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Jellyfish Tentacles and Bright Light
Anadenanthera colubrina
by H-Dippie Weatherman
Citation:   H-Dippie Weatherman. "Jellyfish Tentacles and Bright Light: An Experience with Anadenanthera colubrina (exp75660)". Jul 15, 2010.

T+ 0:00
1 seed smoked Anadenanthera colubrina
  T+ 0:13 4 seeds smoked Anadenanthera colubrina


t + 0:00 smoked 1 seed
t + 0:13 smoked 4 seeds

In experimenting with different substances I have learned that it is best to start slowly and work my way up when trying something new. Though Iíve been taking psychedelics for about 8 years, Iím still working my way up to my first high-dose experience, which I have decided will be n,n DMT. My interest in bufotenine stems from its molecular durability, abundance of visual hallucinations, and lack of psychedelic (LSD-like mind fuck) effects. Thatís not to say that I donít like the mind-fucking sometimes, nor am I mistaken in thinking the bufo and DMT experiences are similar at all. Iíd just like to go in with a clear head - it would suck if my first high dose experience was dominated by thought loops and anxiety! This was my first experience with bufotenine. Technical data has been acquired over the web, so I canít guarantee its accuracy (though Iím pretty certain itís all correct - at least enough to apply it to my situation)...

I had ordered 100g of A. colubrina seeds with extraction in mind. First I wanted to test their potency - I have read that these seeds contain anywhere from 2 - 12% bufo on average. I weighed out 10 whole seeds weighing 1.5g and peeled the husks leaving 1.1g of smokable material, which was crushed into coarse powder and toasted. After toasting the seeds at 400 F there was .8g left to smoke. In retrospect 400 F may have been too high because it blackened them in just a few minutes, leaving the house smelling kind of nasty. 300 F for a longer period of time is probably better.

Bufotenine is very stable, melting at about 250 F and vaporizing at about 600 F, so toasting at 400 F wonít render the seeds inactive. The idea behind toasting is to remove as many as possible of the dozen or so unwanted alkaloids also contained in the seeds. At the time of writing it isnít known which of these are responsible for the nausea, but it is suspected that itís not the bufotenine, as mentioned in a few older trip reports.

t + 0:00

The rough equivalent of one seed was smoked in a bubbler (sans water) while lying comfortably in bed with a single light on. The smoke wasnít particularly harsh on the lungs but it did not taste good at all. I immediately felt a slight body load from some unwanted alkaloids, so I surely hadnít vaporized/burned them all off. I experienced some prickly, hot skin flushing similar to a large dose of niacin, coinciding with a little nausea but it was nothing to fuss about. I was actually happy to be feeling them and not the discomfort I usually feel with tryptamines. Usually I experience a lot of neck tension, sometimes severe enough to interfere with my trip, but didnít notice any tension at all this time.

I settled in and closed my eyes, concentrating on the visuals which were faint but definitely there. It was mostly just a liquid shifting of different shades of pearlescent black, as if I was looking at the surface of a rippling pool of oil. Basic 3D shapes (also in different shades of black/grey) would occasionally appear in a way that gave depth to the scene, almost as if I were in a room. After about 5 minutes I was getting a little bored with this and wanted to check out any OEVís that might be going on.

The only noticeable thing for me was a shifting in light. The source of light - my lamp - seemed to intensify and brighten the entire room, taking on a more pronounced yellow hue of the incandescent bulb. Rather than a gradual increase the light seemed to pulse with my heartbeat, getting brighter with each beat. It was different than the rapid light shifts that happen with LSD, like I'm looking at the floor of a shallow sea on a sunny day.

t + 0:13

The effects had nearly worn off, leaving me slightly disoriented and with the feeling of a lighter body and aimless anticipation, sort of like getting your ďsea legsĒ on the come-up of an acid/mushroom trip. I decided to smoke more of the foul-tasting black granules - about half of the pile was loaded so Iím guessing it was about four seeds - maybe three. I took five big hits, holding each one for 20 seconds, and wouldíve taken a sixth but the taste got worse with each hit. I was able to keep it together, but any sudden movement might have led to a nasty purge all over my bed!

The CEVís were more pronounced this time, and took form as a liquid movement of multicolored tendrils that resembled jellyfish tentacles within the same sea of black. They lasted for about 15 minutes, peaking after five minutes and I experienced the same OEVís as well. Iíve read that bufo visuals are distinctly different from other tryptamines and they were, though not in the rapidly changing, electric manner I have read about. They were fluid, and the scene would sometimes rotate but it wasnít like the rotating columns and vortices I see on mushrooms and acid.

Overall this was a good first experience, and Iím encouraged about the bufotenine content of these seeds. Iím looking forward to a cleaner, more intense and vivid experience!

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75660
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 15, 2010Views: 14,475
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