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MDMA / 2C-B Combination
Citation:   Trey (comments by David Aardvark). "MDMA / 2C-B Combination: An Experience with MDMA & 2C-B (exp77146)". Mar 13, 2009.

T+ 9:45
125 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 11:15 50 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 12:45 45 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
Citation: Trey, David Aardvark. 'MDMA / 2C-B Combination'. The Entheogen Review. Winter Solstice 1998;7(4):92-93.

I started with 125 mg MDMA at about 9:45 pm. I then took a 50 mg supplement at the 90 minute mark and another an hour after that. The MDMA trip was rather typical to my experience with that substance; very warm, lucid, and heart-opening. The material was excellent--perhaps not the strongest I ever had, but very clean and smooth. Interestingly, it had a different appearance than any other MDMA I have ever encountered. Most MDMA powder that I have seen has a crystalline look to it, but this was chalkier than usual, almost like talc.

90 minutes after my final supplement, I took 45 mg of 2C-B, my largest dose yet. I opted for such a high dose because I had taken some earlier in the week and wanted to compensate for tolerance. It was incredible, amplifying, deepening, and extending the emotional warmth of the MDMA, and adding a profoundly psychedelic component to the experience.

I noticed something new to my experience of 2C-B on this trip--entities! I was presented with closed-eye visions of strange creatures that looked like a cross between the type of animals that inhabit the deepest, darkest regions of the ocean floor (jellyfish, luminescent eel-like creatures, strange octopods, etc.) and sci-fi style aliens, plus beings that looked remarkably like disembodied eyes. However, these beings did not seem to have the same sort of urgent sense of presence associated with them that I normally experience during tryptamine-mediated entity contact. I also perceived a scene rendered in Egyptian motifs in which several humanoids that were apparently priests or shamans performed some sort of sacred ritual around a highly elaborate, ornate alter. Egyptian-style symbology is something that I often encounter on 2C-B; visions of ankhs, pyramids, eyes of Horus and such dancing across the insides of my eyelids. Does anyone else find this imagery common on this material? With eyes open, my entire visual field was in motion and seemingly overlaid with millions of tiny gyrating multi-colored helical structures that reminded me of DNA molecules. I also noticed a wavy disturbance in the air around the outline of my body that looked like the way an area of heat will make a pocket of air look kind of blurry. Could my visual sense have been so heightened to the point that I was actually seeing my own body heat? I wonder...

This incredible state of consciousness persisted for several hours, and I finally got to bed around 8:00 am the following morning, almost eleven hours after I had begun. I felt a little strung-out the following day, but this was quite tolerable in light of the previous evening's experience. This combination certainly gets high marks in my book! -- Trey

My own experiences with high-dose 2C-B (45-75 mg, the later higher doses taken due to tolerance, as well as having been stretched out over a number of hours) have also reliably induced 'entity contact' experiences, similar to what you've described. I haven't experienced any 'interaction' with these entities (as sometimes seems to occur with tryptamines). As well, the combination of Moclobemide and 2C-B produced visions very similar to the 'underwater' imagery that you've described. Lower doses do not produce these 'entity contacts.'

Your 'strung out' feeling may have had more to do with the high amount of MDMA than the high amount of 2C-B. Surprisingly, when dosing with 125 mg MDMA and 20-35 mg of 2C-B (taken at the decline of the MDMA effects), I have noticed that I don't have any of the negative side-effects the next day that I would get from consuming MDMA alone. Others I know have mentioned a similar lack of MDMA side-effects to me as well, when followed by 2C-B. (Note, however, that these were with single 125 mg doses of MDMA, and not the 225 mg dose taken in the experience described above.) 2C-B alone doesn't seem to produce any negative after-effects.
-- David Aardvark

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 77146
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 13, 2009Views: 48,814
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