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More Potent than Mary Jane
Spice Product ('Diamond')
by Dude 5ht2c
From Erowid Extracts Collection
Citation:   Dude 5ht2c. "More Potent than Mary Jane: An Experience with Spice Product ('Diamond') (exp76595)". Mar 9, 2009.

0.5 bowls smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (dried)


The reason for purchasing Spice Diamond was simple. I was looking for a legal way to take the edge off. Being familiar with the effects of marijuana (in college) and after reading reports posted online, I decided to pick the Spice up from a local shop. The purpose of this report is to give an honest and thorough account of my experience with Spice Diamond. Keep in mind that Spice Diamond is marketed as being twice as potent as Spice Gold and 4 times as powerful as Mary Jane. It has been proven to contain, JWH-018, a powerful synthetic with similar action to THC. [ Erowid Note: As of March 2009, it is unknown whether all Spice products contain the same psychoactive chemical(s) or not. At least one sample of Spice has been analyzed and found to contain JWH-018; other tests have found other substances.] It also has various other plant components that I, having tried some of them separately, believe to be non-contributors to the whole experience.

I am a 30 yr old male, slightly over-weight. I quit smoking marijuana several years ago, in college, primarily because of the rapid heartbeat and chest pains I developed. It simply wasn’t a “kind buzz” for me any longer. I experimented with other natural highs and experienced great effects. So I realized something relating to THC wasn’t symbiotic with my body. I’m guessing that I developed an allergic reaction to it – I’m one of those rare, unfortunate, people who simply can not smoke it. I DO miss the 'kind buzz' I received from the 1st four years of experience I had with Jane.

13:15 – Loaded a very small bowl in a corncob pipe. The bowl size was about ˝ of what someone would normally load into a pipe with Mary Jane. Used a standard lighter and took one medium hit, but held it in for 20 seconds before exhaling smoke. Unlit, it has a vanilla scent, but lit, it smells like burnt herbs, but not a pleasant smell (not good incense ironically, haha.)

13:17 – Began to feel the altered consciousness. It was almost identical to the feeling that MJ produces initially. But for me, MJ produced more of a warm/fuzzy feeling, but Spice did not.

13:25 – Realized that this stuff REALLY works and was excited that I didn’t yet have any panic feelings. I decided to put on some Pink Floyd. “On the Turning Away” had a profound meaning to me at the time.

13:40 – Decided to go to the backyard and experience the outdoors. There was ice on the ground from the previous night (rare in this area even in the winter) and so there was more than usual to look at. The sun was shimmering, reflecting from the ice, which was cool. However, I soon started having problems concentrating on anything. I was zoning in and out like one does on MJ, but it seemed more pronounced and I would forget, for a millisecond, just WTF I was doing.

13:50 – My heart started beating rapidly. When I say rapidly, I mean, freaking light speed. At first, I simply sat down and turned the TV on in order to concentrate on breathing slow and get the heart rate down. It was impossible. Panic set in and I determined that I smoked some sort of secret ingredient (speed) along with the proposed JWH-018 element (synthetic cannabanoid). I started pacing back and forth. I could hear and feel every heartbeat. It was unsettling. From experience running on treadmills with heart rate meters, I’m guessing that my heart rate was at 140 to 160 bpm. Of course at the time, for a moment, in full panic, I thought it was racing as fast as a machine gun. All physical sensation was enhanced, but delayed. For instance, I would pinch myself, and seemingly feel the sensation about a second later. The sensation itself would be exaggerated. This applied to all physical sensations, such has hunger. My chest also burned (didn’t know if this was due to the smoke inhalation or my heart beating. Either way, it sucked.)

14:00 – I contemplated calling 911, but realized that my cell phone was upstairs and that walking up stairs would increase my heart rate even further. I looked outside and my neighbors were out. I walked out and actually thought about asking them to call 911. I was really freaking out at this point. Pride wouldn’t allow me to ask for their help, so I went back inside and sat down again. For a moment, I felt as if I was waiting to die and that my heart would probably pop at any moment. After about 5 (I’m guessing, my sense of time was off) minutes, my heart rate settled into a fast, yet un-machinegun-like pace. I sat and concentrated on my heart rate trying to slow it down further. The TV was on, but I couldn’t focus on it and have no idea what was on.

14:15 - I decided that I better take shower and try to sober up. I recall that I was a little clumsy walking up stairs. The shower was awesome. The feeling and sound of the water drowned out my heartbeat. I sat down and let the spray hit me in the forehead. After a minute or so, I started to have some close eyed visuals. Nothing spectacular. This was due to the water beating me in the eyes and head. I was able to calm down and meditate a little. After a while, I felt one with the water and warmth. I finally was at a good place mentally and decided to get dressed and watch some TV.

14:35 - I crawled in bed and turned the tube on. I could only muster the energy and concentration enough to switch channels once. I landed on the Tyra Banks show, something I would never watch if my life depended on it. However, I found Tyra to be entertaining… in a funny way. I twisted and turned and tried to get comfortable, but couldn’t. I was still having uncomfortable sensations in my chest and rapid heart beat which seemed to come and go (occasionally it would slow down a little.)

15:00 - Decided to walk downstairs and watch TV. I turned the tube on and the movie Novocaine (Steve Martin) was just starting. I highly recommend watching this movie stoned. It was hilarious, shocking, and strange in my condition. At this point, my heartbeat seemed to be steady enough. Occasionally it would spike a little, but nothing to be concerned about. Watching this movie I was able to recognize that I was definitely of a different consciousness and wondered if the movie was near as entertaining sober (I will rent it to find out.) I was convinced at the time, that the director must have been smoking bud while making this movie. At this point, the high was identical to MJ’s. Very good MJ.

16:30 – 18:00-
Maintained MJ-like high. Felt-LSD like coldness, a little psychedelic feeling, but not completely. Heart beat still fairly erratic, but not at a dangerous level.

18:00 – 21:00-
Very gradual comedown, but still high the whole time. I was able to sleep around 22:30 or so.

The Next Day:
No major fatigue. Still a little spacey. Music sounds good.

Conclusion & Opinion:
As someone with a history of extremely rapid heart rate while on MJ, I do not recommend Spice Diamond, as it is more potent than MJ. Anyone who tries this for the first time should only smoke a tiny pinch to experiment with the effects. My experience could be somewhat unique due to some medical condition or allergy, however there are many other web reports of others who have had extremely high heart rate. I would like to see some sort of medical trial done with this substance to determine what the normal effects to the body are. This level of panic and heart rate trumped any other MJ effects I’ve ever had. The “high” feelings were the same as MJ, other than the lack of warm/fuzzy feeling. At the time of my Spice purchase, I purchased it legally from a smoke shop as an herbal smoke in the US. However, after doing research, discovering the synthetic JWH-018 was infused, witnessing a dangerous heart-related side-effect, I seriously doubt this will be legal for very long. !!caveat emptor!!

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 76595
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 9, 2009Views: 11,142
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