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Twas a Sweet Night for a Bitter Flip
MDMA, DOB & Cannabis
by Organichemist
Citation:   Organichemist. "Twas a Sweet Night for a Bitter Flip: An Experience with MDMA, DOB & Cannabis (exp77186)". Jan 21, 2010.

T+ 0:00
1 drop oral DOB (liquid)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 3:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 4:30 1 hit oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 7:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 7:30 0.5 hits oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 8:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 9:30   repeated smoked Cannabis  


10:30 am DOB/Liquid (eyedropper)/unknown amount
10:30 am Cannabis/Kief/Bong
+4:00 hours 1 pill LV Green Ecstasy/Cut with caffeine
+5:30 hours Cannabis/Smoked/Bong/repeated
+0:30 hours Cannabis/Smoked/Zong/repeated
+3:00 hours Ĺ pill LV Green Ecstasy
+0:30 hours Cannabis/Smoked/Bong/repeated

Do not allow the title to fool you, this trip was anything but bitter.

I was gifted with a rare chance to take a drug which prior to when I received it I had no knowledge of its existence and effects. This drug is known DOB it is a synthetic psychedelic, very rarely found on the streets. Though it is very uncommon, what it is known for is its slow onset and potentially long trip (trips have been report to last upwards of 17 hours at high doses). Having done as much research on this gem as I could I decided I would take the DOB early in the morning with the initial intent of being able to sleep at a normal time. However what would come would be a long, profound trip unlike any of which I have experienced.

Allow me to first introduce myself in terms of my history of drug experiences. My first experience with a mind altering substance was during 8th grade when I got drunk for the first time. I then moved onto weed my freshmen year of high school. For the first two years of high school I was smoking weed basically everyday. Allow me to illustrate the point now that marijuana has a profound and amazing contribution to this trip. My following year of high school I turned my weed and drinking down to focus on school. Then senior year rolled around and I was back smoking everyday. I now am a freshman in college.

It is here that I have finally been turned onto the use of psychedelics, by my friend, brother, and fellow psychonaut J. He was an experienced tripper before he had come to college having tried shrooms, acid, ecstasy, and mescaline on several occasions. I had not trip till college but the drugs were always around me and Iíve wanted to do them. So college was a perfect time to catch upÖ and catch up I have done. My first 5 months of college I have experienced acid once (the first psych I took loved it), shrooms twice (a drug that truly fits me and I hold true heart, also taken with ecstasy on one occasion), ecstasy probably six times, and now have taken DOB.

To me psychedelic drugs are a pathway to the mind and a key to the door on reality. On my friend Jís birthday the hippie flip we did lead to myself, J, and our friend G in an intense conversion for three hours about everything. My fellow psychonauts and I get closer every time we bond over these substances. Whether itís giving one another a cool furry blanket on e, tripping one another out on psychs, or packing another bowl we connect even further as the chemicals alter our brain function to new dimensions.

To continue on with this and to who I am I must explain the use of marijuana in my life. To me weed is like any other part of my daily routine. Wake up, smoke a bowl, go to class, eat, smoke, repeat, etc (still do well in school 3.3 gpa as a Genetic Engineering Major). And I wish to also explain the extent of my marijuana use. A wake and bake for me is packing 6-7 bowls into my amazing bong. I then continue on with my day, class etc. smoke another 2-3 bowls around 11 am, eat lunch, re-up my high from eating with 2-3 bowls. Next comes class, sports, surfing, gym, etc. Then 4/20 sessions are often another 4-5 bowls or a joint. After dinner is always a free for all with packing bowls and smoking out of any devices that come our way. Essentially will go put of my weed to chill and blaze with anyone. So as you can probably tell I Love Cannabis (soon to be a medical patient). I believe weed is a key to the mind and you are able to learn a lot from her.

Now back to my point of why cannabis is so important to this trip. Long story short I went out of town and smoked my entire weed before hand. All of my hooks were out of town until the night so I couldnít smoke until then. What I believe and I will hopefully convince you of is that there may be some reaction between weed and DOB triggering peaks along with peaking ecstasy. What Iím about to tell you happened to me was quite interesting me being an analytic, logical person. I live my life in such an elevated state so often that weed can trigger the effects of certain psychedelics. Iím not sure about how much research had gone into this idea but it has interesting potential.

What weed did to my DOB trip is indescribable. It would propel me into a world of euphoria and closed as well as open eye visuals. The ecstasy would start to peak and the visuals from the DOB would come back artistic visuals and complete 3-D visuals. Also the onset of the DOB would cause amazing auditory hallucinations and perception changes that I would literally enjoy my friend saying extravagant words to me. Understand that I was unable to smoke weed until night, and that is when the DOB actually triggered almost 7 hours after dosing it. The weed brought the DOB to a level where I was able to control when I wanted to trip hard. All I needed to do for nearly 6 hours was smoke a bowl and I would be plunged into DOB/MDMA hyper-drive.

