DPT Insufflated Notes
by GS
Citation:   GS. "DPT Insufflated Notes: An Experience with DPT (exp7613)". Erowid.org. Jun 23, 2001. erowid.org/exp/7613

I have begun my series of experiments with DPT insuff. I'm two trials in : 100mg last week, 150mg last night. I feel like I haven't had the 'real dose' yet. I take the high end of dosages for most substances.

It was strangely acid like in feel last night. Not super visual, but it felt hummy. There are some features to it that I need to adapt to : it's a *very* light powder, and I over-insuff it.

So I irritate the roof of my mouth and the top/back of my throat (it's pretty irritating as chems go, though not in 2cb's class certainly)
It all felt very anticipatory, as if at some point I was going to really trip hard, but that never came.

Some muscle issues ... my neck has been a little sore all day, and I've noticed a tendency to cramping today (the day afterward). I didn't notice any of that though, during the trip. What is clear to me is that I've been doing a 'social dose'. Having other trippers around would have been a good thing. I wanted to talk to people.

I can see it being a fun chem at that dose. Being able to trip for just an hour or two with friends.

[e] any other body load during? like stomach, muscle tensions, etc?

I had some stomach oddities. It wouldn't have been surprising if I'd vomited. Some of that was tryptamine rush type stuff, some was how bad DPT smells. And tastes.

[e] how long was the coming up phase with it?

I noticed, however, that the nausea was especially tied to getting up and trying to walk around. I had thought I was done, got up, and suddenly my stomach said 'Sit.' I didn't have any uncontrollable shivers or anything. Although 'jiggling' felt good. (Shaking my leg sort of intentionally, but in a way that my body wanted it to shake. -- Terrible explanation --
Its sort of like a nervous energy shaking of the leg.)

Muscle tension was noticeable after the trip was basically over. It's hard to say how long the coming up was, because I don't feel like I really got 'up'. Like I couldn't find a place on a timeline and say 'I was up right there.' However, it was pretty brief before I was getting alerts, and I guess not long after that that I plateued. 10 minutes? 15 minutes?

Experiment #3, 200 mg DPT HCl Insufflated

T+0 [GS] 200mg DPT Insufflated.
T+1 [GS] I used an uncut straw to minimize the oversnorting effect, that seems to have worked somewhat.
T+2 [GS] Though the irritation on the roof od my mouth is ... irritating.
T+3 [GS] The smell and taste are both enough to induce naseous thoughts.
T+3 [e] a sort of allergic feeling? itchy mouthroof?
T+4 [GS] It's hard to draw a line to 'allergic feeling'.
T+4 [GS] It's something that the sensitive flesh on the roof of my mouth doesn't want to touch.
T+4 [GS] And so it feels like ... hmm.
T+5 [GS] Do you know how the roof of your mouth, when you've got a bad cold, can be really sore from vigorous attempts at snuffling out of your nose into your mouth?
T+5 [GS] It feels like that.
T+6 [GS] My nose is plasm-ing like it does from 2cb. I'm starting to feel a certain amount of extra hummmmm in my nervous system. Not mental or emotional, strictly physical feeling.
T+8 [GS] Slightly depressed breathing. A brief wave of nausea. It takes an effort to focus my mind on a task. Like holding up my end of multiple conversations.
T+10 [GS] IRC becomes a special challenge. Which, of course, was the reason for the caret scale in the first place.
T+10 [GS] Okay, a lot of physical nervous energy.
T+10 [GS] Fast onset.
T+14 [GS] Just noticed some visuals. Yes, but Not obtrusive.

T+45 [GS] Okay, a lot of nervous physical energy just went.
T+45 [e] sounds good (?)
T+45 [GS] Yes good.
T+45 [e] accompanied by a commensurate drop in mental effect?
T+45 [GS] Hard to say. I would guess yes. A drop, maybe.

T+1:25 [GS] So I am clearly on the backside of this.
T+1:25 [GS] And have been for maybe 10 minutes. There's still some minor stuff going on, but it feels all over.
T+1:25 [e] where are the visuals at? look at the ceiling, any strong movement / color shifts?
T+1:25 [GS] Nope, nothing strong.
T+1:26 [GS] All that's left is a feeling of slight intoxication.
T+1:27 [e] any significant mood lift during the middle?
T+1:28 [GS] Yes.
T+1:29 [GS] But I wish it had all been more overwhelming.
T+1:30 [e] yeah, you're pushing the dose up there pretty high. Thats a lot of powder.
T+1:30 [GS] Once again, it felt rather LSD like.
T+1:31 [GS] Except now. Now it feels ... well, sort of unlike other things. But very low level.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7613
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 23, 2001Views: 18,375
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