Kundalini Awakening
Meditation & Cannabis
Citation:   Daedalic. "Kundalini Awakening: An Experience with Meditation & Cannabis (exp76972)". Erowid.org. Oct 3, 2011. erowid.org/exp/76972

1 oral Cannabis (edible / food)
This all occurred about nine months ago. I used some notes I had written immediately after this experience to aid in my recollection.

In the month prior to the experience Iím about to describe, I ate psilocybin mushrooms for the first time and then three times afterwards, with each dose spaced about one week apart. The first three trips left me with a new more positive perspective on life along with increased motivation. The last trip was very physically unpleasant and left me in a state of ego loss/depersonalization, which lasted a week. Over the course of that week, despite feeling mentally lost, I continued on with my daily routines, which included eating a cannabis brownie every evening. I donít recall anything unusual about the highs the brownies gave me up to the point of my very odd experience.

Several hours after eating one of these brownies, I decided to do some meditation. I found a comfortable place to sit and began a mindfulness exercise. About ten minutes into it, my attention drifted toward my own body, and I began to focus on my ďbody highĒ. Somehow I managed to manipulate these sensations into an upward flow. Upon doing this I noticed a warm vibration at the base of my spine. This sensation reminded me of an article I had read on Kundalini months ago (which I had dismissed as BS at the time). So out of curiosity, I decided to direct all of my attention to the strange sensation.

As I focused, the vibration grew more intense and the heat grew hotter. The sensation began to rise and expand, moving slowly up my spinal column. The heat soon became excruciatingly intense, as though my internal organs had been set on fire. However for some reason, this did not disturb me. I continued to focus on the sensation, feeling compelled to direct it upward. The sensation reached my solar plexus, where it filled my chest cavity reaching the peak intensity of heat. Upon reaching my throat, the sensation cooled, the vibration increased, and the upward motion ceased.

With my throat vibrating, I took a brief respite, and then I directed the sensation upward again. The warm vibrations spread upward over my face and forehead and began to gather at the top of my head. Then I saw the image of a circle at the top of my head. Inside the circle there was darkness, and outside the circle were what appeared to be flames spiraling into the edge. Suddenly the floor beneath me seemed to disappear and I felt as though I was falling.

This sensation of falling startled me, so I pushed the sensation downward from the top of my head for a moment, leaving me firmly sitting on the floor again. Relieved, I pushed the sensation back upward. Again the floor disappeared from under me and I was falling. The circle loomed above me larger than ever and my frame of vision began to move into it. Upon entering the circle, my entire body became immersed in a blissful vibration.

Around me there was a kaleidoscope of pink and purple light arranged in a spiral ascending upward, full of indescribable patterns and intricacies. In the center of this spiral, against the backdrop of a brilliant white light, loomed a silhouette of a thin, human-like figure with six arms and an oddly shaped head, sitting in a meditative pose. Upon seeing this figure, my blissful vibration was quickly replaced by the feeling of being electrocuted throughout my body.

All the while, I continued to move upward, toward the strange figure. As I moved closer, a feeling of fear overtook me. Simultaneously, while having this out of body experience, my visual field expanded to include the inside of my own body as it filled with white light descending from the top of my head. My organs, blood vessels, tissues, and even cells all seemed to become visible to me as the white light moved downward, reaching the upper chest area. The feeling of fear intensified and quickly gave way to a feeling of impending doom.

Fearing certain death, I panicked and decided to abort the experience. I performed several hand gestures unknown to me (Iím not sure whether these gestures had significance or were simply the result of desperation on my part) and with all my willpower; I forcibly retraced my steps back out of the circle. The inner white light lifted back upward, the ground appeared back underneath me, and with the aid of hand movements, I quickly pushed the sensations down my spinal column, extinguishing them at the base of my spine. I was drenched in sweat, shaking and exhausted. The whole experience had lasted just a few minutes.

In the days following the experience, I was in a state of mental turmoil. I was overwhelmed with empathy. Just watching the news would bring me to tears. My ego would become overly inflated at times, and nearly non-existent at other times. Fortunately this soon stabilized and I felt relatively back to normal. However there were some changes. My reaction to cannabis became greatly intensified, giving me intense feelings of pressure along my spine and in the center of my forehead. This forehead pressure, which is intensified by cannabis, carries over to sobriety (even for weeks of it), and is present even as I type this.

Within the first couple months of this experience I was also plagued by muscle spasms that occurred mainly in my legs while I was lying down. In addition there were periods when the pressure in my forehead became so intense that I was completely unable to concentrate. There were also times when I experienced an intensification of this pressure that gave way to feelings of peace and euphoria, despite being completely sober.

Following this experience I did extensive research on Kundalini. I found that othersí experiences of Kundalini parallelled mine rather closely, including the after effects. I also found out that my Kundalini awakening was a rather violent one, probably due to the fact that I was under the effects of cannabis at the time. I have meditated while high since then and felt that same warm vibration at the base of my spine, though I havenít tried to focus on it.

Since my Kundalini awakening I have become less self-centered and my mind has become more clear of the random distracting thoughts that would normally be floating around, which I find to be quite peaceful.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 76972
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 3, 2011Views: 18,909
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