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A Mellow Tranquility
Pregabalin (Lyrica)
Citation:   Symbia. "A Mellow Tranquility: An Experience with Pregabalin (Lyrica) (exp76292)". May 24, 2021.

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300 mg oral Pharms - Pregabalin (capsule)
  T+ 1:00 300 mg oral Pharms - Pregabalin (capsule)
Lyrica (pregabalin)

This was my first experience with Lyrica. I decided to take 600mg after hearing that that is a good recreational dose.

+0- took 3 pills (100mg each)- relaxed mood

+30 min- little bit of pressure in my head. Feeling slightly relaxed. Feeling hungry. Had McDonalds cheeseburger :3

+1 hour- little effect. Slightly tired. Took 300mg more Lyrica.

+1 hour 30 min- slightly dizzy. Walked around a bit. My coordination seems fine and my energy levels seem to be increased. I'm slightly more content than I was an hour ago... Almost euphoric and slightly giggly. Breathing has slowed. So far, no major effects.

+2 hours- Feeling pretty good. Not very high, but I am relaxed and it's hard to worry about anything. My sense of touch is very sensitive. Short term memory is a bit impaired. Slight bursts of energy here and there, but I mostly just want to sit and talk to people online or watch TV. Feeling is slightly like the relaxing highs I get from Ambien.

+2 hour 15 min - slightly slurred speech. Coordination slightly off, but able to walk and grasp things fine. Almost a drunk feeling.

+3 hours - very relaxed. Slight blurred vision. Mild euphoria. Tummy feels good ^_^. Deep breaths feel very refreshing. Coordination still in tact. Music sounds more relaxing and everything has a slight echo to it. Everything feels a bit different to touch. I'm enjoying petting my cat. He likes it too :p

+4 hours - still very relaxed. Body feels heavy yet I have a feeling of energy in me. If I focus on my screen for awhile everything gets blurry and I get a very nice high feeling much like a few hits from bong. Very nice ^_^. Everything has an echo as well. I can hear things very clearly from far away too. Very cool :D.

+4. Hours 30min - typing is a bit hard to do. Fingers feel numb, hunger setting in, gonna eat a cheeseburger.

+5 hours- everything is going smoothly. Still a strong but dull euphoria and my body is very relaxed. I haven't felt any strong high from this, but this dose for me definitely makes everything feel nice and I feel no anxiety.

+6 hours- still very relaxed. Euphoric relaxed feeling still goin strong. Slight pressure in back of my head... Same feeling I get on DXM. Also overall feeling feels kinda like the comedown after smoking a couple bowls of weed. I'm really hungry. Yup, feels like the weed munchies lol.

+6 hour 15 min - time seems to be slowing down a bit. Sat for 15 min and thought an hour had passed. Got up to walk and lost my balance. I walked into a dark room and saw weird white streaks and web like apparitions. Was weird but cool. Everything seems to have a slight blur to it and colors look weird. Its all very subtle but enjoyable :)

+7 hours- relaxing effect starting to wear off. I feel a bit anxious and fidgety. Just wanna sit and listen to music. Overall I feel pretty content. Interestingly, music sounds very intense right now, like its echoing throughout my head.

+10 hours- still awake watching TV. The effects have pretty much worn off, but I feel a slight lingering of of pressure in my head and muscles, and a bit of the relaxed euphoria is left, which feels perfect for just sitting and watching TV or listening to music.

To conclude this recreational experiment, I have to say that I enjoyed this little trip very much. It was very relaxing and I now understand why they have decided to prescribe this to people with high anxiety. It definitely took away my anxiety for a whole day. I can't say that I felt 'high' on this medication, but it's very enjoyable. It is much like the feeling I get from 2 pills of Ambien, but not as crazy lol.

I would definitely try this again, especially on days I know will be stressful. Everything just feels so mellow on Lyrica. I so recommend this.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 76292
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 24, 2021Views: 3,901
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