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I Was Scared Sh*tless
Salvia divinorum (15x extract)
by Tink
Citation:   Tink. "I Was Scared Sh*tless: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (15x extract) (exp76539)". Oct 2, 2019.

2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
A Warning To ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Little Background....

I have for many years enjoyed smoking marijuana, however due to its legal status and increasing costs I began to search for a legal, cheaper alternative. After scanning through the www I came across several sites advertizing and selling Salvia Divinorum. The ads stated that it was legal in most states and that it was a pleasant experience.
The ads stated that it was legal in most states and that it was a pleasant experience.
I ordered an ounce of the dry leaf and a gram of the 15x extract (keep in mind that the extract strength on this particular site went up to 45x).

My Package Arrived....

All the information will pretty much tell you that you should have a sober trip sitter, so I waited until my husband came home from work. I was very excited to try this hoping that it would live up to the hype and doubting that it would actually do much at all. I packed a bowl in my pipe of the standard dry leaf and torched it.... All at once I felt extremely warm, like my skin was an electric blanket turned on high, I felt a bit dizzy, and I felt a lot giggley. The sensation did not last long, maybe 5-10 minutes. Although it was enjoyable I was disappointed in the duration of the buzz....

Time To Meet The Extract....

The dry leaf had been a pretty pleasurable experience so I decided that I would try the extract to see if it would last longer. Being a bit wary of this new drug, LUCKILY I only put about an 1/8 of a teaspoon or less of the 15x into my pipe. I smiled at my husband and said 'here goes nothing' and put flame to herb. I inhaled what had to be the thickest, whitest smoke I have ever seen, letting go of the carb to feed some air I took two BIG hits. The same feelings began to creep over me as with the dry leaf, I try to sit the pipe down on the coffee table and.......BANG! I'm GONE BABY GONE!!!! I'm immeadiatly gripped by the most extreme terror I have ever experienced in my life. Understand that I'm sure I do not remember all of my experience and am probably only aware of what was happening after maybe 2 minutes. That being said the experience I had was that I was not real, well more that all my memories and life experiences where not real and that this 'trip' was me actually coming to from a trip. I was confused as to who and what I was...after a few minutes I could hear my husband calling my name, kinda shouting it actually, and I had apparently bolted up off the couch and tried to run. He had caught me and was trying to get me to sit back down on the couch. I did sit back on the couch, still not aware of who I was or who my husband was, I wasnt even able to grasp the concept of what people were. I was terrified to sit back on the couch because I was having an impression that if I sat Back I'd never stop sitting back...that the couch and I would simply just keep going and that there would never be an end to the action of leaning back.

There really are no human words to describe what I was actually feeling, it was terrifying and confusing and it felt like I was never going to 'go back' to where I came from
it was terrifying and confusing and it felt like I was never going to 'go back' to where I came from
. I looked around my apartment and my eyes seem to see everything in linear parallel lines that ran on forever. I didnt experience any cool hallucinations nor did I like the fact that music was playing very softly in the background. To me it was like that music was the 'sound of the world' and that would be what I was always gonna hear forever and ever. Thank the Godess that I finally started to become aware that I was back, I was still in 'Sally's' grip, but I was starting to be able to reason again, and was aware that I was going to be OK.

The Aftermath.......

Once I was finally back to my senses I burst into sobs. I was scared Sh*tless. I shook for about 3 hours due to the adrenaline from the fear. Even up to 5 days later if I thought back to the trip, I would get highly agitated and scared all over again.

I guess to sum my whole experience up I would have to say the WORST thing I have ever done was smoke Salvia. I wouldnt recommend this to ANYONE.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 76539
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 2, 2019Views: 608
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