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In a League of its Own
Citation:   Mr. Scientist. "In a League of its Own: An Experience with DPT (exp76405)". Feb 25, 2009.

120 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
Having come accross 1g of n,n-dipropyltryptamine HCL, it was with a fair bit of excitement that I took the first step towards discovering the drug's effects. I had already experimented extensively with psylocybin (magic mushrooms), LSD and Salvia, as well as a couple of phenethylamines of the 2C family (2C-E and 2C-T-2), but two things stood out about my research on this chemical that made me think it would be a different and useful experience. One was that it was a tryptamine, and as opposed to phenethylamines of the 2C family, tryptamines provide fairly different experiences from each other. They also produce strong psychological effects. The feeling of awe and wonder that accompanies my tryptamine experience is notably absent when using phenethylamines (although they have their own use...). The other was that it was molecularly and subjectively similar to n,n-dimethyltryptamine, which as far as I had heard from those that have experimented with it, can provide one with far and away the most intense and profound psychedelic experience.

So it was with our first trial that my associate and I decided to insufflate 50mg of this precious substance. It was the first time I had insufflated any chemical, and the effects were just as unpleasant as descibed. The taste of the chemical at the back of the throat can be compared to tasting what burning plastic smells like. It was also accompanied by a burning sensation. At 50mg, these side effects were not unbearable, and ultimately I was grateful to be able to try the drug at all, even if it came with some discomfort. The experience was somewhat unremarkable, with the most prominent effects being a perception of music being wider and more buzzing, a change in the perception of colour and shapes reminiscent of mushrooms but with its own distinct character, and finally the production of tremors in my body (most notably in my hands). I figured this was the 'vibrational effect' that most people refer to regarding this drug, though I had thought that it would be a perception of the body vibrating (much like I've had previously while really stoned). I don't understand why people don't just call it 'tremors' because that is more accurately what it is.

With any new chemical, it's wise to start slow and discover my tolerance for it. It had become apparent from the first experiment that my associate had been struck a little harder by the drug. So, there was some trepidation on his part when I suggested that we try 120mg next. I figured it would take me at least that to get me where I wanted to go, he figured he wouldn't back down since he knows he has a hard head when it comes to psychedelics and should be able to handle even very intense experiences. He had done Salvia in the past and had a complete reality dissolving trip that helped him to realize that no matter how far you go, you'll always come back.

So it was that we measured out 120mg for each of us and prepared a musical playlist in my basement along with some pillows and blankets on which to lie as we tripped. It took some time to insufflate the material, and its distastefulness returned with greater force. I attempted to position my head in such a way as to keep the chemical in my nasal passages, not only to avoid tasting it, but also to absorb as much of it as possible. As the drip continued I worried a little that it would be really distracting throughout the trip. Luckily it turned out to be completely forgetable and irrelevant to the overall experience.

As the drug's effects took hold, I remember saying to my associate that it lacked the 'magic of LSD', suggesting that despite our search, we were yet to find a drug that would unseat it from its throne. However, I hadn't realized that the drug had not taken its full effect.

As the drug marched steadily into my serotonin receptors, the music widened. Soon, it felt as though it was filling all of my consciousness, like there was nothing but the music, and it was taking up a great deal of space. I closed my eyes and in the dimly lit room the visions took over. They related to the music, but could not be described quite as synesthetic. First, I envisioned small abstract patterns like spheres, rods, or various geometric shapes moving and going on into infinity. They were gray, but soon the visions took on colour. I saw rows of small mirrors, repeated to a depth inperceptible to the human eye, and all containing the image of faces.

As I thought of the music, flashes of electricity and lights represented the various sounds coming from the speakers. Each sound was extremely far apart, as though I could see and pick out every instrument, every nuance of the music with perfect precision. Each one seemed so distincly its own, occupying a portion of physical space distant from any other sound. I continued to let the visions take over. Tentacles, lights, electricity, machines, crawling insects, all with jagged edges and all very abstract in nature appeared. I tried to direct the visions as I have done in the past on LSD, but these were not akin to 'brain movies', they were much more mysterious in nature. If I tried to imagine something myself, it would simply be superimposed on the visions and would interact with them. It could never replace them.

