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Magical Drug of Awesomeness
MDA? (Sold as Ecstasy)
Citation:   Mystical Dark Ally. "Magical Drug of Awesomeness: An Experience with MDA? (Sold as Ecstasy) (exp77084)". Aug 7, 2018.

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0.25 tablets oral MDMA
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So here's my experience with the 'magical drug of awesomeness', MDA.

I'd like to start off by saying I'm not much of a druggie. I never really had an interest in trying any 'hard' drugs. The only thing I've had an interest in has been psychedelics, mainly shrooms and acid, but wanting to save those for the right moment and when I'm older to have my first experience with them. My only experiences with drugs before-hand had been daily, heavily, marijuana smoking since about age 12. Also very occasional hydrocodone use and alcohol maybe once or twice a month.

It all happened one day while I was trying to score a quarter pound of marijuana so I could smoke a little for free and sell the rest and make a little bit of money in the process. But after talking with my dealer, this didn't seem like it was going to happen and I was pretty disappointed. But after a little talking I found out that he had a large quantity of ecstasy tablets and was willing to cut me a deal for very cheap. Now initially I refused the offer, because I didn't want to mess around with a 'hard' drug like that, and I had no intention of taking it. But, after some thinking I decided to take the offer because I could turn around and sell the tablets for alot more than I payed for them. So, I ended up with 10 tablets, (they're called exos where I'm from) a combination of Green, red, and yellow 'naked ladies'. After a while of trying to sell them and not having much luck, I was thinking about getting them refunded because I didn't really want them in my possession anymore, due to me being 15 and having snoopy parents. Luckily for me, I ended up keeping them. :)

It all started on Halloween night, it was about 11pm, and I was feeling kind of sick and didn't really feeling like going out to party. So it was just me and my girlfriend (we'll call her X) bored in my room with lots of lights, glowsticks, and a blacklight left over from our Halloween 'haunted house'. Pretty much everything that would be great for a night of rolling, or so I had heard. Like I said before I really had no intention of taking the pills, but due to my current situation and the fact that my girlfriend was spending the night and supposedly ecstasy was the 'love drug' I was in the mood for a little experimentation, and so was X.

I looked up the pills on ecstasy data and there were green ladies that were supposedly MDA and caffeine. So I ended up deciding on the green lady, considering caffeine wasn't sounding too bad and green is my favorite color :D. I had heard about people having bad trips on E and I didn't want to end up having one we decided to start small.

Mindset: Excited and a little anxious about what was going to happen. Somewhat overcoming the sickness I was feeling earlier.

I decided to start out with a quarter of a pill because the were supposedly pretty potent. X wanted to start with a half but I gave her a quarter instead just in case something happened. So we both anxiously took a quarter of the bitter tasting green lady. About 30 minutes passed and I definitely knew something was about to happen. I had this buzzing sensation going through my body all of a sudden, it felt amazing. I looked over at X and she looked more beautiful than anything I've ever seen. The roll I was starting to feel was kinda subtle, but I could tell that this was gonna be a fun night. All I could do was turn to X and say 'I'm gonna roll'. I started feeling very empathetic and I was eagerly expressing my love to X, but she wasn't feeling anything and I could tell she was getting annoyed by the way I was acting. I felt bad because I made her start with so small of a dose, and I wanted her to feel what I was beginning to feel. Wanting to feel more of this amazing feeling and wanting X to be up there with me, I broke another green lady in half and gave her half, and then took my half, bringing both our doses up to .75 of a pill. This is approximately 45 minutes after the initial ingestion. I swear to you right at the EXACT MOMENT X swallowed the half pill, her pupils dilated HUGE right in front of me. As I watched this happen she turned to me and said 'I'm gonna roll'. This made me extremely happy because I knew what she was feeling. She started to get a little nervous that she just took more because she was already starting to roll. Reminding her that we'd be ok and this is what we wanted to feel mostly all of our anxiety washed away.

