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A Day of Introspection
2C-P & Ketamine
Citation:   Particle16. "A Day of Introspection: An Experience with 2C-P & Ketamine (exp76011)". May 7, 2009.

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral 2C-P (capsule)
  T+ 14:45 300 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
I spent a lot of the last week reading experience reports, as well as Shulgin's brief notes in PIKHAL regarding 2C-P. The reports were varied, and for the most part every bad report I read, screamed of people without proper planning, set or setting. This sounded like serious stuff so it deserved some respect and planning. So we decided to get up in the morning and spend 16 hours on this strange psychedelic after being well rested, and not disrupt the sleeping patterns of our holidays too much.

This 2C-P i picked up about 4 years ago or so, as a side note to a lot of 2C-I that I got at the time. The 2C-I was pretty hit and miss, a few times being barely noticeable and one time quite strong.. so we had a few caps of 6mg and 10mg, and considering the age I decided we might as well try with 10mg, I weigh about 85kg and am a vegan. In the past we've tried a variety of acid tabs, MDMA, baby woodrose seeds, DMT, salvia divonorum, several types of mushrooms and a large amount of ketamine; as far as psychedelic substances go.

10:15AM, 10mg of 2C-P taken in a gel cap with water. Nothing had been eaten since the day before other than a single piece of toast with some nutty spread.

11:18AM, something is slowly happening. My back is sore like another report I read, but this could be from the fact that I've spent the last hour running up and down the stairs (in the process of setting up our environment), am sitting weirdly towards the PC (as the audio cable is a little short to the amp) and I generally have pretty bad posture I think. I feel like the onset of MDMA, but in the very early stages. My cheeks are tingling a little bit, and listening to trippy music on large speakers, is a dash trippier than usual - i assume this is anxiety.

11:27AM, time to watch something as I'm restless, energetic.

11:44AM, feeling a little giddy, a tiny bit confused and flustered. This could all be anxiety though, with a little bit of jaw clenching and the temperature getting a bit colder as well. Guess we should start feeling things soon!

12:03PM, going to the toilet a bit to urinate, probably anxiety again (I'm drinking quite a bit of liquid too). I think I'm seeing tiny tracers and shadows occasionally, and my stomach is a bit bloated. Slight euphoria and giddyness. At this stage I notice a trail of ants going to the dishwasher, for the next hour I swept up ants occasionally and threw them out the back, I think I imagined the amount of ants occasionally though and as I often do on acid, I get a bit hung up about 'mess' in our very clean place and resist the urge to tidy up.

12:25PM, there are some fairly strong onset moments. A bit of discomfort, but once I focus on relaxing and getting over those things, they disappear and a light euphoria returns. Throughout the last hour I've felt a little cold and its bothered me more than it should.

1:25PM, things are a little intense by now. Trying to watch a movie till the end but emotions and feeling seem to be intertwined. Think visuals and the like will hit when I let go, just getting over the discomfort for a bit.

1:49, pretty overwhelmed. Visuals and swirling hitting hard, discomfort comes in waves and is mainly due to the intensity. I noticed stronger colourings in peripheral vision and movement in shadows, a slight trembling like on acid.

2:09PM, had to deal with the cat being sketchy. So overwhelmed at this stage, feel like giggling a lot.

3:18PM, totally gone, very strong swirling visuals and colours. Typing is very hard.

5:17PM, still powerful visuals, time for some music. music was intense, think we missed a few hours of this at its major peak by trying to focus on a funny series, that was a lot of fun, but it can tire you out fairly quickly too with an overload of the senses. Time seems to have gone rather quickly. The visuals during the music where a bit more abstract, plastic and futuristic as compared to the more organic fractals I've felt on acid.

6:01PM, Put some food on to heat, now we put the TV on. Let me say, Bold and the Beautiful is a dodgy show in this situation but we are having trouble deciding what we want to watch in terms of entertainment.

6:48PM, getting tired, still a strong long vibe and colourings.

8:12PM, just noticed in the last half hour that things are starting to wind down a little. have eaten some steamed asian buns and some fresh turkish bread with oil. watched an episode of Jamie at Home and craved for some fantastic pumpkin soup - real craving for tasty food! E just got a phone call from her mom - its not good news but she's holding together fine, so she's had to snap back hard into having it together, and she's had a couple panedeine too for a mild head ache she was getting (and a immunisation injection she had in the morning that has left her arm sore and a little bruised).

Made some realizations during the music regarding negativity in my life at work, feel like im going to have a fresh approach on it for the new year.

Still considering some ketamine way later, see how that goes.. not considering Cannabis though, normally i'd love it to relax and lose some of the edge, but i know that with acid and 2CI it brings the intensity back, and I don't want that either!

11:00PM, just passing the 12 hour mark and there are still colourings, a bit of a fuzzy and confused head but thats mixing in with tiredness now.

01:00AM or so, time to prepare the ketamine. I crush up 300mg finely and set up my mp3 player and environment. E is a bit too tired for it, and I'm somewhat prepared for this to be very intense which I know she's not really into - and she's worried about not being able to sleep (as i'm about to find out). I cut the ketamine up into 3 lines and snort the first line. I can barely feel it even going in which is surprising, so I clean up the last 2 lines and after about 2-3 minutes snort the last 2 lines as well, distributing them between the nostrils.

I go and lie down on the bed, E tucks me in and I put on the music.

