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Blast-off into Another Dimension
2C-T-7 & LSD
by Tastie
Citation:   Tastie. "Blast-off into Another Dimension: An Experience with 2C-T-7 & LSD (exp76667)". May 7, 2009.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-T-7 (capsule)
  T+ 2:00 2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 3:00 10 mg oral 2C-T-7 (capsule)



I’ve been staring at this page for quite some time now only wondering where to begin this report. I have never been blown so far from reality as I was taken by 2c-t-7. This Experience would simply be impossible to replicate. Even, by the drug itself.

I guess I will start by giving a quick background as to who I am. I am 24, 5’10 and weigh approximately 150lbs. Although I have been smoking pot and doing mushrooms for years, I have only truly been in the psychedelic realm for about 6 months. However through the experiences I’ve had and the things I have tried in the past 6 months I feel I am far more experienced than most. Having tried many other substances on multiple occasions, such as: LSD, ketamine, 2c-b, mescaline, MDMA, mushrooms, marijuana, DXM, and a few others that have slipped my mind on this occasion; not a single one of them has given me an experience quite like 2c-t-7.

-The Build Up

It was approximately 7:45pm when I first took 2 10mg capsules of 2c-t-7. I was with a fairly large group of friends having a party in a cabin in the mountains. Let me explain this cabin and “party” so that you get an idea as to the magnitude of these parties we tend to throw every few months or so. The cabin was 2 stories had enough places to sleep at least 30 of us comfortably, most people in beds and a few on some couches. There was a pool table, ping pong table, foosball table and air hokey table, all inside. We brought a full DJ setup (Mixers, Speakers Lasers, lighting, fog machine, etc…)

About an hour had gone by and I was starting to notice the signs of its build up. Trails were starting to appear mildly, I started getting excited and a bit anxious as well. This feeling slightly grew gradually over the course of the next hour or so. Only to suddenly stop as if been blocked by a wall all the effects of the build up had gone and no signs of tripping of any sort were going on (or so I thought). Everyone who had taken the substance was feeling the same. We were beginning to think maybe it was a bad batch.

Just over 2 hours had past when a friend called me over and gave me a couple tabs of some low potency LSD, feeling I would be the person at the party who would appreciate it the most. Little did I realize all the acid was going to do was unlock the doors to the dimensions I was about to be launched through. However, at this point I stopped getting annoyed with the fact that the t7 had failed to work and just let my night go where it wanted to take me.

I had kind of stopped paying attention to time at this point. However, about 3 hours (time approximation taken by the build up effects of the LSD starting to be felt) after my initial dose of 2c-t-7 (20mg) I was given another 10mg in hopes that I would then begin to feel the effects of this wonder drug. I had not yet realized at this time that the previous doses of t7, plus the LSD were simply placing my brain in a sling shot and pulling it back as far as they could preparing to launch me through multiple dimensions and off to another reality all in its own.

-The Journey

*The next part of this report will not be structured on a time basis; I can’t really recall the order in which the proceeding experiences took place. It will also be extremely difficult to try to put this part into words that can be understood. The things I experienced and went through were not only Intense but also taught me stuff about reality I do not know the proper terminologies for; and so I will do my best to describe them.

I can’t quite recall when I entered this alternate reality, when I noticed I was on the other side or how the build up was before it actually hit me. All I can recall is that one moment I was my normal self. The next I was in a world that worlds could not describe. I remember sitting on a couch staring off into nowhere watching the trails behind people when I noticed that these are not normal trails but precognitive trails. They were in front of all the moving objects, as I watch people and objects move into their trails. Only, to then see their trails follow behind them as well. At this point I was seeing the future, the present and the past all at the same time.

~Traveling Through Alternate Dimensions

-Realization of the 3rd Dimension
It took me a while to grasp the concept of what was going on in my head. I couldn’t understand how I was seeing the future of everything that was going to happen and in such vivid detail. At this point the only way I was able to accept what I was seeing is that I was no longer experiencing my trip, but was some where off in the future trying to recall what happened that night with vivid details.

I began to understand at this point that I was seeing the full potential of the 3rd dimension at full effect. Time itself is in fact the ability to process the 3rd dimension; although, it’s not just as simple as that. You have to understand what dimensions themselves are. In addition to understanding dimensions themselves you also have to understand what time really is. Most people would tell you time is the space between when 2 events occur. There is more to it than that. You have to understand why time exists in order to fully understand what time itself really is.