For the next 30 minutes we could feel ourselves experiencing the 'rush' that I had heard so much about, and GOD did it feel amazing. I would look into X's eyes and it felt like I could see right into her soul. I know that sounds weird but it really felt like I could read everything about her just from her eyes, her whole personality. We really must've just stared into each others big black dilated eyes for at least 10 minutes. I felt like I couldn't lie about anything, it was like we took a truth serum or something. I can see the government giving this to people to make them talk or be honest. X and I had some very deep revelations about our relationship and got alot of things out in the open that had been bothering for a long time. At one point I actually began crying, and I had NEVER cried in front of her before. But it wasn't a sad cry at all, it was a happy cry. We were talking about a particularly painful incident that had happened in the past, that we never really brought up because I hated talking about it. But in our condition I had no problem speaking, and I'm glad we did because it made me feel a lot better about the whole incident, and I actually believed that she was telling the truth. At this point we noted that if we ever have any real problems with our relationships where we're fighting alot and near a break up, we can turn to E to help us talk, and bring our egos down so we can be civil and honest with each other.

During the whole happy cry and talk we both felt the uncontrollable urge to move. So bad that it felt like we were out of place in the world if we were standing still. We decided to put on some music to see how that would go. I had never really liked techno in the past, actually I found it quite annoying. But I turned my TV to the techno radio station and I really found out what all the hype was about. Repetitive electronic music never sounded so beautiful to me, and it went so well with my urge to dance. And let me say this I NEVER dance. X and I danced to techno for what seemed like hours, not caring about anything else but each other and the music. This is something that never would have happened without MDA.

After dancing forever we sat down to drink some water and take a break. We were somewhat starting to come down, and decided to dose up again on another half pill of green lady. We just chilled, talked, and listened to music for a while and I kinda figured the pill wasn't going to kick in, because of tolerance or something cause it seemed like a long time and we still didnt feel it. It was late so I decided to smoke some weed and try and go to sleep. Man was I wrong. As soon as we finished smoking one bowl to the 2 of us we both started to feel the other half kick in. The weed was a really good combination with the exo, and I was feeling a very nice body high.

This is when things start to get a little weird. I turned off the lights in my room and laid down in bed next to X. After a few minutes of laying down I started to feel really weird and things started looking kinda funny. It didn't feel right to lay down so I had to sit up in bed. Laying down gave me a weird bodily sensation that I didn't like. When I was sitting up and looking around my room I noticed things looking really different. I looked at the flames painted on my wall and the started swaying back in forth. This interested me so I looked at it for some time. I tried to get X to get up because she had gotten really quiet after we smoked. Once she sat up in bed and looked at me I realized I was hallucinating. X has brown eyes, and when she looked at me they were a bright green. I thought of this as really strange. She didn't really look right... Like I recognized her and everything but something was different about her. After looking at her for a while one of her green eyes floated off the side of her face and starts twitching in mid-air. This was extremely bizarre, not really scary but just weird because I wasn't expecting to hallucinate. 'are you hallucinating?' I asked her. X replied with a yeahh. And she didn't seem like she was feeling quite right. I kept asking her if she was ok and she kept telling me yes. But I could tell something was wrong. It seemed like she was starting to have a bad trip and the high was overwhelming her. When I asked her if she was having a bad trip she just kept saying no and trying to go to sleep. I figured I'd just leave her alone and let her try and sleep it off, so I just stayed up a little longer by myself hallucinating on random things. It was really bizarre at first but once I got used to it I actually enjoyed it alot because it was the first time I really hallucinated. I ended up falling asleep at some point after that, and when talking to X in the morning she told me that she was having a bad trip and felt really weird the night before.

Overall this was a very enlightening experience, and I will say that the addictive potential of this stuff is very high. I never even expected doing it, but after this experience I did it every weekend for almost 2 months. X and I got to express things to each other that we never could before and had a really good time doing it. I'm pretty positive that it was MDA in the pill, because everything I've read about it is what we experienced that night, such as the overwhelming urge to dance, and the more psychedelic capabilities of it than MDMA. I tried MDMA after this experience and found it to be less enjoyable than MDA, less visual, and there was no 'NEED' to dance like I felt on MDA.

NOTE: I've never had another roll like this one before, and the ladies are no longer around for me to possess. Every other roll that I've eaten after this has been dissapointing, and wasn't even comparable to this night.

Be safe and drink water :D peace.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 77084
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15
Published: Aug 7, 2018Views: 3,071
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MDA (34), MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Relationships (44), What Was in That? (26), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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