From what i remember, I didn't feel the K onset at all, and never tasted it either. From what I remember 2 days later, the trip was beyond intense. Probably the most intense I ever had (including combining Ketamine with 2CI, Acid and Mushrooms on seperate occasions), its hard to remember sequence but I remember bits while being totally knocked out:

- There is a portion of chamber movement I usually feel on K (these chambers usually involve people that are dear to me and probably the portions of the mind that store my memories and understanding of them - I feel their essence or spirit), this time it was extremely vivid and in a similar fashion to Neo in the first Matrix breaking out of the harvesting/growing chamber he was in, I felt like I broke out from the constraint on rails that my Ketamine trip usually has. I felt a large amount of control throughout the whole journey, as chaotic as it was.

- I felt interaction with a few beings, not sure who they were, but one of them was definately a black rapper, another was wearing a space suit. Its surprising because hardly ever do I actually feel real people on Ketamine, and rarely are they the full visual and personal experience. I'm not sure what they taught me but it felt like a debrief to a mission.

- I remember feeling like I was very high up and looked straight across and saw large highrise appartment buildings... I saw every person in those buildings and understood that each of these was a single organism with just a slight difference between them. I make a realisation about each human being and its wants and needs being a collective combination of the instincts within each cell and atom within them. Therefore one person longing for their girlfriend is really just a combination of their cells and their survival instinct, and everything really just being a refined combination of the needs hierarchy.

- I remember something about Gaia, and humanity's abuse of the earth. I wonder why people don't embrace this planet a bit more, and am reminded of video games where the likes of the Protoss feel a nationalistic honour for their home planet, and wonder if humanity could ever embrace it in the same way. I'm a bit of a passionate greenie so thats an issue dear to my heart.

02:00AM, I have snapped out of the K trip for the most part and had a moment to remember who I was. At this stage my brain starts to selectively choose which of the senses it wants to use, for instance I can feel E's presence in the bed, I can hear our oscilating fan (which is making a harrowing reverb), I can feel the texture of the bed but my visuals are some sort of dark neon egyptian theme of exactly the same room I'm in. Then it'll change and be a beach, then it'll change and be some sort of futuristic lounge. At times I feel like I'm outdoors looking up at a canopy of foliage, the oscilation of the fan has a metallic tingle and my brain interprets 50's american music coming out of an AM radio in a diner. There's a few moments where I lose total knowledge of self, this usually only happens during the ketamine stage from above, after hitting the k-hole. This time I seem to cycle through a few identities and am convinced that I'm speaking, according to E I didn't speak but had some strange staggered breathing and swallowing. I feel like my body is just a vessel and a giant pool of spiritual identities is trying to influence it and possibly take it over, its not as scary as it sounds at the time.

I think about the idea of getting a human being into this 2C & Ketamine state and keeping them suspended in it for nefarious scientific purposes, the potential of the visuals I'm able to generate are just incredible. I see the first atom attracting to another at the dawn of time, and through the cause and effect see whole galaxies being formed as I fly through them. This extends into all of evolution through the interaction of organisms and their survival instincts and genetics. I wonder if combined with some sort of telepathy or psychic enhancement the brain could be used as an intense super computer of calculation and simulation, but how could you focus such a beast? Even further I wonder about manifestation of matter and what could be created if such a psychic enhancer was created. These are the kinds of fairly lucid and structured, yet chaotic and 'impossible' thoughts going through my head.

03:50AM, its impossible to switch my brain off. Its been running at 10x the usual speed I swear and has been putting together some amazing graphics and visualisations. At this stage I start to use a meditation technique to selectively focus on less and less things but my brain is ingenious at trying to keept itself going. I start to think that acid and the like awakens primal vibrations within each cell of the body, and these cells (maybe through their memory of Gaia?) are trying to communicate with me directly, but then who am I? A collective combination of their essence and consciousness? Or a spirit that attaches to this vessel on its life journey? There's moments when the visualisations are plain evil and menacing but I'm strong enough to steer them into a positive path.

I wonder if a human brain was grown in a lab, where would its consciousness come from? If it was implanted into some other organic creation or otherwise, would it adopt the consciousness of its cells? A lot of my trip centered around these themes and the wealth of knowledge I felt I had tapped into was purely immense.

At this stage I have a panadeine as the headache I could slightly feel a few hours ago is now coming in slow waves. I don't want it to get any worse and hope that the combination of paracetamol and codeine might help me sleep. E has been sleeping on and off, I assume she goes into a slow trip and occasionally wakes from it, moves a bit and goes back, sort of like coming down off acid and trying to sleep.

4:30AM, i wonder if I'll sleep at all but my meditative tripping control seems to be working occasionally, I manage to get myself to a state where I'm pretty sure I can hear myself snoring, have given up control of my body and have isolated the last excited part of the brain.

10:00AM, I must have slept right after about 4:30AM. For the rest of the day I feel really good, if just a little tired and we have an early night. I smoke cannabis a few times but unlike smoking after Acid, Mushrooms of MDMA, there is no further intensity or comeback of previous effects to the usual 'stoned' feeling.

Overall, 2C-P was very interesting, it reminded me of Acid and Mushrooms without the nausea that I usually get on those. It felt a bit less natural and organic, but was enjoyable. The length of time I think is a fairly big part in consideration for it though, I lost 24 hours of my life and a good quarter of the time was discomfort or confusion.

The combination of 2C's and Ketamine is insane, as discovered by DM Turner, this is a combination thats beyond anything I've ever experienced with the psychedelic drugs I've tried. It has so much control, so much potential, but its incredibly draining afterwards as well. I needed some serious backbone to stay in control and not have a horrid trip, as much as I felt in control, I also felt like I hadn't got any at times as well, I forgot between sections of the trip. This is a combination thats impossible to describe, but I recommend great caution, great control over circumstances and surroundings.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 76011
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 7, 2009Views: 19,363
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