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First Time, Kinda Unbelievable
Citation:   Stupid Kid. "First Time, Kinda Unbelievable: An Experience with Cocaine (exp76823)". Nov 15, 2019.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    repeated insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)
Okay, I apologize if this isn't the best, I'm not very good at english haha. Anyways I was about maybe 16 when this all took place. I don't remember whether it was in the early summer or early fall. I always smoked a lot of weed with my buddys, into a lot of drinking aswell, I would probably smoke atleast 3 or 4 joints every couple hours, drinking 40's every weekend at parties, I was into doing a bit of other stuff, I did e for a good couple months, finally got out of it, kinda got boring. I ways always hearing my buddy's stories of when they were on coke, and how much of a good time it could be. I remember walking into the school washroom and my good friend (lets call him T) came out of the stall and I looked at him and was like 'what the fuck did you just do bro?, your face is so fucking red!' he looked at me and kinda smiled and said, 'man I got handed all this white and I didn't know what to do with it! I sniffed a whole bunch but I had some left over so I just like shovled it down my throat, I thought a fucking teacher was coming, fuck'. I was thinking, holy fuck hes going to be so fucked up.

That night I went to his place, he told me he had a bit left over, and I was totally into trying it, I mean I've heard so much good stuff! anyways, I'd say he had about maybe a line half the size of a tooth pick left over. We went into his garage, and I sniffed that up thinking it was going to burn so bad, but to my surprise it went up with realistically no effort at all. I sat there for a couple of minutes and I looked at T and I said 'man what the fuck is this, I don't feel anything'. I remember feeling a bit more energetic, but thats about it. I got a bit frusturated and drove home. That night all I could think about was that white, I was so much more interested into really doing a lot and seeing what it would be like. So the next day at school I was talking to T and we were thinking about splitting an 8-ball that weekend. I knew a guy, who know a another guy from the city that could get his hand on it for 180, we were totally in for that price. It took a few days before we finally got it. My friend, we'll call him J he knew the guy from the city that had the connection, they toured down and picked it up friday night. Me and T were just chilling at my house, smoking a few bongs, a joint here and there, just waiting on J to fucking get there. Finally around 10:30 he shows up gets out, I was so excited I ran outside, 'hey bro! fuck took you long enough, did you get it!?' he said to me 'of course I did, what do you think were some fucking amteurs?' and I just laughed.

We went inside and do a quick little line and hop in the car and head to T's. In the car ride I wasn't feeling to much, just a little bit talkitive and happy, which I really liked. We chill in T's room for a bit, get the blow nice and chopped up, and in a nice container. At this point it was probably 11:30 at night, I was coming down, and didn't really want to be around of people, but regardless I couldn't get that coke off my mind, I just wanted to get out into the garage and do a nice line and see where it takes me. I was a stupid kid I know, I never knew the real effects of this powerful drug. Anyways finally we get it chopped up and ready to go. T made me this line, I swear I thought I would OD, it was massive, regardless I built of the courage, and started snorting and stopped half way threw because I couldn't handle anymore. T finished it off. I sat there for a few minutes and I just thought to myself, fuck I hope this shit works I didn't spend almost 100 dollars for nothing. Then I just had this wierd senestion to just talk, and I was very very energetic.

I remember within 15 minutes, I felt like I was everything I wanted to be? I kept asking J if he wanted some, he was just sitting there smoking weed and chilling out. He would always say 'nah man, I never put shit up my nose, thats too far bro'. I was like 'alright buddy youre really missing out'. We sat in his garage and did line after line, I remember we were talking about everything. I remember saying some of the things I would never tell people in a million years, but what did I care? I was everything I wanted to be as soon as that white stuff went up that bill and into my nose, I was the best person in the world, I felt like I could do anything! It was about maybe 3 in the morning, J was went to bed, probably thinking were the biggest fuck ups. As soon as he left I looked at T and said 'man are those bikes?! dude lets totally go for a little rip'. We honestly thought it was the best thing to do at that time. Even though it was like 3 in the morning, but what did we care? We were on blow! We could do anything. Anyways back to the point were racing around the little subdivision.

Finally T said something like 'dude this is fucking boring, lets go to the plaza'!. So we biked down there, just right fucked on this blow, and now that I think about it, it was pretty good fucking coke. We get there just biking around like fucking idiots. Like how sketchy did we look? two 16 year olds biking around the parking lot, super fast and talking nonstop. Finally we thought 'k lets go behind and do a couple bumps off our hands'! As we were biking back out front, I glaced back at the doors of the Scotia Bank and saw a fucking body just laying there, I looked twice and it was still there, I thought what the fuck? I never knew you saw shit on coke, this is fucked up man I don't like this! I looked at T and said 'dude do you see that fucking guy on the floor of the Scotia Bank?' he replied 'what the fuck man is he fucking dead? holy fuck what do we do'?!. I looked at the Tim Hortons and said to T 'should we go in? should we tell them that there is some guy, either dead, or dying on the bank floor?' I remember thinking did this place just get robber? was that a fucking janitor holy fuck!. Finally after talking about it for almost 20 minutes, we raced over to the Tim Hortons and I ran in and screamed 'omg, I think there is someone in that Scotia Bank that is either dead, or dying, please call an ambulence!' I remember waiting around for a couple minutes and it arriving. They wanted me to go open the door and see if he would respond. I was way to scared to do that, and I was really fucked up on coke still.

I remember T was talking to these fucking parametics like there were bestfriends. I looked at him and whisper 'man what the fuck are you doing? lets get the fuck out of here cops are going to be here soon, and I think its pretty obvious that were fucked up on something' so we raced back to T's house, sat in his garage for about 3 hours, line after line, just not feeling it anymore, couldn't get enough of it, I wanted to snort it all in one line, but there was way to much left! We finished about 3/4 of that ball, by this time we have talked about everything and everything. I remember holding my knee down because it would not stop shaking, infact I kinda like it haha, anyways the sun was coming up, and I really wanted to get home but I had no way, I just wanted to crash in my own bed, safe. I said to T 'I think we should call it a night buddy, I'm gonna do a little bump and bike home, I'll bring your bike back tomorrow bro'. 'Whatever dude, peace'. I biked home, by this time I was coming down hard, I my heart was racing, and I could just tell I way over did it. I made it home after about an hour of straight fast biking. By this time I had a huge headache, I was really tired and my nose felt like it was going to fall off. But I didn't care I was at home, I was safe, and all I wanted was sleep. It took me about I'd say until 8:40 the next morning to fall asleep. I found what I hated the most was not being able to sleep. I couldn't see my self doing coke everyday, I don't like the comedown at all. I get to a point where I don't want anything do to with the drug. Even weeks after I think to myself, whats the point? I feel amazing, then it's gone and 20 minutes, and I feel just fucking horrific. It's a good time, but totally not worth the comedown.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 76823
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 15, 2019Views: 1,164
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