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I Did It a Lot
Citation:   mat467. "I Did It a Lot: An Experience with Ketamine (exp75560)". Dec 27, 2018.

  IM Ketamine
    IV Ketamine
Ketamin and Injection

At first when I use this drug I need very little dosage to feel the full effect of the drug, like a space time continuum break, to be out of my body, have visual hallucinations, auditive sensitivity like being able to hear any noise in the house one step down, feel the body releasing, being the visual impression of getting smaller, and have my mind out of my perception of my body.

Just after the injection a rush came in 10 seconds and I woke up two hours later after a passed out sleep where I feel that I can't control anything and cannot stay awake, I feel like an overdose feeling of taking too much and sleep. In the muscle which is better the dreamy effect comes about 20 seconds during the injection and is more controlable, last longer (about 1 hour), actually felt like a anti widthdrawal for opium addiction. I did it a lot and the effect is very different from the usual inflated dosages, more internal and dreamy and the shot makes it happen differently I guess. It happen I did the two methods both and have great effect, fortunately I didn't have skin problem or infection later because of clear and new material almost every time. But it felt great. After finishing all the substance available I felt strange for weeks
After finishing all the substance available I felt strange for weeks
like if the effect never really gone away, during whole weeks peaks of dreamy situations while doing nothing but smoke.

The method described is very hard-core but did not represent any kind of threat at the time on the nervous system, I could control movements talk and do usual activities such as reading, listening to music and all. The whole substance seem a lot less addictive than opium derivates in the same way, after years of social panic treatments and heroin addiction treatment I still use some illegal drugs from time to time, being on buprenorphine for four years and switching now to methadone I have to be careful for the state program (urine testing and all) but know that such behaviors did not switch back the habbit or did not interfere seriously with the treatments received.

Well on a level of reality I feel fine and had taken K in a sensational mind experience where I could feel detached of reality and even go a little bit further in optical illusions. I had been in heroin several years 2002 to 2005 then go to opiates detox and maintenance treatment being in access with different streets drugs. I have sometimes occasionally some time for trippin and organise trips with music and plan to stay in da house for several days and do my stuff.

I had been socially better reintegrate like that since the different treatments, have the ability to work or do usual things, I don't consider myself impaired by my experiences on the contrary I think since my youth they had a profound impact on my belief and religion and thinking.

[Reported Dose: "100cc / 250mg"]

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75560
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 27, 2018Views: 1,037
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