A Wonderful Day
CP 55,940, Kratom (Bali) & Cigarettes
Citation:   Stoned Intellect. "A Wonderful Day: An Experience with CP 55,940, Kratom (Bali) & Cigarettes (exp76759)". Erowid.org. Feb 10, 2009. erowid.org/exp/76759

T+ 0:00
0.5 Tbsp oral Kratom  
  T+ 0:25   smoked CP 55,940 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:32   smoked CP 55,940 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:32   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
The purpose of this report is to inform the recreational community of the effects of CP 55,940. Having been using CP5 frequently for over 6 months, I believe there is valuable information on the recreational use of it that I can reveal. I intended to write a report sooner but was too satisfied/content to do so. What sparked my interest to write it now is the fact that I realized I have control over every important variable, today.

For example, it’s Saturday so I have no responsibilities or obligations outside of my apartment. I have more than enough kratom, cp5, and nicotine to be able to use as much as desired until going to bed. I am very well hydrated, I have found the temperature that’s perfect for inside right now, and I have had plenty of sleep/no health issues.

My normal way of going about a usual “fun” day with these substances is preparing the spoon with kratom and the foil-spoon with cp5 powder. I then consume the kratom and wait about 40 minutes until consuming the first CP5 vapors.

Usually I will continue vaporizing a pile of about 10mg of cp5 powder to start, then refill to about 5mg each time I have cashed it---this continues throughout the night.

Important/Helpful Notes

Method: READ 'The Sweet Spot' (below) for more details on this method. Place powder into well of foil spoon, light lighter away from spoon, slowly bring flame under spoon, wait a couple seconds to allow vaporization, inhale through straw/glass tube. For a long time I used only straws which tend to melt and I have to constantly cut straws to replace. I recommend using a wide-mouthed plastic straw which won't melt or a small glass tube.

Immediate effects: After the first vape, I notice effects on the lungs and chest/head area. It is a sort of weight and might even be more difficult to breathe because of the absorption of moisture---dry mouth. After about 20 minutes, someone who is new to CP5 will be completely high using the said amounts, using said method, and it will NOT be good. See the first-time user section for more information.

When Compared to Weed: My experience with marijuana is limited, but enough to note distinct similarities between it and CP5. One thing that’s obvious is dry mouth---just like with pot, I get dry mouth. Just like with pot, I think alternatively and laugh at everything because I am curious. Aside from what you have read in this section, I know of no other significant difference---I enjoy CP5 as a replacement for marijuana and I’m perfectly satisfied. CP 55,940 is much more potent than the average quality of weed. It’s basically like hash. I have read from other reports that it is smoother and less psychedelic than marijuana, which makes sense since it’s an engineered research chemical while pot is a plant with many subtle variables/ingredients to it.

The Sweet Spot: It takes some practice to maximize efficiency of using CP5 on foil. I light the lighter away from the foil spoon so that I can control the speed the temperature under the powder increases by slowly bringing the lit flame over to the spoon. I should not place it directly on the foil because the area above a flame is the hottest; I hold it so the top of the flame touches the spoon. If I am lucky, I will find the sweet spot---a mini-atmosphere of pure CP5 vapors---they are white, and all I have to do is inhale from the cloud as if drinking from a glass of lemonade. When I have found the sweet spot (which normally exists only once per pile since the majority is vaporized while its creating that cloud), I remove the flame quickly because the foil will stay lit by itself. I give it about 3 seconds of making that white cloud before removing the flame. While I inhale, the atmospheric cloud will remain there the entire time, and a slight flame will remain under the foil. It may even ignite, which is fine---I just put it out by waving my hand in front of it. With the first vaping cycle---10mg---I was able to find the sweet spot 3 times since its plenty of powder to form that cloud.

First-Time-User Warning – Twice now I have experienced something one will want to avoid with first time use. Since I am quite experienced, I had an individual vaporize an amount close to 5mg. I figured that one hit would be plenty since they are new. Well, one hit of even 5mg is too much. Both individuals reported trouble breathing (nothing severe, just unpleasant), and mind going a mile a minute and just not ideal. It went completely away for both of them, so if this happens there is no emergency; just wait it out. When I first tried it, I used just a speck of powder because I knew nothing about it. Using specks of powder until effects are noticed is what I would recommend for a first-time user---get a feel for it the first time, don’t be stupid.

Withdrawal Warning – If one becomes an avid user of CP5, then withdrawal could become an issue. I have enjoyed binges of CP5 which were quite, but the first day without CP5 was very difficult. Insomnia is the primary symptom. Temperature sensitivity increases and palms may be sweaty throughout the entire day. To deal with this, I just try to live healthily---drink plenty of water, get in bed early and take sleeping meds to ensure enough rest, paying attention to temperature and adjusting to make it the most comfortable. Having someone to talk about depression with can help. The worst of withdrawal I noticed only the first couple days and only after doing a minimum of 30mg daily for over 2 months. So withdrawal is not an issue unless one is going to revolve one's life around CP5 for a period of a month or longer, like I did.

Generic Chronography

The weather outside is perfect (70F+, sunny) and it’s almost the same temperature outside as in---such an environment makes this experience better. I’m also caught up with personal responsibilities/at peace with everything---makes it better.

2:20PM – Consumed .5 tbsp enhanced Bali kratom powder
2:45PM – Effects of kratom obvious (which means I am feeling very good and at peace with everything---very similar to codeine if you haven’t tried kratom), beginning work on 10mg of CP5 (vaporizing from foil)
First hit – extremely good first hit, good enough to note here
2:52PM – I have vaped twice, both were sweet spots. Going to have a cigarette now. The effects of the kratom are somewhat hidden by the effects of the CP5, but its subliminal effect is enough to create a more ideal recreational experience than CP5 alone.

3:00PM – I just finished typing the “withdrawal warning” section of this report. I feel absolutely perfect---kratom effect is prevalent/perfect, CP5 effect is absolutely perfect, as expected. I will continue to vape and smoke cigarettes throughout the night. Most likely I will not redose on kratom---the initial hit of the day is where I enjoy kratom the most since its effects are not yet as muddled by the CP5. I will not update anymore unless something interesting happens. End of report.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 76759
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 10, 2009Views: 30,714
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