It Floored Me
Citation:   Lucreto. "It Floored Me: An Experience with Oxymorphone (exp76739)". Sep 26, 2018.

  IV Pharms - Oxymorphone (liquid)
[Erowid Note: Intravenous (IV) injection of crushed pills/tablets can be very dangerous due to unknown substances, binders, and fillers present. Any substance injected directly into the blood stream should be very pure. Clean needles and medically appropriate techniques should be used to avoid serious injury or death.]
Opana ER 20mg IV

I'd been reading a lot about oxymorphone for about 3 months. Since I am slightly experienced with opiates I was really interested in trying an Opana. A few days ago one of my friends said that he could get the 20 mg ER Opana and I immediately jumped at the opportunity to try it. My preferred method of administration is intravenously, which I had heard is nearly impossible with Opana. Nevertheless I bought the 20 mg pill and cut it in half. I crushed up half of it and decided that it would be better safe than sorry, and put back about 30% of it, leaving me with around 7 mg. I cooked it up and took my first shot (it requires a lot of water).

I felt a mediocre head rush, but not much else. I wasn't very content with these results so I cooked up more and tried again. This time it floored me. I immediately started to sweat profusely then my vision completely blurred and my hearing got super sensitive. Feeling like I was about to vomit, I stumbled to the bathroom to throw up. I made it into the bathroom and fell face first on the ground. I could barely breathe. Fearing that I was about to overdose I crawled back across the hall into my room. I attempted to get into bed and once again fell on the floor, hitting my head incredibly hard. By this time about three minutes had passed and I still had one hell of a head rush. I knew oxymorphone was strong, but I wasn't aware of how potent it really was. I eventually made it into bed and called one of my friends, who talked to me until I was able to formulate sentences again. Once it was established that I would be alright, he chided me for being so fucking irresponsible and shooting that much Opana by myself.

The feeling was indescribable. No opiate has ever floored me like that, nor do I think one ever will again. Opana does NOT fuck around. The rush lasted about 10 minutes and the numbness is still going. It's been about 3 hours since I shot it and I can still feel it's full effects. The initial rush made me think I was going to die and I don't think that I will ever do that much again. However, after the rush subsided I felt back to baseline temporarily and thought maybe I should do more. Luckily, I didn't, because I surely would have OD-ed and died.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 76739
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 26, 2018Views: 4,519
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