Stimulating Sensuality
by Vaya
Citation:   Vaya. "Stimulating Sensuality: An Experience with BZP, MDA & MDMA (exp76766)". Aug 8, 2009.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral Various (pill / tablet)
  T+ 4:00 0.5 tablets insufflated MDMA (ground / crushed)
  T+ 6:00 0.5 tablets insufflated MDMA (ground / crushed)
Dose Time: 4:50 PM 2/3/2009

I am a 22 year old poly-drug using college student. I've had my fair share of experiences with just about any material out there in the psychonautic world of substances. I also have had a healthy and productive day prior to taking the first pill. My mindset was generally positive; the setting, my oh-so-comfortable apartment watching snow fall gently to the pavement outside in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania. What begins as a brightly lit room quickly becomes an orgiastic feast for the senses with an array of multi-colored lights, candles, aromatherapeutic incense and a well-oiled hookah. The stage is set, the time is 4:50 PM, and I swallow the single green pill containing BZP and MDxx with a glass of water. I have eaten one bagel prior to ingesting the pill, perhaps one and a half hours earlier.

[Erowid Note: While it may be that the substance described is pure MDMA, Ecstasy/Molly tablets and powders are notoriously impure, misrepresented, or adulterated. Ecstasy sold in retail contexts such as festivals or parties often contain chemicals other than MDMA.]

I first encounter the typical antsy and nervous feeling in my stomach. I have noticeably sweaty palms and gastrointestinal activity is mildly present. My mood is slightly improved as well as is my mobility, but these may be placebo symptoms. A general feeling of raciness to my thinking and writing is made explicit. I am content DJ'ing and studying alone in my room for the time being. An affinity for reading is not normally present with MDMA for me. At this point, it is a suspected side-effect of the BZP. It should be noted that I am extremely thirsty and am urinating frequently.

Indeed, this feels very similar to an average dose (~115-135mg) of MDMA. Being the first test with the BZP material, I've no reference point with which to guess the pill's content of BZP. The pill as a whole dose generally feels like a mix between MDMA and Dextroamphetamine - the main reference substance used when BZP dosage ranges are given. Pronounced mood lift at this point, a strong +1, perhaps +1.5 merely twenty-five minutes after dosing. I am impressed throughly with the smoothness of the come-up of this material. Methamphetamine does not appear to make itself apparent in this pill, and I am thankful for it. I must attribute this feeling of overwhelming pleasantness, moreso than strictly MDMA, to the combination of BZP + MDMA.

This is prime material. I haven't felt this clear, bodily speaking, and this acute, mentally speaking, on any MDxx derivative in years. BZP is a superb, superb complement to MDMA. Despite being Schedule 1 in the United States, I would recommend users of Ecstasy in other cultures, namely that of New Zealand where BZP can be bought legally and cheaply, to accompany their MDxx experiences with a touch (not too much!) of BZP. The euphoria is intense and extremely rewarding, and I've only just hit the thirty minute mark. More pronounced thirst and exceedingly sweaty palms are accompanying these psychological and physiological responses. The urge to pass gas is overwhelming, and I obviously indulge the sensation, being that I am alone and unrestricted.

I am experienced with all MDxx derivative compounds, to the point where I am able to subjectively determine which one I have ingested based on its physiological and psychological effects. This being the case, I would hasten to wager that this particular pill, whilst heavily influenced by the presence of BZP, is not MDMA; rather, I suspect it to be a combination of MDA and MDMA. Visually, I am experiencing substantially more than what pure MDMA is able to offer. MDE does not produce this effect. Because, of the three primary MDxx derivatives (MDA, MDMA & MDE), MDA is my favorite, I am very much enjoying this ride. Writing is more pleasant than usual, and I am able to focus clearly on any task I put my mind to. It is a remarkable feeling! An easy +2.5 has thus been achieved.

The body load is intense, just like with MDA. However, the BZP is contributing to an even clearer state of mental well-being than can be achieved with MDMA/MDA alone. Everything clearly feels absolutely divine to the touch. A shower might be in order soon to more fully extract the physical pleasure from this combination of materials. Music is taking on an ethereal, almost extraterrestrial quality in that it simply sounds *so* incredible. If I had more of this exact combination of MDMA and BZP, I would not be quick to get rid of it. This is too precious a discovery.

In the space of fifteen minutes I dealt with diarrhea and a scalding shower. The diarrhea was expected - it was more of a question of when than whether or not it would come. The shower was nothing short of the definition of Ecstasy itself. I let out a few bemused moans of joy as the hot water splashed against my skin - no doubt setting off a frenzy of pleasure-receptor activity in my brain. I enjoyed washing myself, and felt a stronger sense of intimacy with my own physical image than I usually do. I am more accepting of myself and even of other people, though none exist around me at the moment. An uncanny appreciation of all things living and once-living has washed over my feeble mind. I am at one. This is the spice of life. It is truly chemical joy.

I ditch the electronic music for the time being and place an old live Phish album into my computer. It's playing through a nice stereo with subwoofer capability and I am enjoying myself beyond the realm of spoken and/or written word to continue at the moment. Splendor is a trifling word that comes to mind, but it ceases there.

BZP adds the most prolific level of clarity to absolutely everything I am doing. I LOVE it.

At this point I am enjoying myself far too much to occupy my time with the schoolwork that I was so involved in. I have placed it aside. Dancing, MOVING, feels like the most freeing veil lifted from my body. I am no longer restrained by the physical. The mental has been most free for quite a period of time already. Dibs for one of the best rolls I've had in the past four to five years, this one!

