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New Frontiers
Cacti - T. pachanoi
by D. Haskell
Citation:   D. Haskell. "New Frontiers: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi (exp76774)". May 3, 2018.

8 in oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (liquid)


New Frontiers, an intense San Pedro Trip

Since a trip to Venezuela one year ago to learn about plant shamanism, Id planned to continue my research using the ancient plant tools of enlightenment as my own guide. The reason Iíve choose the San Pedro Cactus (Trichocereus pachanoi) is mostly because it is readily available to order online where as peyote and psilocybin mushrooms are illegal to purchase.

As you are reading this document and feel the images deeply as Iíve seen them in this past weekends travel, I wish you will write me a letter describing either your own discoveries from the other side or your desires to participate in a new way to think and live within a working global village which doesnít have a flag, a country, a race, and doesnít support industries of warfare as our current communities do.

My intention for communicating this is that my lifeís path have given me the tools of writing, filming, speaking, and experiencing the unseen. Like most of you, Iím not yet inherently clairvoyant or telepathic, or inclined with abilities which seem to be gifted as one goes further into the rabbit hole.

The cactus relative to Peyote, San Pedro requires the traveler to consume the whole plant where as one usually consumes only the buttons of the Peyote plant. This why many people cook down the San Pedro in order to evaporate the water and reduce the alkaloids into a more concentrated easier to consume quantity. Iíd discovered a post on a blog the night before heading out where someone, who claimed to have lots of experience, recommended the importance of consuming the synthesis of all properties with in the cactus. As a minimalist, and assuming many natives would eat the cactus whole and raw, I proceeded to cut out just the spins.

BTW, it is legal to buy or grow San Pedro but illegal to process or consume it. So what Iím telling you is that Iím breaking the ďlawĒ and will be happy to take all consequences for my sacred duty to consume this medicine. If this country wants to prosecute people for feeding their minds Ill be happy to go to another place on earth where the law of the land is more respectful.

Friday night I packed a sleeping bag, box of some food for after the trip, abalone shell, sage, tobacco, candle, peace pipe, a blender, soy milk, and honey to blend with the cactus. I set out with bags slung over the shoulder including the video camera. I decided to leave the bike and walk to the bus stop with the armload of support items. The energy on the bus was kind of low. Everyone was frowning and I wished that I could have ridden the bike. I was running behind and a little scattered trying to get to my amigo Jackieís place who would join me for the trip. Once Id transferred to the other bus stop for the last leg, I had a terrible realization. Id left the bag with the blender, incense, tortillas for the humus, and a small portion of cactus on the other bus. It was long gone by the time Id realized. Mind over matter, it was time to focus and not let it get to me. After all there was another blender in our trailer up there so Id have to go with out the other things. Before I got off the bus a guy came up and asked me for my classical guitar and I was sort baffled and figured, ask and he shall receive. I like to gift guitars and see how they find there way back around.

Id not intended to dose until the morning. The temperature dropped down quite a bit and Jackie had left assuming I wasnít coming. I laid down in her rock garden, crawled into the sleeping bag, and tried to get a good nights rest for the big day tomorrow. There was a constant stream of helicopters, which several times would pass right over me. It was too cold for my sleeping bag, so I picked up everything and moved over to Grease Lighting (my truck) down by the barn where its being stored. It was still very hard to sleep with cold legs and feet and the neighborís dog was barking constantly. I thought this is the sacrifice I must make in order to see the light. Finally I awoke warm as could be with the sun beaming into the cab. I walked up to Jackieís and knocked on her door several times but she didnít come. So I started looking for a jug to carry water. It was recommended to drink lots of water throughout the trip. Jackieís tap was pure mountain spring water, which tastes great and bound to be full of minerals. I was beginning to wonder if she had changed her mind and went for another try. Knocking this time she came to the door smiling. I was very happy that the universe was realigning its self. She kindly offered some grape juice and rice milk as a mixer or chaser. I dug out the brand new blender that my roommate John in New Orleans had given me for my birthday. It was all wet because the lid to the olive drum itís been stored in had a big crack. Jackie reminded me to let it sit in the sun and dry so the circuits wouldnít short which proved correct as it did fire right up after drying out.

