded, and it’s more than an image… it seems to be meaningful. I look closer, and it isn’t just a wall, but two doors pressed firmly together… a gate. With eyes on either side. What is this place? Where would this doorway lead if I could open it?

4:15: The image starts to fade just as I start to think about turning off the shower water and stepping out… but the feeling of having glimpsed a foreign realm is inspiring. The thrill of discovery stays with me. As I step out of the shower, I find myself speaking in spontaneous poetry.

“In that chamber there, with water pouring, I closed my eyes
And saw a wall of ancient patterns, pieces of a puzzle, glimpses beyond where the veil unfolds
And in their green eyes winking, winking, I saw them waiting… waiting there to greet me, whenever I might die
But now I wake and they just pass me by… what else will I do with this strange day, before it fades away into yesterday again?”

4:25: The spirit has passed; it is time to be quiet again. I sit by my computer and put on a stand-up comedy performance. I just listen to it for a few minutes, then I leave it running while I boot up an online video game. I want sensory input now, as much as possible.

4:35: I just shot a guy in the face with a rocket launcher. The 2C-C is still going quite strong. The sensory overload is delightful.

4:50: I leave the game for a bit and go make myself something to eat. I’m in the mood for something sweet. I try eating a couple of freshly picked strawberries from the local market, but the texture of the fuzzy bumps on the outside is just too strange. Instead I make myself some chocolate ice cream.

5:00: I alternate between scooping ice cream into my mouth, and killing enemy spies with a flamethrower. There are some mild tracers on people’s characters as they run around the online fortress, and the colors are vivid. Yet the intensity of the substance is starting to die down. It’s not very visual right now, through my mood and concentration are still effected.

6:00: The substance is still going a little bit. No visuals, but my teeth feel like they’re vibrating. Energy still courses through my face.

6:40: I have quit my game. The substance is still there, in my face, traces slowly moving towards the back of my head as it slowly fades away.

7:30: I eat a dinner of roasted chicken with my girlfriend. My appetite is great, and talking is easy now. Then I pack up and prepare to go see a movie with her, something both of us had really wanted to see.

We drove to the theater and the movie started at 8:15. The last of that prickly face-buzz was still noticeable as the previews and opening credits rolled. It quickly faded into nothing as the actual movie began, and had no effect on the viewing of the movie. The final ending time was 8:25, making the duration 7 hours. I finished up the rest of my evening in peace.


2C-C is a psychedelic empathogen similar in nature to 2C-B. I would say 30 milligrams of 2C-C was roughly equivalent to 20 milligrams of 2C-B HBr, while 20 milligrams of 2C-C was roughly equivalent to 14 milligrams of 2C-B HBr, making this roughly two thirds the potency of 2C-B. The visuals from 2C-C are very similar to DOC: bright, cartoonish, flowing… unreal, but in a pleasant way. This could be seen as a short, trial version of DOC, and free of the speedy traits and longer duration of the substituted amphetamines.

Like 2C-B, the effects of 2C-C are a combination of skin tingling and touch sensitivity, emotional sensitivity and spontaneity of thought, and visual hallucinations, all of which come and go in waves, varying in intensity and complexity over time. 2C-C produces hallucinogenic effects within an hour but takes up to two hours to deepen to a full peak. Like 2C-B, at low doses it is an excellent social and recreational psychedelic, pleasurable with no really concerning side-effects. And like 2C-B, it can be powerfully emotional and possibly even spiritual at a high enough dose. The overall feeling of the drug is pretty relaxed, certainly much more so than 2C-I or 2C-E. I got quite a bit of reward out of relaxing indoors, doing very day-to-day sorts of activities on it, but it would also be fine for going out to parties, or really just about anything.

When the visual and emotional aspects of 2C-C come together and begin to interact, the substance is at its best. C is another worthy letter in the 2-C-Alphabet.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75345
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 27, 2009Views: 15,759
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