I have simply been sitting here, in comfy sweatpants on my plum-colored sofa, laptop in hand, eyes closed and letting the music take me away. Guitar is such a divine instrument when played well. Being a DJ and drummer myself, I've never felt such an appreciation for another piece of music equipment before in my life. If I had taken this pill in a different, namely more stimulating environment such as a rave, I would be all about moving, dancing and socializing. As it stands, I'm so content merely sitting and feeling and thinking that I haven't once reached for my cigarettes, nor even though about doing so. A rarity for me, though now that I have written of them, I shall indulge.

My god, what a cigarette!

I yearn to be nude.

I am nude. =)

Realizing that my roommate is due back soon, I don clothing again. But it was excellent. The cigarette smoke felt like vanilla coating my esophagus and nasal passages, though it was just a typical cigarette. I find such pronounced synesthesia with MDA. I believe this is why it is my favorite of the three primary MDxx compounds. BZP is an incredible adjunct to any MDxx compound! The clarity, oh, the clarity of this ride has been unparalleled. I am riding a wicked high at this point that shows no sign of leading me anywhere but a bit further up. As far as MDxx goes, an easy +3 at this point. And off of a single dose!

I'm enjoying this so much, I find that I do not know what to do with myself. I cannot contain my enthusiasm, but the Set and Setting dictate that I remain relatively stationary for the time being. I'm yawning frequently; probably to combat what little jaw tension there is. No eye wiggles, no fluttering or racing heart. This is somewhat surprising since BZP, a pipazarine, strictly mimics the effects of MDMA, methamphetamine and amphetamine. As a hybrid compound, it does nothing but add wonderful sensations to the raging MDMA/MDA mixture coursing through my veins.

Writing is liberating. I enjoy it so much, but for the past several months have not been able to find the drive to derive the pleasure from written word I once experienced. It is back now, and I am hoping to harness this enthusiasm past the peak of this experience. I hope, without reservation, to translate it somehow into my daily practices just as it used to be.

It is a cliche, I realize, to describe music on Ecstasy. Anyone who has taken an MDxx compound will know straight away what I mean. However this appreciation for music is so superb, I honestly say that it supersedes the realm of what is 'normal' for an MDxx user. My body, courtesy of the strong MDA presence in this particular pill, is a vehicle for heavenly sensations to caress every fabric of my being. My lips taste sweet; my pupils are just about as dilated as I've ever seen them on any substance I've ever ingested.

To illustrate the unusual clarity of the speediness of BZP, the last paragraph I wrote took me precisely three and a half minutes to type.

I keep drinking water sparingly. Every breath I take sends shockwaves of pleasure rushing down the surface of the skin on my limbs. Breathe to feel good? I'll take it any day. I'm so content just being, although I feel somewhat lonely. I tend to thrive off of the presence of others, and this drug is no exception. I eagerly await the arrival of either my roommate or of other friends sot hat I can speak some of this blissful energy out of myself. Music is immeasurably heightening my euphoria, and so I think I'll take five and just 'be.'

Began chatting with a good friend online and am simultaneously writing this.

Time is flying! One of my good friends, who has been staying with me for nearly two weeks now, is leaving for New York City tonight in inclement weather. I gladly assisted in packing the car with her, despite the chill. Entering the outside environment was beautiful: The snow on the ground shimmered, but moreso did the snow falling from the sky! What a wondrous sight. What a wondrous night. I've plateaued at a healthy +3 and am entertaining thoughts of re-dosing on an unrelated tablet of purported MDMA content.

My roommate just got in. We're going to pack a bowl of shisha in our glass hookah and smoke to our heart's content.

I had been at the same level for about an hour when I made the decision to split another tablet of 130mg MDMA in half and insufflated it. I don't feel much of a difference in consciousness, simply a yearning to be even higher. To spoil myself. And spoil, I shall!

I feel much more alert. Much, much moreso than ten minutes ago. This pill is pure MDMA, no additives such as caffeine, ephedrine, methamphetamine or BZP in this one. The euphoria has risen, and in terms of Ecstasy, I'm on a rising +3.5. Speaking with my roommate is exceedingly pleasurable - It's very nice to have someone to relate my thoughts with.

I'm just filled with sheer joy. This is Ecstasy at it's best. The BZP is still running strong, and the combination of MDA, MDMA and BZP is strictly profound in its ability to have me talking, relating and empathizing. extended period of time passes....

I can feel that I'm headed down at this point. The raging ecstatic lush of the previous hours has faded into a most pleasant afterglow. I have resumed DJ'ing and am conversing with my good friend and roommate. Morale is high. I insufflated the other half-MDMA tablet about 1 hour ago and am still slightly rushing from it. A pure MDMA pressed pill is a rarity these days, and I'm thankful for its presence in boosting an already phenomenal ride. I still retain such focus, unlike that which I have experienced on prior MDxx trips. I attribute it, thus, to the wonderful BZP that seems to still be working actively in my system. My limbs are warm, my heart is fresh and my spirit is lively.

My conclusion after completing this experience is that MDxx and BZP complement one another almost in perfect synergy; neither overpowers the other's unique effects. When I felt BZP and MDxx running in tandem with one another, I felt what it was to be creatively free - and spiritually ecstatic.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 76766
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 8, 2009Views: 29,685
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