She brought out a beautiful wing of a large bird. We smudged each other from her abalone shell filled with sweet grass and ghost sage. Smudging is purification exercise done by Native Americans where I fan the smoke over all parts of my body and have some else sweep my back. While doing it, I try to say thank you's or just focus on positive thoughts. Then we both did the same thing over the cactus blessing our medicine. I cut the six 8 inch pieces of about 1/12 to 2 inch width into slices. I filled the blender half way w/ slices of raw de spined cactus and added water and desert mesquite honey, which is divine. I made two batches like that and one with grape juice. We were limited on vessels to carry the brew in so we both decided to drink the third batch and get the magic going. The blend was very foamy. Even with the juice, the cactus is quite strong. Itís sort of bitter but not too bad really. Everything was feeling great about this day. Id brought some gonga (cannabis) and was smoking and gathering lots of good strong energy. The sun and sky was presenting a crystal clear, spectacular day. A friend/neighbor was blasting some Traffic and the music was just right.

So we gathered everything and headed up the trail towards this secret spot just up the hill. The ranch is located at the edge of suburbia and thick with trees insulating out the urban noise pollution. It is especially quiet between here and the top of the mountain. We found the main drive way and hiked around to the old wooden bridge where I followed her down into the ravine proceeding uphill along the creek bead.

By the time we got there I was feeling totally in awe of Mother Nature. Iíd speculate this was 11am. The trip had begun and had already sharpened my eyes to the immaculate scene all around. Not far past the bridge, I had to taste the creak water and notice as much of the microbiology that was so alive in this ecosystem. It was totally natural untouched by humans. Coming from the concrete jungle, I was as receptive as a sponge to water. A little ways up we found a tiny waterfall emitting a soft trickling sound. We both sat there meditating awhile. I began listening to nature carefully and my breathing as well. A little further we found a mound of little white feathers and Jackie got so excited. We collected a few and thanked the mysterious bird that had left them. Continuing on she lead me up from the ravine to an old rusted gate leading up a paved driveway of someoneís home which had been closed up for many years. The sagebrush and many varieties of semi desert plants, which had completely taken over requiring us to climb through the brush. I felt like we were bound to the secret garden. The sage has a wonderful smell and it felt good to be in the wild with branches scratching the legs.

Then it opened up a bit and we were under a canopy of low trees and stands of cactus all around. We walked out into a yard of perfect grass and oak trees behind an old white stucco one-story house. The place was totally manicured naturally. The grass was soft green and flowing but only about eight inches tall. Around the front there was the huge view of the whole mountain rage. It was so clear that even with the city smog I could see downtown La and all the way down to San Diego. There was a wide-open front porch and a huge bay window with a birdís nest built up behind drawn curtains. On the side of the house there was an amazing cactus that grew six feet tall and had perfect symmetry and arrow patterns in its flesh. There where crystals and amazing stones all over the place. I sat down on the concrete porch breathing deeply in and out through the nose taking it all in. Jackie came around with a hand full of wild looking stones and gifted me one that truly blew my mind. It ripples with warm colors and hosts a blanket of tiny crystals, which appear to still be growing.

I love the energy that crystals seem to collect. I knew this gift from my friend was an important tool. She noticed a couple of birds that had become fearful as they were crashing into the windows in the north facing room of the house with lots of light. I decided to remove the rest of the glass pain that sheíd already half broken out so the birds could get loose in another room. She said there was an alarm that theyíre set off before as soon as she stood on the floor so we couldnít do a rescue. I donít know if the birds made it out because I forgot to check on them before I left. I told her later that when I looked toward the windows, it seemed like they were gone. I have a memory of walking by it and only from a distance did I not see anything flying around. I believe based on how profoundly beautiful this trip was, that the birds slipped out of their confusion.

In the back yard under a nice canopy was a wooden bench built with latticework raked back for reclined viewing of the spectacular show. The white paint had worn off and itís wood grayed from pure sunlight and plant residues from overhanging trees. The scene from there is perfect heaven as the light radiates pure white light in patterns on the grass and through the trees. Sitting there in mother natures radiance, I didnít even realize what I do now which is that I created those images or those images came through my sixth sense, or third eye perhaps, and manifested all of that in front of my five senses. I said thank you to everyone who had participated in this journey.

Jackie gave me another gift by describing the flowering tree ceremony, a Native American practice as well. I took notes in my journal but wasnít really to perform it. Ill wait to describe it to you once Iíve asked the tree.

Jackie walked around a bit longer and found a few beautiful feathers. She felt great and had enough medicine because her system is sensitive to it and doesnít require much. She decided to head back down to her home.

