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Sinister Entity
Salvia divinorum (10x extract)
by HST jr.
Citation:   HST jr.. "Sinister Entity: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (10x extract) (exp76078)". Feb 11, 2018.

  smoked Cannabis  
  0.5 g oral Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)


Allow me to introduce myself. I am a 26 yr old psychonaut, residing in southern New England. I have had numerous experiences with a wide variety of hallucinogens, Tryptamines, Phenethylamines, Cannabis, alcohol etc. I have a fairly routine and hence, boring life. I am always looking for ways to alter my perception of reality. I had tried Salvia once before this experience. The previous experience was with a 5x extract and produced little or no noticeable effects. I had read multiple experience reports that suggested a higher concentration might be the way to go. I promptly ordered a gram from a reputable online distributer and commenced to waiting anxiously.

The package arrived on a Tuesday, before work no less. I fought back the urge to pack a bowl (thank God!). I head to work. Work's a bore, “should’ve smoked that Salvia earlier” I think to myself. Finally, time to go. I head home, rather speedily. I settle in for the night. Got my munchies with me so I don’t have to make 30 trips to the fridge downstairs. 12 steps actually, I always find that a bit ironic. Some nice NYC Diesel had come around that week. I only had a half gram left so I packed a small bowl and set to watching TV. I am rarely not stoned so this is my baseline.
I am rarely not stoned so this is my baseline.
I take the package containing the Salvia from a dresser drawer. I examine the contents. It’s dark green/black, coarsely ground, and has a potent smell. I empty the contents onto a piece of printer paper and separate it into 2 doses. I selected my 24” water pipe for the delivery method. I figured the water would filter some of the alkaline taste from the smoke. I was right. I packed the .5g into the bowl head and placed it in the water pipe.

Before the use of any hallucinogen, I take a mental inventory. Assessing the particular situation and reacting accordingly. I’m in a comfortable place and I’m in a good mood. My father is asleep downstairs. He’s tolerant of my choices, so long as they don’t impact him negatively. I have Comedy Central on the television. It’s shortly after 11pm so the Daily Show is on. I can’t remember with any real clarity what the main story was that evening but it was probably election related. I get up from my bed, bong in hand to turn on my pc in an adjacent office. I turn on the pc and turn around so I can watch my television while the pc boots up. I look down at the water pipe and figure “ Fuck it! This shit isn’t going to knock me over.” I bring it to my lips, fire up my Bic, and set fire to the plant matter. The thickest white/yellow smoke begins rising, ever closer to my lips. By the time the smoke hits my lips the bowl is kicked. This is the precipice moment, over I go. Goodbye sanity!

I remove the slide and inhale. Taking it all in, I have that “oh shit” moment. “Too late now” I think to myself. “ I set the water pipe down, holding my hit as deep as possible. 20 seconds I count and then release. Very little smoke comes out. Upon exhaling I immediately feel something. A tingle throughout my whole body. I look down at the floor as the sensation becomes rapidly more intense. The floor begins to move in an ungodly fashion. Waves of different sizes appear, moving in all directions. I look for something that should appear fairly normal. I stare at the TV and Jon Stewart is staring at me and saying “You did it!” over and over. This alarms me terribly and I turn around to face the pc. Before I can turn that far my right arm begins feeling terribly strange. I honestly can’t describe it as I have nothing to compare it to. I look down at my arm and to my horror it begins to dematerialize before my eyes. Like something out of Star Trek, my arm was being beamed up. The sensation of this was literally out of this world. My mind begins to race.

It’s at this moment I become aware of a presence in the room with me. I turn around to see what I interpreted as the spirit of Salvia. A female being, with a very sinister and malevolent presence. I heard her say “ Let me show you something”. In my mind I saw my father, my friends, my home all being dematerialized in the same manner as my arm. “ You can’t do this!” I replied. Laughter, the most sinister I’d ever heard was her only response. By now I’m totally freaked out. My arm is the least of my worries now as the rest of the right side of my body begins to fade away.
I’m totally freaked out. My arm is the least of my worries now as the rest of the right side of my body begins to fade away.
I panic, something I haven’t done since the first of my hallucinogenic experiences years ago. I run out of my room and to the stairs. I don’t remember if I even touched the stairs or just jumped downstairs but it didn’t take long to get there. I look back upstairs and am totally freaked to see her at the top of the stairs, still cackling away like some wicked witch. I run through the living to my father’s bedroom door. The sound of me bolting down the stairs woke him from a dead sleep. He open’s the door and asks “ What the Hell’s going on?”. “My body’s gone! She took it!” I replied rather panicked. It’s at this moment I look down to notice my body’s back. While sensation lingers at least I can see my appendages again.

I explain to my father what I’ve done. With a shake of his head he tells me to go back to bed. I make him follow me upstairs, totally convinced she’s still in my room. Nothing but the usual contents of my room remained. No spirits, no waves, Jon Stewart is back to normal. My father leaves me to go back to bed. I lay on the bed, reeling from this incredibly intense but short lived experience. I recount the events in my mind and try to interpret their meanings using Freudian methodology (for shits and giggles). My interpretations are as follows:

The plant gave me a warning, showing me what I hold most important. The plant is a powerful shamanic tool, not to be misused for recreational purposes. It will only open its doors for those who are willing to open their minds.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 76078
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Feb 11, 2018Views: 1,749
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