Allow me to continue on with the intent that you understand the extent to which weed smoking allowed me to alter my trip and bring myself in and out of the next dimension. I will continue with putting forth the idea that I have been unable to find much information on DOB not to mention mixing DOB with MDMA. So I wish to propose to the world a name for this combination of drugs. I call mixing DOB with MDMA a Bitter Flip. Allow me to explain my logic. For those of you that have not taken DOB the very first thing I experienced is a very bitter flavor. This is where they saying ďIf its bitter, itís a spitterĒ comes from. This saying is a rhyme to tell potential acid takers that it their blotter tastes bitter it is most likely DOB because acid has no taste due to how low the active doses are.

Then the next piece of the puzzle is the MDMA which is typically called a ďflipĒ in poly-drug use. Thus I came up with the name Bitter Flip and I hope the world will like it (especially if more of you discover how amazing this combination truly is) (also I apologize if you have done this and call it something else but I thought it was really a good name and you know what I mean by the bitter taste).

I will now actually enlighten the world to the extraordinary derivative of a hero of mine Dr. Alexander Shulgin as with the combination of MDMA and the expansion of my mind through cannabis use.

10:30 am- My usual wake and bake partner is out of town so I decide to take the DOB at this time as I learned that it can take upwards of 3 hours to kick in. My acquisition of the DOB was completely random. J and I decided to not go to Psychology lecture half way walking there. As we are returning to the dorms we see some acquaintances and walk over to them. A guy we barely know asks if we knew anyone who would want ecstasy, we said we did, we all went to my room. After the e deal he asked if I wanted some DOB, a drug Iíd never heard of. I said yes, always up for a new adventure. I researched it then a few days later did it.

T+3:00 - A group of friends and I decide to go get breakfast. I smoke a small kief bowl and head to breakfast. On the way down sounds slowly become sharper and more pristine. I had heard auditory hallucinations were some signs of DOB kicking in, so I rolled with it.

T+4:30 - The DOB really isnít doing anything for me at all. At this point Iím not stoned at all, I decide to take a hit of the ecstasy I had purchased to see how the roll is.

T+5:30 - Rolling along pretty well, just listening to my friend G play his guitar.

T+7:00 - J finally gets back and we decide that we both need to go buy some weed. After making numerous phone calls we find a hook, get on our bikes and ride off. We get to the dealers place and pick up 1/8 of G-13 and 1/8 of Bubba Kush. Our dealer has a nice bong and since neither of us was high we smoked a few bowls. This is where the night would change for me, because as soon as that weed started engulfing my mind, it sent the effects of the DOB into hyperdrive.

T+7:15 - We hop on our bikes to begin the venture back to our dorm rooms. This is when my perception is changed. As we walked down the stairs initially to get our bikes I notice sound is more pleasant and even ask J to say some cool words jut because they were awesome to me. When I started riding my bike the night sky was clear and full of stars. As Iím looking into the sky I begin to notice shapes forming and odd other things occurring. At this time I think to myself ďthere is no way the DOB is finally kicking inĒ. As Iím riding along my friends gradually ride away from me as amazing visuals of color pour down the backset canvas of the night. As soon as I could catch up to J I said the DOB is finally kicking in and that it was amazing.

T+7:30 - Upon arrival to the dorms I get off my bike and commence to sitting down in admiration of the amazingly colorful sky. We all walk upstairs after a little while and J asks me for the rest of the ecstasy we had purchased. Offering the idea that he would trip with me I willingly handed over 1.5 pills, the other .5 I took myself.

T+8:00 - We keeping smoking bowls and every time I smoke one it sends into DOB hyperspace. I was able to smoke a bowl and decide if I wanted to close my eyes fore some awesome CEV or I could look out the window into the sky and have awesome OEV. After as little while I discovered how awesome the I Tunes visualizer was as I persisted to stare at it for probably 15 minutes. Every now and then I would try to grab the lights and images the visualizer was putting out, is was all 3-D in my mind, I never ended up catching any of it.

T+8:15 - As the roll starts to kick in for both J and I we decide to go buy cigarettes. On the walk there would be when the DOB would really start to peak. As we start the walk the back light from moonshine and lamp posts reflect light onto the trees surrounding our path. As I began to look into the branches, they formed remarkable shapes. Many of the visuals here reminded me much of my 70x salvia trip, in the comedown. Often I would see human figures, often dancing then it would suddenly change to another object. As we continued our walk, the sky morphed into everything from mushrooms to jesters.

T+9:00 - Just walking around enjoying the trip for what it is.

T+9:30 - Head back to my place where we commence to smoke more weed which in turn continues to send me into DOB hyperspace.

At this point time is just sort of a blur the only thing I remember is at 3 am smoking some more and it still persisted to send me into the visual DOB trip.

The next morning- I wake up pretty early, which is normal. I sit back and reflect mentally on the trip. My body is tingling from the after effects of the e and DOB, my mind is in a slight haze from the entire experiment. J walks into my room, we wake and bake and I begin to share my experience with him and my other friends. I was ecstatically pleased on how the trip went thus was more then welcome to share any piece of information. As the continued we gradually racked up bong rips and I suddenly feel different, I believe at this point the DOB slightly repeaked and for 30 minutes I had a semi-out-of-body experience.

I thank you for reading though this report, as I hope more psychonauts will discover the potential of DOB. Happy Bitter Flipping!!!

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 77186
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 21, 2010Views: 11,628
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MDMA (3), DOB (19), Cannabis (1) : Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Nature / Outdoors (23), Music Discussion (22), Various (28)

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