I realized how much cleansing Iíve still got to do despite the fact that Iím felling so clean. My diet is vegan with an egg once in awhile and all organic. My eyes are far clearer than ever, I donít feel any shame or regret, only love for the vision of our lives to become grand in harmony with mother earth.

During magic hours around sunset I lay in the grass at the base of the tree sprawled out with Buddha joy. The grass was vibrating or growing and reaching out emitting spays of electricity. Looking up, the trees near and far where emitting this mist of current like fountains. Their branches and leaves were forming intricate origami patterns with a collidescoping movement. Each tree with its own unique shimmering silhouette on a naked deep backdrop. Itís all love I thought again. Each tree vibrating and flowing as if a silent slow motion breeze was running through them.

As darkness fell I soon discovered the depth beyond the sun-shadowed landscape. Remaining un distracted or analytical I was amazed at how quiet and temperate my whole world was with the remaining gulps of green sludgy cactus juice cursing through my veins. Id intentionally drank it slowly throughout the day trying to avoid an upset stomach, which never became an issue. This proved to be a nice mellow ascension. Id been cleansing and praying for this moment, for this night to reveal its grandeur.

While lying back in the lattice, the moonlight got very focused with purple or violet and white light. I new something was knocking. I stepped out from the shadows and the ďmoonĒ was an oscillating half crescent with a spiral at one end. Its light shaft was streaming into my retinas as the spectrum of color in a luminescent fog with flares descending toward me and then hovering right above at the height of a tall tree. When Id look away for a minute it would return to a blurry glowing half crescent reflecting images of soft photographic smiling faces. It would then always descend slowly, very delicately. I saw it stretch out like a long slender balloon of white yellowish light sprayed from two finite points at opposite ends. These tips or points seemed to be the source of the electrical wash. Sometimes the spray was erratic with sparks pealing off. Twice it formed a mouth wide open and you could see all of the electrical circuits woven with the whole light spectrum flickering through tenticals, pulsing like a heart beat. The tentacles or fiber optic sort of tubes supported the concentrated light arks. Out of the mouth was pure white light with a fine edge. All I could do was focus on that light and ask it to connect with me. I asked everyone observing to come enjoy the spectacle.

There where many points of light in deep space that moved into position as this first unfolded. The entire sky and air space in between everything right up to my skin vibrated enough to catch a one second glimpse of the ever-present streams of clear tubes. This illusive surge affected my sense of touch giving a quick feather brush as it rippled by. It affected my hearing as the sound of water in a hose gargled by. It was a like an electrical surge in the matrix which gives me a clear picture of what the wind looks like.

Twice the light formed a small ball descending down very close with out a sound. It was cupped by the conduit. As it articulated down, there was an effect as if someone stuck their hand into the other side of the night sky. Some of the constellations where in movement. Some stars where no longer fixed but whirling. It looked like an inverted planet out there.

Its still taking me awhile to grasp out there and in there because by my recent assertions, Im looking at the vitality of inner technologies. Its a huge radical shift in paradigm.

Several times the moon would appear like a weird half moon and then descend as a worm or articulating column crawling and emitting light spectrums into my receptors. Each event was totally stunning and I remained thankful for its presence. With wide eyes popping out id whisper for it to speak to me.

Then perhaps the most intense display occurred. I think it was perhaps what we call an angel because the light spun off into a smaller fairy like form and radiated with brilliant white light. It came so close and emitted pure love. I remain stunned looking at these images in my head. This is a phenomenon unlike any before.

One the whole, San Pedro is very mellow and blissful. It lasted for 12 to 15 hours and the visuals where strongest around six to 10 hours in. I chewed on slices of the cactus throughout the day while drinking the blend. I believe this was a not a heavy dose or a light dose but balanced. I was totally present the whole time unlike a heavy mushroom experience where one departs this world.

I want to thank my sister Lainie for the candle and tobacco. These two items were key because the candle was my light source and the tobacco was a gift of energy dispersing and vortexing up. I spent alot of time breathing into the abalone shell stoking up the coal which released the spirit. This practice seemed to focus my mind and breathing which is a critical component of meditation.

Is the reason we donít see ourselves as divine beings is because humanity is wearing spectacles that are cloudy? Once you have cleansed your glasses, then the web of connectivity unfolds. As the sun, we are portals of pure light (love) projecting through this 3d electrical field assembling consciousness, assembling love, assembling balance amoung all natural systems. Just as we would make our own house efficient, clean, and flowing with chi.

Thank you again for engaging. With Love DH

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 76774
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 3, 2018Views: 774
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