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Piece by Piece, Out of my Universe
Salvia divinorum
Citation:   Jurdoc Kordian. "Piece by Piece, Out of my Universe: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp7592)". Jun 19, 2003.

  smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 6x)
I will attempt to keep this report as succinct and to-the-point as possible, although when I try to explain salvia, that is near impossible. :) Much of what i'll be writing here is pretty much word for word out of the journals I have written immediately after tripping.
I had first heard about salvia a few months back, and decided to read up about it, which with anything new that anybody is doing, they should do.

None of the experiences I place here are lies and none of them are exaggerations, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of this plant, but I will say right now this plant is NOT FOR EVERYONE. I have learned things that are sometimes hard to handle, but I am always glad I learned.

Now my first experience on salvia was with a friend who I had asked to sit for me in case I tripped too hard. I have to admit at the time I had my doubts in the plant, I was downright skeptical. So I got a the room all dark and his plan was basically to watch me in case I moved a lot or made a move for the door. Now as with any sitter, when doing salvia ALWAYS tell them ahead of time what they are allowed to do or to tell you or if they are allowed to touch you, it will save you unnecessary anxiety if you do.

I loaded up a very small bowl's worth of 6x Extract that I had purchased from Dreamingod. I smoked two hits and waited. After reading that it would hit me almost instantly I thought 'ah well at least I only spent 40 dollars.' But my doubt was soon replaced with a very electric feeling it felt as if it entered the room, and it was an entity, and it was there to search me out. It definitely felt powerful yet at the same time I knew that the entity had well meaning intentions. My whole body was abuzz, and I thought 'hey this alone is worth the 40 dollars and open mind' I turned and looked at my wall, astonished that it was actually MOVING. It changed shape twisted and contorted sort of like a rippling water effect. I said to my friend oh my god look at that. And then, out of nowhere, I saw, on my wall the most beautiful sight: a small indigenous village situated on a jungle river with villagers pulling fish out of the water and women grinding some kind of plant in a huge mortar. The vision lasted about 10 seconds no more. I lay down and the ceiling was changing shape and rolling in and out of itself. This lasted im guessing no more than 5 minutes or so, and then I became giggly for the next few minutes. And then, let down gently like a feather. I came back to normal no more than about 2 minutes later so all in all a 15 minute experience but very positive.

The only problem I had with the experience with my friend in the room is that he is a big alcohol and marijuana fan, and he gets the general impression that 'drugs are all fun' so he sat around clicking the mouse on my computer while I was high, which I previously asked him not to do. I found this intensely disturbing and believed that it kept me from something deeper, so later that night, I decided to try it in a higher dose, and see what happened, which honestly I really had no idea what was going to happen. I put some soft meditation music on and relaxed to try and prepare myself for what I was about to do, and This I believe is a very important part to doing salvia. It really is a shaman's plant and it deserves proper respect. I did some yoga and loosened my body to get as relaxed as I could. I wanted to be ready for whatever happened.

I was hardly ready.

I proceeded to smoke a full bongload of the 6x. I took two deep, long hits and held them in each for as long as I could. By the end of the second hit, I knew something was changing and VERY fast. This is, in my opinion one of the downsides to smoking salvia, the onset can sometimes be too fast for comfort. This time it really wasn't too fast for comfort but I knew something was really up. At this point I became rather confused because I did not know if I was sitting in a chair or if I was lying on the floor or if I was floating in the air. And I also was wondering why I was feeling like this because I had no memory of smoking salvia. I was feeling my mind tell me something, and that was that salvia was taking over, but then I felt the salvia tell me that it would only take me over if I surrendered my mind to it. I knew what this meant, because I felt myself on the edge of a void, and for just a moment I had a feeling of anticipation, of an unsure future. But I decided to let go, and in tune with the music, I let go, and felt myself falling, piece by piece, out of my universe and out of my body and into another world, where everything was black and dark, but that didn't matter the fact was that world existed. I was amazed. All my life I wanted to believe that places like this existed and then I realized at that point that I had let go of my mind and because I did, I had that choice to thank for being in the place I was. I began yelling screaming shouting and jumping up and down because my family, my life, and the world as I used to know, no longer existed, it was as if the world I was in before was merely a cloak, and I just stepped out of a prison and into freedom. I wept for joy, screaming. (my family, when asked said I was noiseless that night)

