Stimulated, Alert, Socially Loose
MDPV & Alcohol
Citation:   anotherman. "Stimulated, Alert, Socially Loose: An Experience with MDPV & Alcohol (exp76899)". Mar 23, 2009.

  15 mg oral MDPV
  15 mg oral MDPV
  15 mg oral MDPV
  15 mg oral MDPV
Ok, here is a night on MDPV. All doses are oral.

I wish I could give you an Aldous Huxley experience, but with this substance I am not sure if it exists, so take it for the data someone can learn from it.

I dose at 2230 with 15 milligrams, my scale is off, but I know it is close.

The comeup is slow, I already have been drinking nearly pure alcohol and have a slight buzz. I dose with a friend at the same time so I will use him for reference.

I am very familiar with drugs, and the frequency of my use and my lack of a reason to view drugs negatively has led to me using a lot of drugs, many varieties and I am not afraid to try anything new. This rate of usage, or should I say 'poly-substance abuse' has given me great familiarity with how each drug works on me. My nearly obsessive interest on how drugs work makes me find out how they actually work on all portions of the nervous system and ends up giving me ammo to fight the potential dangers of usage. (And I add save lives of other uneducated users)

But back to the chemical. First time ever with MDPV alone. I had it one time before pressed into an ecstasy like tablet with other beta ketones but never alone.

The comeup is slow. I get slight hints at first, a tingle in the back, it feels like muscle energy, where I want to move or at least stretch the muscle I feel it in. The hints feel like the very first alert of an MDMA come up. It takes me 30 minutes to get these.

At this point in time my friend is already feeling most of his dose. My friend is also 'sober' with one beer inside him. I almost redose but stop short because I want to give the substance some time before I say that I am naturally tolerant to it.

It takes about 15 more minutes for it to really take effect. The feeling is similar to the euphoria of an amphetamine and similar to the feeling of Ritalin (methylphenidate). It is enjoyable and I believe that without the alcohol I would also like it. After I came up fully I continued dosing as I felt necessary with small bumps.

I felt stimulated, pretty alert, and socially loose. I was energetic and talkative but not overly so. I could easily gain an interest in people and what they were saying, have a topic of discussion and hold it.

People were fun again. I was at a party and everyone was drinking, but I regained the interest in people, and best of all I enjoyed it.

My inhibitions were lowered, not horribly in the 'fuck without a rubber' sense, but I felt comfortable getting close to people, joking sexually, and much more comfortable with the opposite sex. I usually avoid ass slapping and lewd jokes, but I felt ok with them and was confident in my decision to be lewd. And to my surprise, people were ok with it...

I was definitely aroused with this substance, and intimacy would have been great. I definitely was ready to have some sexual encounter and this made be very flirtatious.

After about 60 milligrams total, I stopped taking it. It was about 0430 when I did. Insomnia happened, and the pleasure of nicotine stayed even though the outward stimulation and euphoria were gone. I still had mental stimulation till 0900 wanting to be creative and also awake.

At 0900 my head slightly ached, but very gently and it isn't distracting. I attribute this to lack of sleep, a slight dehydration and a lot of alcohol. The next day, I was a little tired and cloudy, but that is it.

On a side note, I checked my heart rate while laying down, and after four checks it averaged out to 95 beats per minute. I also experienced slight urinary retention, peeing less often but a larger volume.

Thanks for reading. Be safe, learn what you consume, and please learn life saving techniques, whether a car accident happens or something happens with whatever, you can save a life.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 76899
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 23, 2009Views: 37,754
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MDPV (377) : Large Group (10+) (19), General (1)

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