An indeterminate amount of time passed, and I heard my associate talking to himself. I feared that he had gone off the deep end, into a psychosis which can sometimes accompany large doses of psychedelics. I got up and turned on the lights, asking him if he was OK. With eyes open, all visions were gone, instead the world was undulating smoothly, restless and alive. He assured me he was fine, and as I looked at him, I was taken aback by how his eyes were growing larger and smaller. It made it seem like he was opening them wide and then holding them normal, which worried me about how the drug might have been affecting him. However, though he may have been doing this, at the very least I knew the visuals could be exaggerating this effect and decided it was no problem. I was surprised that I could coherently communicate. He asked to keep the lights on. I layed down and attempted to continue with the visions, but I couldn't perceived them with the same vividness as before. So I asked to turn off the lights again and he agreed. I was in DPT space once again.

As the trip wore on, my associate kept talking to himself. This time I decided it was his way of interacting with the drug, and that it was best to let him be. I figured, correctly, that he must be extremely high, but that his safety was assured.

I thought about the drug, and how it compared to others I had tried. I concluded that this one was pure trippiness. I didn't have markedly altered thought patterns, or any deep insights. I spent time thinking about my loneliness and a girl I like who I'm 95% sure likes me back. I thought about some other relatively mundane things. The major difference, for me, was the sensory richness of the music and visions. I wanted to be able to continue, warm and wrapped up in my blanket, when I realized I needed badly to go to the bathroom. I had some doubt as to whether this was true, as I often tend to do when on psychedelics, but after some debate I knew it was the case. So I had to stand up, now peaking, and partake in a much needed urination. It proceeded slowly and without trouble, but in the process I got a chance to see myself in the mirror. I found myself looking absurdly handsome in the light, as well as flushed and overtaken by powerful tremors. I thought how a more worrisome person would probably be overwhlemed with anxiety right now at some of the physical side effects of this drug, but I knew it would all pass. More importantly, I knew it was all worth it.

Some time towards the end of the peak, I managed to pick out one of the things my associate was saying to himself. This was 'People!'. The peak ended soon after, and I found myself having to go to the bathroom again. My associate joined me, and we began to discuss what kind of trip we had experienced. We didn't go far into it until later, as I needed to lie down again due to a headrush, but in that brief communication it became apparent that I had not reached the levels of my associate.

As we came down, he explained his experience. Apparently, the comment of 'people' was made in that moment because he had just remembered that there were, indeed, people. He had had the perception of having left the room entirely, like it was merely a lobby in his vantage point overlooking the entire Universe. He had split off from his own physical body and took on several new forms, his physical body of which was only one manifestation. The others were pure energy, thought, etc. At one point, he had kept making shallow inhalations as he felt that he was getting closer and closer to having the ultimate revelation thrust upon him, only to have it never arrive, and instead realizing that this was the ultimate cosmic joke. The joke was simultaneously represented to him by a woman's face, which spun around only to reveal another face (much like certain Indian Goddesses) rather than a back-of-head. I understood that I had not had the full experience.

My associate's description reminded me of my second experience on LSD, which in my estimation was a 150 microgram experience. I was sitting on a cliff at one point listening to music when I had the impression that I was reaching towards something otherworldy, something beyond. I continued to reach, but I couldn't attain it, whatever 'it' was. I came to the conclusion that it was impossible to reach 'it', but that the reaching was the whole point. I understood well where he was coming from.

For the next several hours, we discussed our trips with enthusiasm. The main experience had lasted 4 hours, with a peak of 2 hours and another 2 hours of prominent after-effects. I had foolishly planned to sleep after 2 hours of taking this drug since I needed to be up early the day after, but my mind was far too awake. For the next time, I'll remember to budget more time before embarking on such a journey.

As for the drug itself, I believe it deserves a place among the very best. Perhaps comparable to LSD in depth, depending on mood or logistics (LSD being considerably longer). It fascinates me that the broad serotonin agonists (tryptamine psychedelics) produce this sense of wonder in people. Is this one of the functions of serotonin, to produce wonder? Or is it simply a side effect of taking drugs that mimic serotonin's effects? If it is one of the functions of serotonin, in what way could it be adaptive? Could it make people want to learn? Does it give them existential comfort, as has been found with experiments giving psychedelics to terminal cancer patients? Was existential comfort really important to our ancestor's success?

I suppose until the day when the brain is fully mapped and it is understood which receptors and their subtypes activate which areas of the brain will we finally have answers, but given the awesome complexity of the human brain, that day may never come.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 76405
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 25, 2009Views: 10,738
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DPT (21) : Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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