For example: If you were with a friend and your watches read the same time on them, then you were to freeze time and exist in this word for even just a minute then return to normal; what would you refer to that moment in which you experienced. Your friend would have not noticed this minute of existence even though your watches would now be 1minute apart. So what happened during this period in which you experienced time and your friend did not? Would it be true to say that time did not exist while you were there? Or simply that your friend and the entire existence of the universe simply missed this moment in time?

-The Creation of the Universe, the 3rd Dimension & Its Purpose
To understand why the Universe was created you have to first think about having the power to know everything. If you know the present, the past and the future; you then know every thing that can and can’t happen. This is the second dimension. Now to step over from the 3rd dimension you have to ask yourself “What If?” Welcome to dimension 3.

To define “What If,” I will give an example: Take a coin, a coin has 2 sides to it; and so we will refer to this coin as the second dimension. Now flip the coin, it will land on either heads, or tails. But what if you were to flip the coin and a 3rd image appeared neither heads, nor tails. This is the “what if,” every possibility of every outcome other than what is already known.

Now that we know there is a 3rd possibility we must find a way to analyze and process every possibility. However, with limitless possibilities we need to create a new realm in order for them to take place, thus creating the 3rd dimension. With a new dimension, possibilities start happening, changing place, things constantly changing and playing out what may happen. Through calculations having taken place multiple times over and over eventually somewhere down the line the creation of mankind took forth. Now in order to make a conscious being able to understand the constant changes and analyze as to what is going on; the concept of time has now been created. Time, simply being the ability to recall the moment past in connection to the current moment happening.

Living in the 3rd dimension we think in a very 2 dimensional field. This is because we do not fully understand the 3rd dimension. When you plan out your day, you think about what you have to do, and often times it’s simply I can get this done today, or I can’t. However we rarely take into account; what is something unforeseen happens and screws up all my plans. We don’t often think of this because we can only see 2 sides of things; what is happening, and what has happened. Now in order to see the future you must remove yourself from the 3rd dimension and take a step into the 4th. Being in the 4th dimension you will now know what can and can’t happen, and all the possibilities as to what if something else entirely happened. Knowing this, time in the 3rd dimension no longer exists and you se every moment at once as a still image.

-The 4th Dimension and Beyond
The 4th dimension and any other dimension beyond that simply can not be processed by though it self as to our thought process is defined by the boundaries of the 3rd dimension. When in fact the 4th dimension has a completely different set of rules we could not begin to fathom the concept of this change because it beyond anything we can ever experience or alter.

To get an idea of these changes you have to throw out logic itself. Gravity, or any other force bound by a law of physics or logic can no longer exist. And if its presence is some how made in this dimension its effects will be completely different and can be altered by forces also unknown. We see time in this dimension as something that is constantly moving forward. But what if time were to move sideways?

How can time move sideways? Imagine freezing any moment in time, or better yet, open a picture in photo shop, now adjust the color balance and watch the image change. Although it is in fact the same moment in time that the image is showing, changes are taking place. This is time moving sideways, the same can be done for sound as well by simply taking and sound and changing its pitch. This is the 4th Dimension.

~What Am I?

Having realized I was some how in a dimension at this point other than the 3rd, seeing the past the present and the future all at the same time. At this point I began to think that none of what was going on could be possible. This all had to be a dream. But this thought process from the other dimension was not that simple. What If maybe I was someone else entirely, this being a dream and all you are no longer limited to being yourself. Maybe I was someone else in the room recalling an event from another perspective. Maybe I am lying in a coma somewhere and all this is my pure imagination. I mean why not?

At this point I no longer know who I am. My mind starts to wonder, and with the acceptance of the concept that I may not even be the person I currently think I am who is to even say I am a person at all? Maybe I am a tree in the corner of the room. Of course I would know If I was a tree right? But imagine being an inanimate object: now for the first time ever you have a consciousness of reality and what is going on around you, however never being taught what anything is, you have to start defining what is what given in instant to take it all in. At this point you are creating and defining reality itself. Having no way to prove or disprove anything is possible.

