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Bend the Spoon
by FractalStructure
Citation:   FractalStructure. "Bend the Spoon: An Experience with 2C-E (exp75754)". Jan 14, 2009.

15 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)


2c-e is a chemical that I long had an interest in, especially after exploring the ~400ug realm of LSD.

After acquiring the actual substance and dosing out a few capsules, in the range of 10-20mg, because I had heard about how subjective dosing was with this substance. At first, I can't deny that there was some fear and anxiety about taking an RC for the first time, but from what I had read, I figured 2c-e as about as harmless as 2c-b if used responsibly, and it seems (at least, from experience) I was right. I havent seen
any research on long term effects (but I assume they are similar to 2c-b's), but I found that I didn't experience any of the discomfort I had read about the substance, and found it to be fairly light for such a magical, and powerful substance.

I should note that the experiences I am writing about are from oral ingestion, and it seems this substance becomes a psychedelic monolith when used nasally even with doses of 5mg or so, the experience also differs, and becomes much more intense with this Method of Administration (MoA) (and if 2c-t-7 is any indicator, possibly deadly at unexpectedly 'lowish' doses, as 2c-e seems to have a very steep dose/response curse with either of these two MoA's... but exponentially more steep nasally).

[please note that the following was written on a 15mg dose of 2c-e administered orally, towards the end of the trip]

'At this point, my mind is overwhelmed. LSD had never taken as much of a toll on my mind, because it did all the work for me. 2c-e taught me how to 'bend the spoon' myself
and essentially, once you learn how to 'bend' one image, the mind remembers the path. The most striking was: we paused when a fractal art video was interweaving the image of a sun with a twisted smile, but then fading it into the image of a snail. We happened to pause at the transitional period. The mind does not know which image to show, the snail or the sun, so it alternates between the two, then simultaneously sends both of them at us. (AMAZING) The visuals seemed to be completely synchronized (W and I).'

The first time I had taken it, the setting was indoors at a safe place with friends, at least until we knew what we were dealing with. My mindset was actually not the best it could have been, because of my anxiety due to taking a drug I had no prior experience with. However, much like MDMA, when it started to come up, any fear had begun to fade, and even during the most absurdly surreal moments, thought wasn't much more clouded than a strong roll (perhaps 200mg). I've found in reality, if the user knows their limits, and doses it accurately (*extremely* important), there isn't much to be afraid of. Somehow, even though it is of a large series of different synthetic PEA's, with unknown long term effects, this always feels like a substance I can trust.

2c-e taught me more than Lucy had, even at some pretty high doses. And strangely, 2c-e comes on fairly mildly, only to overwhelm me with the bulk of the trip when I'm not expecting it. The eye candy is ridiculous. As I write this, my mental state is close to sober, yet the screen is distorting. its all just a matter of time, a few seconds. I can do it right now. The spoon WILL BEND. This makes me realize: with enough time and concentration, anything will bend. This can be dangerous. I see the strings.

Crash: almost none. no notable discomfort during the trip either. The next day felt similar to the post-lsd feel. A little scattered, but a definitely pleasant 'afterglow' was present. (sleeping isn't particularly hard either, although at first 2ce felt stimulating) Threshold effects were felt within 15 minutes, but the 'real' trip only hit about 2-3 hours later, with ++ visuals manifesting only after this point. The thought process was about as clear as mdma, even more so, even while serious distortions appear.

Music was amazing, the first half was quite similar to a combo of mdma and mda. Definite euphoria. After 2 hours the mdxx-ish effects fade and more psychedelic effects begin. Once this happened, it became very similar to a mescaline trip.


At this dose, the 'mindfuck' is extremely minimal compared to the astounding effects produced. I had seen waves at a pier flow in impossible 3d geometric patterns, I had seen an orb rise out of my carpet, still having the texture of the carpet, and I was actually able to 'play' with this orb. The visuals, while extremely similar to OEVS produced by LSD (which, for me, seem to be the main visual aspects of 2c-e, although friends of mine reported amazing closed eye visuals, I have only gotten CEV's once on this substance), they seem to have an extra dimension to them. 2c-e makes me see things that LSD would not, and visuals seem to be a much bigger part of the trip (whereas with LSD, i dont always get visuals).

I noticed with just a slightly higher dose of 18mg, much more confusion and mindfuck does become present. It is also very interesting that with LSD, if I took a dose that was equivalent in terms of OEV's (which for me would be something like 300ug for an 18mg trip, but of course this varies greatly), it is hard to even finish a sentence, and confusion is so severe that I tend to get lost in my mind. This happened to a lesser extent on doses higher than 15mg, but, since for me 15mg is the 'sweetspot', my mind is very clear for a full-on psychedelic, with outragious visuals.

I have had many intelligent conversations while seeing things like my tripping partner's face rearranging like a jigsaw, my own eyes floating away in a mirror, and I noticed a pattern: if I was, for example, staring at the carpet, it would usually rise towards me in a specific 'snake-like' motion, then doubling, tripling, quadrupling, and then all coming together to form something 3dimensional. The longer I look, the more distorted it gets, and eventually I have to look away, because it becomes just too much.

However, I think that unlike acid (this is the biggest difference between the experiences) 2c-e requires my interaction. In other words, the first time I used it, I found myself feeling simply like I was rolling, until I started noticing little distortions, and then making things distort, by staring at them, and willing them to. The first trip, while still very colorful and visual, was sort of like an introduction. Every trip afterwards made me tumble deeper and deeper into the rabbit-hole. I no longer had to make anything happen, since my mind already knew the path.

Also, important to note, I had always read that 2c-e lasts for 6 hours, but it certainly lasts longer for me, the bulk of the trip is 8hrs while the entire trip is around 12hrs, but even 24hrs later I could induce quite vivid visuals. The only true side effects I had gotten were jaw tension, cold chills on the comeup, and an overall sensitivity to cold while on the substance. Other people I know had taken 2c-e without even knowing what it is, and were also sensitive to cold. If I give any suggestions, do NOT even attempt to eyeball this substance, and even if you have a 0.01 accuracy scale, 10 extra milligrams could be a huge difference. To be on the safe side, I dosed no more than 10-15mg at first and gauged my reaction (I have seen people who didn't take this stuff too seriously take a ~20mg dose and then would refuse to ever touch it again because of the surprising intensity, and some complain that it is too subtle at the same dose).

Overall, this has become my favorite hallucinogen, but not everyone gets these same effects. Another friend specifically sees faces everywhere on it. I also notice that susceptibility varies, and personally while 15mg is more than enough for me, yet another friend needs 50mg (!) to get the same results. The main variable seems to be tolerance/dosage. While the material comes on fairly smoothly, it is not a toy, and in my opinion is definitely more of a wild ride than LSD, however while L is certainly more overwhelming, it seems to me that 2c-e is more powerful and potentially dangerous at the ++++ point. This material is what I would call 'over the top', is a hell of creeper. Much more similar to mescaline than to LSD, this substance, IMO/IME should definitely remain in shulgin's 'Magical Half Dozen'. As Shulgin says himself, most definitely a substance that will reward those experiment with it.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75754
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 14, 2009Views: 11,945
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