Long Term User
by A Common Man
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Long Term User of Tramadol

Male, 6í2, 240 lbs

Drug: Generic Tramadol 50mg & 100mg (Both without acetaminophen)

My use of tramadol began about two years ago. My first script was only 30 pills. But this was by far the best opiate I ever had. In the past, I have had just about every opiate short of heroine and morphine. I have always liked their highs. Cough syrup with codeine and phenergan use to be my favorite. Anytime life was too much, I would go to the doctor and get a script for it. My ears and nasal cavities use to be perpetually swollen and red- a mild infection only cured by my current dry climate. The fact that California is one giant stress bucket did not help either. Only problem was I would be zonked and dried out by the phenergan the next day. I am so grateful to the doctors that would prescribe me the occasional bottle of cough syrup- but I digress.

The first time with tramadol is like being with the most seductive mistress imaginable. She comes along side and embraces me, caressing my entire body until I want nothing more but her touch. Life looks wonderful in her warm embrace- and I know she will never do me wrong.

The high is the greatest degree of happiness I have ever known- but some words of advice for new users. I get to a level where all is right with the world off of 150mg of tramadol- donít push it beyond that at first. The reason is that tramadol is super long lasting; I still have a mild high the next day. Trust me on this; even long term opiate users have no tolerance to this drug at first. It is a world of its own. Popping a bunch of pills at first is a huge mistake that will leave me wasted- but not in a good way. Donít miss your first experience with the Mistress by overdosing. Plus more tramadol can be taken again later to find the happy dose. Going beyond the happy dose makes it less joyful and makes me sleepier. I take something else if I want to sleep.

Sleep is an odd thing with tramadol- I donít really sleep. Thatís not to say I donít wake up refreshed, but the level of sleep is odd. This can catch up with me if I do it too often. Lotís of dreams that get stuck- I try to direct them but they just repeat the same loop over and over. For this reason, tramadol is best used as an all day sucker. Buy one in the morning and work will be a joy. Whatever I do, Mistress Tramadol will make it not only bearable, but enjoyable.

The other great quality about this Mistress is that she helps me to work. Focus upon drudgery evaporates. The Mistress gives me the energy to do whatever I need- as long as the dosage is not too high. I own horses and there are always hard physical projects to be done. The Mistress will be right along side of me helping me out with joy and energy.

Mental abilities do not go away with the correct dosage either. I work with broken computers- the big ones that serve entire companies. As far as I know and my employers know, my skills are no less on tramadol than without. Again, dosage is critical. Sorry for all the reverences of tramadol as a Mistress- but she has been very good to me.

Now the darker side of the drug.

So too much is not a good thing. I experiment with higher doses when I have nowhere to go. Being a family man, I donít often get to do this but I remember the few times I have, tramadol produces a typical opiate lethargy that everyone will notice, most of all me. My face will go white, I will look stoned and the joy just disappears- not fun at all.

As to use over time, I have noticed an increase in tolerance as I move along. Tolerance brings with it addiction. Once I was taken by the hand I wanted to feel this way forever. The problem is that long term use causes real issues. WITHDRAWLS from this drug SUCK! Flu like symptoms, terrible sneeze attacks, inability to sleep and the worst of all- restless leg syndrome- even in my arms!!! I pretty much just lie there and pray to God that the symptoms will go away and swear that I will never take this drug again. It's three days of agony before I can function. A week or more before I return to normal.

Then of course the memory fades and I see my Mistress again.

My mother died unexpectedly and since I was already taking tramadol I just kept on. Got bigger and bigger scripts until finally one day I was denied- with precious few tramadol left. Donít get me wrong. Tramadol helped me through that period in my life. What a relief to have it. I am a stoic male by nature- but everyone said how oddly I was taking this. That it was not what they expected. Part of that was my nature. I respond well to tragedy. Part of it though was tramadol. Inside I was in pain and tramadol made that bearable. Males hide things by their nature- we are supposed to be fixers, solvers, the ones who make things better. (At least we see ourselves that way). God or nature-take your pick- made us this way. We are not supposed to be vulnerable. Tramadol let me deal with this agony my own way. Slowly, a bit at a time. For that I am ever thankful.

Yet I was feeling little at all and my dosage was super high. My enjoyment of tramadol was at an all time low as well. So I ended up in withdrawals more than once. At one point I was taking 12 50mg tablets a day- just to get some sort of high. Plus another 12 50mg tablets later in the day. At that rate I blew thorough my supply in no time.

