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Strange Relaxation
by Tricky
Citation:   Tricky. "Strange Relaxation: An Experience with 2C-C (exp75523)". Jan 10, 2010.

35 mg oral 2C-C


35mg 2c-c, substance confirmed as 2c-c >99% via COA.

35 Year old male 86kg

Religion: Neo Pagan

Meds: None

Alternative Meds: 333mg St Johns Wort (standardised extract), Vitamin tablet (100% RDA of all major Vitamins, plus some minerals), Fish oils 600mg (All taken daily, AM)

Previous experience: Including the following, LSD, Mushrooms (liberty cap), 2c-x of various types, others including unknown pills, mdma, various amphetamines and 4-aco-dipt.

Set & setting: Slightly anxious, also exited about the experience. Comfortable location, that is quiet and peaceful. No one else present.

T+0:00 35mg 2c-c taken in liquid (water) bitter and unpleasant taste.

T+ 0:35 First alert? Some pupil dilation, very mild nausea. Peppermint tea taken.

T+0:45 Maybe the above is due to expectations? Nothing so far, other than very mild nausea.

T+1:00 Now something is happening. Slight jaw clenching, strange metallic taste in mouth. Peppermint tea is strangely oily tasting. Very happy feeling, laughed a little at stuff on the internet, possibly normal though. +-

T+2:00 Now things are starting to take off, some euphoria, mild nausea is passing. Feel something like relaxed, but awake. Strong + to ++

T+2:30 There is some sensory enhancement. I am starting to see things I would have missed before, vision seems clearer than normal. Slight feeling of drunkenness. Sense of smell is also much greater. There is euphoria sort of, but also great relaxation. Definite ++

T+3:45 Food is good, no hunger (not like the muchies) but taste, smell and texture of food enhanced. No great suppression of appetite, eating is even enjoyable, if a little intense. Strong or challenging tasting food is unpleasant, for example salt a vinegar flavour crisps are quite disgusting.

T+4:00 Some incense burned, in the hope that it will add to the experience. Tried to meditate / relax, and go inwards, itís not happening, to much distraction. I can smell most of the ingredients of the incense, and also the overall sent, this is quite fascinating for a while. Still ++. Typing is relatively unaffected, though the keys feel weird. No visuals noted, though things have taken on a brighter more sparkly edge. Light on frosted glass is more interesting than it should be. Pupil dilation noted, but not extreme.

T+4:30 Reading internet forums is easy, posting isnít so easy. At least it takes what seems a long time.

T+5:00 Some additional effects noted. Visual pulsing while concentrating on computer. Not much else is happening, back to +

T+6:00 Relaxing feel continues, listening to music enhanced.

T+6:45 Effects starting to lessen noticeably, pleasant feel still.

T+7:00 SleepÖÖ. Fairly easy, some distraction from CEVs, they seemed to suddenly appear, having refused to earlier.

T+12:00 Awake again. Back to baseline? Maybe, or maybe not. No after effects noted as such. A little bit tired, and maybe a little dreamy and chilled out, nothing that can be pinned down. The rest of the day passed in a slight fog, mostly due to lack of sleep as far as I can tell.

Experience written up a week afterwards, from notes taken at the time.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75523
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Jan 10, 2010Views: 8,915
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2C-C (262) : General (1), Alone (16)

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