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First Dance with Doctor Methyl
Citation:   LucidStudies. "First Dance with Doctor Methyl: An Experience with DOM (exp76398)". Jan 27, 2009.

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T+ 0:00
2.25 mg oral DOM
  T+ 13:30 2.5 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem
  T+ 13:55 2.5 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem
  T+ 14:10 2.5 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem
This report shares notes that were taken during my first experience with 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Methyl-Amphetamine, the notorious DOM/STP of PIHKAL fame. The dosage was kept extremely low as a precaution due to the well-known powerful and long-lasting effects of the substance. In a glass vial I had 1.125 milliliters of water containing 2.25 milligrams of DOM suspended in it, plus a tiny drop of blue food coloring to mark the water as something other than just water so it wouldn’t be accidentally consumed. At 12:38 PM I poured the slightly bitter water into my mouth. At 12:39, I swallowed it into my stomach.

12:45 PM: I am re-reading the DOM entry in Pihkal. Obviously nothing is felt yet. There was a little bit of stomach upset earlier today, before dosing. I Haven't eaten yet today, so my stomach should be pretty much empty.

1:00: This might be a placebo effect, but I seem to feel hints of mouth dryness and slightly altered thought processes emerging already, as I sit listening to music. There is definitely a noticeable buzzing happening in my stomach.

1:15: The effects are still only borderline… mild pupil dilation, stomach still buzzing, hints of change in my mentality and thought patterns, but nothing overt and obvious. No visuals.

1:25: Very mild pulse excitation, about 10 bpm up from my normal resting rate. An indeterminate kind of time dilation is setting in… at moments it seems like time is sped up, and at other times it seems to be slowed down.

1:45: Deepening mental effects. I feel excited, stimulated, and mentally engaged. Very easy to ponder life in a stream-of-consciousness style, though anxious thoughts creep in and disrupt the mental process for a few minutes from time to time. There is a tingling in my fingers and I’m feeling a little bit warm all over.

2:00: Still not especially visual/sensory in effects, but definitely mental and physical. A tiny bit of nausea. Pulse elevation is still only very mild, but there's some noticable fluctuation in skin temperature.

2:38: I’m at the two-hour point... .there are still no clear visuals. The mental state is hard to define... mental effects seem much more profound than sensory, and I get the impression that larger doses would have a mixture of terror and joy to them... there is a rich mix of feelings here, ranging from excitement and curiosity, to feelings of unease and loathing. Slight nausea still persists.

3:10: I feel curious and indecisive. I am wandering around in search of something to do, but nothing can hold my fancy for more than a few minutes at a time. The nausea has passed for the time being and I'm thinking about eating something.

3:15: The geometric patterns in the tiles on the floor of my bathroom don't look altogether normal... and neither do a few other things. Visuals are finally beginning to creep up, but they're subtle. Emphasis of geometry and texture. Slightly increased brightness in colors that are already bright.

3:50: I took a LONG shower (like half an hour) and found it extremely relaxing. My disposition upon getting out was totally different then when I went in. The nausea has mostly faded and I find myself feeling very serene... with no worries or problems. The sensual effects begin to take center-stage and outshine the mental, as my thinking now has become fairly clear. I luxuriate in the bodily feelings. I can feel the enlargement of my own pupils and find it pleasant. I think it is preferable to walk around my own home naked rather than bothering to put on clothes.

4:00: There is a tight feeling in my stomach... no nausea anymore, but stomach pains. Not too severe, and if I can ignore them my mood remains pleasant.

4:15: Stomach tightness phase has passed... feeling all-around pretty decent right now. The psychedelic effects are light… a few intense thoughts and a rushing feeling in the head. The visual effect is there but so subtle that it’s almost non-existent. Some improvement of mood is noteable.

4:50: I’m watching videos online and still feeling very serene. I notice some amphetamine-like stimulation of normal thought processes: Rapid thinking, jumping from topic to topic, inordinate self-satisfaction with my own thoughts, etc.