We would then base judgment on the fact that there is no way I could be an inanimate object due to the fact that I would be stationary and could not roam the cabin as I was. However, if an object can have a conscious who is to say it can’t have an imagination as well? Now that we are giving this object an imagination we create dreams as well, or a subconscious. Being that we created this new rule to giving inanimate object consciousness, we must now begin to assume the powers of how strong this imagination is. Can an imagination be strong enough to over power reality itself? Maybe not in this Dimension, but that’s not where I was at the moment.

~Tripping (Visuals & Sounds)

It’s hard to sum up what the visuals I was seeing were; everything was morphing colors and shapes, I could see people’s trails before them as well as behind. Walls were breathing, objects were melting patterns were forming and swirling as if life was being viewed through a kaleidoscope. I was able to see anything my mind wanted me to see, including people and object that were not there, everything had become translucent and I could see through people and walls. Or at least my imagination was filling in the “what might” be on the other side but visually it was as powerful as reality.

A few people asked me what my visuals were like, aside from explaining the intense trails I was seeing I could not bring to words what it is the visuals were like. This was unlike anything I’ve seen on LSD or even N,N-DMT. The only way I was able to describe what I saw for visuals was “I saw everything imaginable except for what was really happening all at the same time.”

Granted I was at a party with music blasting through my ears all night long and people being loud the whole night, I was able to pick out certain sounds and such which were not normal. The music sounded amazing, but the DJ who was performing was simply one of the best. I could depict certain laughter that was not of anyone there like little kids on a playground. I would also hear people yelling and talking as if in another room or far away and that would have simply been impossible to hear given the noise level of the music.

When the music was no longer going, I was able to hear an accumulative of everyone’s voice going at once, although it always sounded as if they were talking through a door. I was not able to make out what anyone was saying, only fragments of words. However I was hearing voices from friends in whom I had not been around at all also allowing me to realize that these sounds I was hearing were simply in my head.

-The Come Down

-The Morning
Around maybe 9am I was beginning to come back to reality. Although my mind was still working in loops I was again aware of whom I was and the visuals had mostly come to an end. Trails would still appear at random times and my vision would occasionally glitch. I could not sleep. I had been wandering around for a while at this point trying to find somewhere that would be comfortable to lie down and pass out. However, whenever I would find a spot, shortly after I would become uncomfortable, my mind would spin into another loop and I would be aggravated and get back up.

I couldn’t get comfortable any where I went, I went outside to smoke a cigarette and was calmed by the open environment and fresh air, but it was literally below freezing outside so I couldn’t stay out there too long. At this point I started becoming a bit irritable and annoyed with everything and the mess that was left behind. After a bit one of my friends woke up and we began to clean up the cabin this took away my restlessness and my anxiety, which was probably more so due to the fact that I had been awake for so long and just needed to distract myself.

-The Ride Home
It was approaching noon and we began our journey home. It would be about a couple hours till we got back to my house. I wasn’t really looking forward into being cooped in a car heading down windy roads till we got back. However the ride what very relaxing and I had no trouble staying awake for our journey home. We laughed and joked about all the things that went on last night. I was trying to explain what I had gone through on my journey to my friends when my phone started ringing from an unknown number. As usual I ignored the call. Then it rang again from another number, that was almost exactly the same, only 1 digit off. I made the joke to my friends saying it was the matrix calling to teleport me out. At that moment I thought maybe it was…

I got home fine, went inside, and immediately went to bed; it took me about 30 minutes or so to get fully comfortable, and with still hearing distant sound hallucinations it took longer than I thought to fall asleep. I slept for the next 16 hours comfortably, only to wake up refreshed with no problems, aches or pains at all.


Over all I enjoyed the trip, Although looking back on it there were moments that were very intense and quite scary, during the trip I had no concept of fear itself and was never alarmed. It was very overwhelming and I don’t think it was an experience most people could handle looking back on things I wonder how I managed to handle it myself at points. I would not recommend 2c-t-7 to anyone who is trying to use a drug recreationally, but more so for someone who wants the experience and knowledge of completely shattering reality and learning from it. I would probably do it again some time. It is not something I would go looking for or do anytime soon. However, I enjoyed the journey, and knowing what I am getting myself into I may be able to further control the events that take place the next time and find ways to enjoy my trip even more. Maybe next time do it in an out door environment.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 76667
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 7, 2009Views: 11,791
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2C-T-7 (54), LSD (2) : Combinations (3), Music Discussion (22), Difficult Experiences (5), Large Group (10+) (19)

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