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Unzipping a Twisted Reality
Salvia divinorum (5x extract)
Citation:   JasonD. "Unzipping a Twisted Reality: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (5x extract) (exp77082)". Feb 11, 2016.

  smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
I acquired 4g or 4000mg of 5x salvia divinorum, after researching the effects. Every hour of research pointed to a 5x dose for a more pleasurable experience. This was concluded, since I had not found any stories or videos with 5x that portrayed a negative reaction. (Other than disappointment from lack of a reaction.)

Eagerly, for days I waited for it to be in my possession. When it had arrived, I did not hesitate to find a semi-suitable container with which to consume a trial sample. I was not exactly prepared for this trial, so my dose was going to be a mild 30mg of the dry 5x powder and flakes. I had to use a nail-head to cover the hole, so it would not be sucked into the pipe.

With the tiny quantity in the pipe, I quickly inhaled as the modest lighter ignited the substance. Initially, the taste was horrible, with flavors of 'other' material still present. The thick smoke was easily held deep inside my lungs for the thirty-second count.

Exhale, and nothing could be seen exiting my mouth. I began to feel something begin to happen. This was not a mild sensation, but it was not an epic one either. As I lay back in the couch, it felt as if the whole world began to fold into a 'V' shape. When the world stopped folding, it began to lift up, as it was perceived. I was no longer feeling as if I were in my body, which was in this altered world. The sensation was that I was three feet below where I actually was. In this instance, that would have placed me into the couch, or wall. The world felt as if it were pulled up, or I was pulled back from the world.

Without any perception of any lost time, the feeling ended as soon as it began. I had not made a note of the time, and it seemed right where I left it. I sat for a second, to see if this was the beginning or the end. It was the end.

I was not disappointed, but I was curious to see what would happen, with a larger dose, which might allow the world to continue folding. My anticipation was at ease, for the moment. I wanted to do this right, without placing myself in danger. (As this was done without a sitter, and a micro-dose, with all known potential harm removed from reachability.)

I did try to take a nap after this event, and the dreams were quite odd and vivid, and anticipated but unexpected. Nothing special, but more entertaining than just normal sleep. However, the nap only lasted for two hours. Now it was time for work.

It would be another day of waiting, before I was ready to try a larger dose. I purchased a nice basic glass water bubbler smoking pipe, and a mini-bubbler just for fun. To handle the powdery flakes, a few screens were also purchased. For a better activation burn, a torch-lighter was also purchased. Now all I needed was a sitter and a safe place to see what she would allow me to see.

My long day of work was rewarded with a coworker, who was curious to see if this would make me mad, or turn me into a hysterical vegetable. Ironically, he lives with another friend, who is around Alzheimers patients all day long. I am not sure how wise of an initial idea it was, as both guys can be rather insensitive at times of intoxication. To elaborate, they like to mess with intoxicated people, and those who are not of sound mind.

Both of them had seen the numerous videos, and had taken my cautions seriously about safety and sitting. There was no doubt in my mind, that I was safe with them. Or was there...

In preparation, I unpacked and unwrapped all my glassware. The dose was decided to be twice what I had before. Since I had a great pipe, great lighter, and a safety-net, but I was still unsure of a dose with this new setup. The loose dry leaves could barely cover the screen. If this was compressed, it would have been half the size of a fly. We all agreed that this was a safe first dose. However, I had four more prepared, if needed.

They moved the table away from the couch, which contained various non-harmful items. The box which held my new pipe, the bubble-wrap, a few magazines, my MP3 player, and two beers. I instructed them to remove the pipe and the lighter, after I took an enormous hit. It was amazing how fast this thing filled with thick smoke, as I made circular motions to heat the salvia. I tasted nothing harsh, and it all stayed down without effort.

Thirty seconds later, I exhaled, and began to feel the world form into a 'V' again...


Earlier, I ended a paragraph saying...
'There was no doubt in my mind, that I was safe with them. Or was there...'

I am not sure if it was doubt in my mind of safety, or just doubt about the salvia actually working. There was a reason that I prepared another three doses, and them watching me with curiosity was apparent. This may have played a role in what happened next.