I found myself surrounded by some people, whom I didn't know, but they were in a world sharing it with me, the world was not defined by borders or boundaries, or even by time and space, here, time was infinite, and my body was recreated as a perfect being. The tall people standing around me were very interested in me, and I felt a presence of someone who was leading them, that they saw as authority supreme. But he would not show himself. The entities stood watching me, apparently pleased that I was so happy with myself. Then, very quickly, I felt myself being pulled back into reality, and realized that my body was regaining my spirit. I said very calmly to the men that I wanted to stay they spoke nothing the whole time. I awoke very fast and was deeply embittered because at my time of waking up, I remembered nothing, but I sensed in my soul that I had just lost something very important and that I was taken from my true home. I knew that where I had just been was where I was meant to be.

Quickly memories flooded back into my head and I was able to write it down...It was nothing short of revolutionary, what I went through, but there was even more to be learned in the coming days.

I will now detail what little I can remember of my most recent salvia trip, as I did not write the events that happened in that trip down.

The following is nothing short of blow-your-fucking-mind material, this really happened. To ME.

It was about a month ago that this happened and I had already established a fairly solid dialogue with the Plant. What is interesting and I add this note here. What is very cool about salvia is that trips I have taken have been often similar to dreams that I have. It is my theory that dreams, being one of the mysteries of science still mostly unexplained are similar to salvia trips; difficult to explain and often downright weird, and that salvia's active chemical Salvinorin A is stimulating the dream centers of the brain. (just a thought)

Now this salvia trip was to be unlike any other, after several deep trips to the other side, I had often met a very wise man that would teach me things and give me advice about many things, but for the most part whenever he appeared I always knew he was there to instruct me. This time was no different, as I sensed our time together coming to a close in this particular trip (may I mention here that this man is AMAZING, I really love him and enjoy visiting him, he is VERY old) he became very solemn, and almost grave-faced. He told me that he needed to warn me, because some very bad things were about to happen to me in my life back on earth. He warned me that my life might be in danger. He continued on to warn me that I was going to lose my job for a reason that would never be explained to me. He added though, that I should not worry about it, that it was not the beginning of bad things for my life. I told him that I would look for his wisdom in my life back on earth and try to incorporate it the best I could, and then I slid back into my body. I woke up not so much troubled but it made me definitely think. I knew what I had heard and I know what he said. I just accepted it and went on. I guess I didn't expect anything to happen, but something DID happen. What is interesting is as far as getting fired from my job I Never would have seen it coming I worked very well at the store everybody there got along with me quite well and I did my job very well.

Two weeks after I was warned, my boss fired me for a reason he optioned to decline, saying it was their right to decline to tell me why they were firing me since I hadn't worked there for 60 days yet. I was amazed and almost in shock as I drove home. I was told two weeks in advance and it actually happened.

Later the following week, I became very sick. I had deep painful body aches and cramps, which is uncommon for me even when I'm very sick. And then I knew something was really going on because I spent a day vomiting, and that is when I know something is wrong because I hadn't vomited in 11 years, in addition to the fact that I have an iron stomach. I began to really wonder what was happening when I was painting on my roof to make some money from my dad. I slipped and fell 10 feet to the next roof level, dislocating my shoulder, I then rolled off that level and fell another 22 feet to the ground knocking myself out, and ending up in the hospital with a concussion bruised ribs and plenty of other good stuff.

In closing here, I can certainly say salvia has changed my life, I have learned amazing things from the wisdom of this plant, and as yet am still a young apprentice.

If any readers have questions please feel free to e-mail me at

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7592
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 19, 2003Views: 11,326
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