5:00: I’m thinking about the wide range of dimension this drug presents... and how awfully it was misrepresented by the people who called it STP. There is serenity, tranquility and peace to be found here... but they have to be earned. There was discomfort to be overcome first that was not acknowledged in that namesake. Perhaps the name would be more represenative if I turned it inside out and transposed the meaning of each letter.

PTS: Passing trepidation, (then) satisfaction
PTS: Partially terrifying serenity
PTS: Presents (both) Tranquility (and) Suffering

It is very stimulating, yes. Thinking is fun and free. Do the thoughts make sense to others who are not on this? Who really cares?

5:10: Flowing movement on the pages of books for a few minutes, letters dancing around like armies of ants, and then it passes. The visuals seem to come and go in waves.

5:35: A couple more brief stomach pains.

5:40: A sudden wave of pulse-racing excitement rises. A sudden mix of joy and fear. I feel as if I’m too excited, to the point that I can hardly breath. I stop surfing the Internet. I measure my pulse and determine it is only up to 90 beats per minute… somehow it felt much higher a few minutes earlier. My worry dissipates. I shiver a little.

6:00: Still feeling a little over-excited, and there is something abnormal about my breathing. I am feeling a certain sense of perpetual awe at this point.

6:10: Shivering, skin-stimulation. Colors look warm, not bright. My heart is involved, and so is my spirit.

6:20: This took over five hours to become spiritually moving, but boy is it ever now. It just took me a while to realize what I was experiencing. This is truly psychedelic. My heart goes through bouts of rapid beating and then I feel it in my soul, and then my heart slows down and I’m left to think about what that sudden burst of life-energy really meant.

6:40: A frustrating computer crash occurs. I try to open a program and the whole things just shuts down. I was worried that I would lose some of my notes for the experience report. Funny sound that the computer makes when I had to shut the power off, though. “BEEEEEEOOOOOooooooooo - p“. I giggled with amusement at the thought of killing my computer.

7:40: I’m just killing time now, playing a video game and occasionally being interrupted by fluttering heart rhythms.

9:00: I eat dinner- barbecued ribs. The food is very colorful and I have a good appetite. After not eating all day the food tastes great and I readily chow down.

9:15: Lingering effects at this point, but easily ignorable. I couldn’t sleep if I wanted to, but I can do just about anything else that I feel like.

10:10: I have sex with my girlfriend. There is no increased tactile sensitivity, as there would be if I used 2C-B as a tactile enhancer, but the experience does seem very emotionally involving.

11:50: There are no real psychedelic effects at this point, and no more big surprises. But the drug is still there. Residual stimulation, ongoing pupil expansion, breathing still a tiny bit labored. In fact, even my thought processes aren't 100% normal.

1:15 AM: I’m still wired. But I'm kind of enjoying it. I do need to get some sleep tonight, though, as I have things to do in the morning. I decide I'll take some ambien in a half hour or so to slowly start coming down, but I’ll break it into sections and administer it slowly. I’m sure that mixing uppers and downers isn’t easy on my heart and I don’t want to push my body too hard too quickly.

2:10: A quarter of an ambien pill was just taken (2.5 milligrams of Zolpidem Tartrate).

2:35: Another quarter pill is taken.

2:50: Another quarter pills is taken, bringing me up to 7.5 milligrams.

3:10: I’m getting sleepy now. I wander into the bedroom and go to bed.

I got up the next day at noon and felt quite alright, with no residual stimulation or hallucinations the next day. DOM seemed to emphasize mental and physical effects primarily, with visual effects only secondarily… it was more emotional but less visual then an equal dose of DOC would have been. However, having given it only one trial at the low end of the dosage spectrum, it would probably be unfair to draw any more involved conclusions about it than that.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 76398
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 27, 2009Views: 31,265
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DOM (20) : Glowing Experiences (4), Sex Discussion (14), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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