The world did not stop after it reached the 'V' point. This is where I forgot that I had just exhaled, and felt as if hours had passed. I didn't forget a damn thing, this was my new world in front of me. My two friends were on opposite sides of me, sitting on side chairs, while I lay back on the couch. When the world formed into a 'V', and continued to form into a full wrapped wall of reality, my two friends were now one. They formed a giant zipper, behind the zipper was reality.

It seemed as if the salvia had not worked, and I felt as if they doubted it had worked, and as if I had to be going somewhere. At this same time, this new world was filling, by pouring out of this box I had sitting on the table. The room in this world seemed split and mirrored at the zipper, which I wanted to unzip. I seem to have stood up, and began to try to stuff the world back into the box, which it was pouring out of. Still, it was zipping up, and now spinning, and I realized it was not making sense now.

For a split second, while I was upside down, holding that box, time stopped. Now it began to rewind, exactly as it had played. All the things I managed to get into the box, spilled back out into this rewinding world. The spinning mirrored again, only this time it almost made sense to me. The zipper began to unzip, and the half-world slowly rotated and unfolded back into place.

It took a second to realize that I was not there, but back here again, and the rewinding had stopped. The fact of seeing it end with a different beginning than it had begun with, confused me a bit. Since it had rewound, I felt as if I should be back on the couch, exhaling, and awaiting to see what would happen...

I was handed a water bottle, but could not drink right away. It took my brain another five minutes to establish what just happened, and that it did actually happen, in my head. Though, it also happened in reality, to an extent. A giant smile broke across my face, as I realized I was not actually trying to go anywhere in reality. The water bottle shook in my hands, as I attempted to get a footing back on the reality I had briefly left for a moment.

Laughter, and the usual comments of, 'Whoa', 'That was...', 'What the...', 'No way', 'You don't understand...', 'I need a cigarette!'

I saw the box, packed with things which were falling out of it. My keys, my MP3 player, my salvia, bubble-wrap, two of the three magazines, and my doses were scattered across the table. No zipper in sight, but I now realized the loft and vaulted ceiling, from my view on the couch, was where the zipper formed. The portion of the house to the right, was not visible, as the portion to the left had mirrored onto that space, in my mind, where the zipper held reality securely away from my grasp.

I do not recall my friends, except when I heard one say, 'Where are you going?', and again, saying, 'It is over there.', as he used his Alzheimers psychology on me, to get me to sit back down. (This is when I felt the world begin to rewind, falling back into the couch, as he attempted to stop me from 'Going', as I seem to have replied.)

One hour later, it seems as if only five minutes have passed, and I still can't stop laughing, even as I write this.

I can easily see how someone could say... 'I'll never do that again.', or, 'I'll never do any drugs again.', or, 'We gotta get lots, and lots, and lots of this, and do it every day!'...

And I don't even think I got more than a micro-dose... Not sure what level that would be, as I did not 'See' things... It was what I saw, that was just twisted. (I believe the zipper was the zipper on my jacket, which I looked down at, for a second, as it overlapped the image of the room, and the twisting perception which did not match what my ear-drums were telling me was the direction of up.)

I am still trying to grasp all this...

This IS NOT like acid, in any way... This was only slightly alarming, in a good way. It is just weird, wonderful, enlightening, entertaining, and forgiving. When I did acid, minutes felt like days, and at times, I just wanted it to stop. With this, it is over by the time you realize what just happened, and you spend the next half hour piecing it all together. (For me.)

This IS NOT something you should ever try to trick someone into doing. That is cruel and unusual, and will instantly turn your friends into your enemies. They will find it as funny as date-rape, if you force this upon them, without them understanding what it is.

I am curious to know what would have happened with a larger dose. Perhaps now, I can allow the box to empty and fill the world which was on this side of the zipper. Now that I know I don't have anywhere I need to go, as I am already there. (Knowing it will unzip eventually. LOL, It has to go some time. That is why I unzip, to go!)

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 77082
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 11, 2016Views: 1,817
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Salvia divinorum (44) : General (1), Various (28)

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