I decided I better start weaning myself off- this time for good of course. Started by lowering the dose to 4 50mg tablets once a day. At that rate, I felt a small buzz and just the smallest hint of the joy I had at first. The next day I repeated the same dosage and had more of the joy. Then I dropped to two 50mg tablets and mild withdrawal symptoms arose. After a day or two I dropped to one 50mg pill. Then something in my life happen and I really wanted a high. I had enough of a supply left, so I popped 4 50mg. Just like that I was happy again and the Mistress returned with her loving embrace. Bottom line I learned was this. When higher dosages are needed for a high, donít increase- decrease.

Now when I reach six 50mg pills for the same effect as three or four, I back off to one or two for a day. Then I can go three days in bliss.

In not too much time I was down to cutting a 50mg in half once a day, then a 50mg in quarters and finally such a small amount that I could not see how it had any effect- but it did because if I did not take this tiny amount withdrawals would kick in, though nowhere near as bad.

Finally I was down to almost nothing once a day and ran out. Withdrawals were mild. Mostly sneezing ďallergyĒ types. In a few days even that was gone. It took about an entire month for me to return to what I would call ďnormalĒ A lot of pain over my mothers death came back as well, slowly though as is the way of tramadol. But now I was so much stronger. It hurt, yes, but I dealt with it and now it has its proper place.

Something else that helps withdrawals. Any form of opiate will stop my tramadol withdrawals in their tracks. I remember once taking a swig of cough syrup and I was good for two days. Alternating between drugs might be a good way to rest from the Mistress. Schedule 2ís are hard to get so I donít know how effective that might be.

Now a note as to different tablet sizes. Tramadol, as far as I know, comes in 25mg, 50mg & 100mg tablets. I have had the 100mg tablets once and I think they are superior to the same dosage of 50mg tablets. I never had such a great time on the 50mg as I did on the 100mg tablets.

As to tramadol and sex, well one part great, one part not so good. Tramadol makes me impervious to ejaculation. My erection will go on forever as long as I am sexually stimulated. But ejaculation is well, almost unattainable. This makes me one well performing machine in bed though! Again, this assumes I have not overdosed and gone beyond the happiness threshold. Then I get nothing whatsoever. My wife has had some of her most intense times while the Mistress was in me. Tramadolís energy supply is almost limitless. Of course I cannot achieve an orgasm either- but this was a small tradeoff for me to see my wife completely worn out. This is another reason to drop using tramadol for awhile too- I can have an orgasm again. If I do manage to make myself ejaculate, orgasms are merely functional- I simply ejaculate.

I have noticed some kidney pain, but only at very high doses.

I plan to begin experimenting with other drugs and tramadol. I tried the Soma-Tramadol cocktail. Interesting, but mostly made me feel all squiggly. I might of had the dosage off too. I intend to revisit the two once my new job starts. Further, I intend to try Flexaril-Tramadol. I remember the high from this drug when I was a young man, in one pill dosages, being sublime.

Further, I intend to try crushing a normal dosage of tramadol and then liquefy the dosage with water. From there I intend to inject this into my rectum with a needleless syringe. Sounds strange, but I suspect this will bring the mistress to me ever so quickly and intently. I keep hearing about full body orgasms with opiates, especially heroin. The last thing I want to ever do is a street drug, so I will see if the same thing is available via a suppository injection of tramadol. I never want to be in jail or the grave nor do I wish to support the chaos street drugs cause in society. I feel we have arrived to a point where just about everything is available safely, cheaply and mostly anonymously in our society. With the notable exception of schedule two drugs.

Well, this was a long write up about tramadol. However I hope it helps you. As of the writing, I canít remember the last time I took tramadol. Must be many months. I am looking for a new job, hence the reason for my long sobriety. Tramadol is there, waiting. I donít think I will ever be rid of its embrace and at some level I never want to. At times, I canít wait for my new job to start so I can get the drug test over with and sample the Mistress again. Yet I know that in order to have this drug in my life I must earn more money. Plus it is better for my entire family and even me. I am a much better person overall with tramadol. My blood pressure is lower than it has ever been with tramadol. In my opinion heads of state should take a dose, wait an hour and then sit down to talk- the world would be a better place.

Oh I know, that sounds terribly addicted. And yes, I suppose I am. But the alternative is no better. I canít say I am a depressive person by nature, but tramadol is far better at curing anything that ails you. Without it, I go back to being grumpy. Whatís wrong with being happy anyway? So what if it means I have to take pills the rest of my life? In moderation, I can sense no ill effects and I have cut back on my blood pressure medications dramatically. Those certainly do have long term health effects.

I know no doctor in his right mind would ever prescribe these pills for blood pressure but they are far more effective than anything I have ever taken. And all blood pressure meds make me feel like crap- but not tramadol.

A Common Man

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 76056
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 21, 2013Views: 11,722
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