At the Shrine of Mad Laughter
by Les Effaceur
Citation:   Les Effaceur. "At the Shrine of Mad Laughter: An Experience with DOC (exp76138)". Jul 13, 2010.

  oral DOC

Normally I'd approach a substance colloquially known as a 'research chemical' with caution, but as it was also known as 'superacid', and as you can't go wrong with any 'super-', such as Superman, Super Mario, etc., and with regular acid still my favourite experience, I decided to give it a go. A friend ordered around a gram of DOC from a clandestine site he wouldn't even disclose to me, along with some 2C-I he already used up, but had saved this, so we decided to host an acid party at my place.

After weeks of paranoia preceding its arrival, we were very excited about it, so we didn't exactly use many, or indeed any precautions when mixing it with water to dose it on sugar cubes. In retrospect, this was probably wildly unsafe, as we ended up getting a lot on our fingers (which we licked off, as to not waste it), on the dinner table, and on the floor. My dog probably got some as a result, as he certainly started acting strange... So I can't say with certainty how much I took, but I had 2 sugar cubes which had maybe 2-3 mg each, another cube which may or may not have been dosed, and an unknown amount in liquid form.

The come-up had been very slow compared to acid, and I thought we got a weak batch or something so continually took these over 2-3 hours until I was about to have a second syringe of liquid until I realized I should probably wait first. There was still no pan-dimensional sudden realization I'm tripping balls that I usually get on acid, but instead slowly increased throughout the day, yet without me specifically noticing it. This is probably because the visuals aren't nearly as strong as acid, getting light halos and tracers at the most, while the main effects were far more similar to amphetamines.

After taking the final dose it was around 9:00 at night with maybe 13 people in the house, all enthusiastically sampling it. I had started to experience something similar to ataxia I usually get when rolling, but instead of grinding my teeth I was simply smiling like a lunatic. A permanent grin was affixed to my face the entire trip, with the slightest stimuli, or even lack thereof triggering mad bursts of laughter to the point where I stopped noticing until my friend asked me why I was laughing when he said his brother was addicted to heroin. He broke his leg, and got addicted to morphine and subsequently heroin, which I thought was such a cliché story for dope addiction, and thus hysterical, so it was never unprompted like it sometimes is with cannabis, though the reasoning behind it usually had little reason.

Eventually I brought out an oz of heddies I just bought and passed a bong around, which helped to relax the general insatiable tweaking urge, but nothing much else. I noticed that any other psychoactive had little noticeable effect, most notably one guy celebrating his birthday being able to down FIVE pitchers of beer. Eventually we decided to watch The Darkside of the Rainbow off someone's iPod plugged into the TV, but somebody stepped on it in the middle, breaking it, yet we were content instead to bask in the faint glow of the black auxiliary screen.

Eventually we turned off all the lights and conversed in pitch black for a few hours, tracking each other's movements by their lit cigarettes, which looked to me like demons' eyes darting back and forth in hell's caverns. Darkness precipitated serious effects, and several times I got lost in myself the same way DXM does. I smoked too, which I usually don't, and was compelled to go through at least 2 packs, despite each tasting like a belch of acid reflux, which was the only real negative part. Smoking clove cigarettes instead greatly helps to deal with this urge, I've found.

At various times people left and came back with no clear idea of what they were doing or where they were going, until someone came back with a pantful of stolen glowsticks. These were cool for awhile, but got boring until I decided to slice them open and spray the glowing liquid over every surface in the house. Another friend stated that when cutting it with a knife it looked to him like I slashed my wrist and started hæmorrhaging green glowing blood, which didn't seem at all odd to him at the time. Most were outside smoking another blunt, screaming to the stars, and kicking around furniture (the amphetamine aspect far outweighs the psychedelic), and were amazed to the point of writhing in ecstasy when they came back in to see themselves floating in green cosmos where a house used to be.

More general wandering around the house and conversing continued until around 5 in the morning, when all but 4 people left. By this time I was starting to notice some of the visual effects in full light, mostly shimmering, fluid surfaces reminiscent of shrooms. Now one thing that's extremely important to remember is that this is extremely long-lasting trip, and unlike acid, I wasn't able to fall asleep. We didn't know this at the time, and had forgotten to plan anything for the inevitable next day we'd continue tripping through. So after coming dangerously close to driving to California to get legal weed, we decided instead to go to DC. Why? Why not?

So we drive to a metro station somewhere, I'm not sure where because we got lost multiple times. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] Driving while tripping obviously wasn't too good an idea, as we somehow ended up doing donuts on the roof of an office building parking garage. Paranoia strikes particularly hard on DOC (alternating with hyper confidence) and we eventually thought someone was watching us from a window with the shades drawn up, and bolted down to the basement, smoked a few more bowls and hopped on the metro.

I'm surprised we managed to figure our way to DC, as I was continually sure I'd come down soon, but just kept riding it out the entire day, going into sporadic giggling fits much to the chagrin of those sitting next to me. I also thought music would be good, and it was, listening to The Cure's new album 4:13 Dream (great tripping music), but I found myself listening to the first few seconds of one song over and over until I decided it'd be easier just to play them in my head.

We eventually decide to visit every museum at the Smithsonian, but ended up only going to the Natural History, Air & Space and Hirshhorn Modern Art museums. The first 2 were fun, as we got to indulge once again in all the simple and colourful children's exhibits, but the latter was one of the most intense and best experiences of my life. I'm amazed we weren't ejected, as we consistently forgot 'no touching' applied to everything, including a water filled cube we pushed about, as we thought it was interactive, and you were supposed to make your own art from the condensed water droplets inside (I still think it's a good idea), and a small disc suspended 2 inches from the ground, which my friend picked up and tried to hurl it across the room, despite it being strung to the ceiling.

Afterwards we explored a very high-class and off-limits office building, narrowly avoiding the local Securicor clowns, and harassed patrons at an Apple store before becoming completely entranced by Transformers playing in hi-def on the biggest television in the free world, which is surprising as I absolutely hated that movie. Once it started snowing it became too troublesome to walk from place to place, and decided to go home.

I still couldn't get any sleep, and decided to walk around some more, checking out a new restaurant that just opened, and on a whim applied there and was hired on the spot, still completely tripping balls, after which I slept for 24 straight hours. I think it's safe to say DOC brought me the best night of my life so far, despite the ridiculously inaccurate doses (nobody can remember how much they took). I'm getting some DOI soon, and I'll have to compare with that, but I'll definitely have to use more precision in dosing it out next time.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 76138
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 13, 2010Views: 7,140
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