On the Road to Find Out
Salvia divinorum (extract)
by Marbleyes
Citation:   Marbleyes. "On the Road to Find Out: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (extract) (exp75804)". Erowid.org. Dec 27, 2021. erowid.org/exp/75804

2-3 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


For background purposes, I'll just say that I experienced my share of psychedelics back in the 70's. Mostly LSD and shrooms. Over the years I did them on a couple of occasions. But then I heard about salvia this year. 'Legal high'. That made me think there wasn't much to it. Because the few things I tried over the years that were supposed to get people high.....didn't. So after reading a few trip reports online I figured it was at least worth a try.

My first attempt was with 30x extract. Can't remember much from that because it was so much of a surprise. The suddenness, as well as the intensity of the experience. But, all that aside I knew that this was a drug that was already misunderstood. One try, and it was obvious that this was no 'let's get high and chill', drug.

So my journey began. I tried smaller hits of the 30x I had. All over a period of time. I knew instinctively that this wasn't a substance to just sit down any old time and stoke a bowl. And I think that is probably one of the main reasons I have fallen for Salvia. It has my total respect. I have been very overindulgent with just about any drug that has come across my path. Abusive, not addicted. But salvia is a substance that I personally find impossible to abuse. I have over the last 5 months learned the right amount for me to load the bowl. And I have also found that for me the most effective way to smoke is to line up 3-4 'hits' ready to put in the pipe. Ranging in size from small to decent size. The first is tiny (I am very sensitive to salvia), and I find that is enough to soften the 'shock' that comes from doing a large hit right away. The next hit I do while the first is still tingling. The next is a little bigger. This one gets the visuals started, and then once my body is adjusted to the feeling, I do one last one, lay back and close my eyes.

And for me, no matter what, I keep my eyes closed. While getting used to salvia, I experimented with different positions, chairs etc. Laying back on my bed is the best. I tried sitting cross legged on the floor, that was the second best. But any other position, I find for whatever reason I don't stay like that, at one point I 'get involved' and move around with whatever is happening. For example, once I found that even though I was sitting comfortably in an armchair, once the experience started, I saw a huge vortex swallowing my room, and was convinced that if I stayed in the chair I was going to be sucked into another realm and not be able to come back. So I jumped out of my chair and was 'pinned' against the wall trying to avoid the vortex when I 'came to' and realized it was just the salvia. I had a number of experiences like that. But I was left at the end of each one with this feeling that I had 'missed' something. Like there was a point to the experience that I was missing.
I was left at the end of each one with this feeling that I had 'missed' something. Like there was a point to the experience that I was missing.

And that leads me to today. I had an experience the other night that has lead me to the conclusion that the entities people 'see', or 'experience' while on salvia are actually real. The other night I picked up a 1/2 gr of 20x extract. Took two hits. Didn't think they were very big... but the experience was. After the second toke I knew I should lay back. So I closed my eyes and then this feeling like I was being folded in half started. I didn't like it at all, but knew I should just let it continue. Well when the 'fold' was complete, it was like I fell out of my body, and was experiencing the exact opposite of what was happening just seconds before. Gone was the discomfort. It was now extremely comfortable. And even though I knew I was laying down (somewhere?) I was standing up. In front of me was this 'being'. Even though it wasn't a woman, I felt she was female. She told me that all the uncomfortable experiences were tests, to see if I had what it takes to enter her world. And that now I was ready. I turned and there was another vortex, but this one somehow I knew was a 'door', and that I was being offered to enter in. As I turned to do so, everything started to lose focus. I knew the few minutes I had were almost over. The last thing that was said to me was that I now need to take salvia orally so I will have the time to explore this realm I am now welcome in. So, now I know that smoking it just won't 'take me' where I need to go with this.

But I am encouraged by my invitation. I wish all my fellow explorers peace on the journey......

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75804
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 27, 2021Views: 434
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