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A Black Hole Just Shot Threw Me Head
Unknown (Sold as DOC, suspected DOM)
Citation:   Solomon. "A Black Hole Just Shot Threw Me Head: An Experience with Unknown (Sold as DOC, suspected DOM) (exp77243)". Sep 22, 2010.

17 mg oral Unknown (capsule)
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I was visiting the town where I went to college the previous semester, and happened to stumble upon an old friend, we'll call him Shane, who wanted to know what I was doing that night. He didn't have anything to do, but still wanted to hang out, and I told him I had no plans as well. After walking to a friend's house for a bit, I made the decision to take a DOC that I had acquired about two days prior, but my friend declined to do it with me because he had class the next day.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect with the trip due to the fact that I didn't know how my body would handle the dosage, which was particularly high. Prior to this night, I had experimented with DOC only a few times, but had only done 5-6 mg at the most, and the two capsules I had totaled to 30 mg, with one of them having a tid bit more in it. Naturally, since it was a quiet night around the campus, I took the higher dosage.

At around 10PM I ingested it, and the next two hours I supplied my body generously with water to fend off the nasuea. Around 1AM I was noticing how movements were becoming slower and were followed by trails, as well as colors intensifying. At this point, I had been walking around the campus with Shane, and we decided to relax in the basement of his dorm. It was vacant in there with a multitude of comfortable chairs and couches and dim lighting- it was perfect.

It wasn't until around 1:30 or 2 that I realized I had actually been coming up for almost an two hours now, and my body started to uncontrollably shake, resulting in me vomiting. My breath was becoming shortened, and my legs were twitching, which was normal for me, but I was beginning to be concerned with the sheer intensity of everything around me. By 2:30/3:00 I began to wonder if I was going to be ok.

Now, when I trip, as most people should, I wasn't around any sort of screen, including a computer where I could double check what a dangerous amount is considered, so I broke one of my own rules and turned my phone on to call a knowledgable friend about this. He said I would be ok, but the next few hours were going to be a rough ride, which really helped calm me down, as did the cigarette I went out for.

I went back down to the basement where Shane, who I owe immensely, was still awake. By this time, I was clearly seeing the prism of color in everything, and patterns and designs could be found in anything. Also, the entire duration of the trip I was listening to Eluvium, which is ambient music that I strongly like. I felt during the plateau that if I listened to anything more intense, I would have a heart attack. My heart was beating ridiculously fast, and I was constantly going outside for cigarettes. Then, at about 3:15, it hit, and I gasped for air. Shane asked if I was going to be alright, to which I simply responded: 'It's beautiful.'

I realized I was fighting off tears of euphoria.

I won't even bother trying to explain the intensity of the next few hours, but I will say that sitting in a comfortable chair in a quiet, isolated basement and looking at a cement wall was the most euphoric thing Iíve ever gone through. At some point during the plateau, I described it to Shane as being skull-fucked by a black hole, and to this day, that's the best analogy I have.

By the morning (around 7 or 8), Shane had gone to bed when I told him I would be all right. I walked around the dorms and enjoyed the gradual comedown. By this point I had smoked close to a pack and a half of cigarettes since I took the DOC, and my perception of reality was starting to change, but I still looked at everything and realized all of the potential for beauty each tree, building, gust of wind, or atom had.

I was out of breath for the next 36 hours, (that's no exaggeration) and my heart rate was rapid until the next evening as well. I made fatal attempts to describe to others what I experienced the night before, but there was no point. They couldn't understand, nor fathom it. I had done an excessive amount that night, but I wouldn't have had it any other way, but I recommend to others not to do the same; I literally thought I was going to die. Oddly, the duration of the trip didn't really differ from any other DOC trip I had, but as for the intensity..... Woah.

After this experience, acid and mushrooms don't call to me as much as they used to- I feel as though they are sub par. I have another one of those bad boys in my room, sitting, waiting, but Iím content in knowing that this was the trip to end all trips. I just hope the person I give it to will be as moved as I was.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 77243
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 22, 2010Views: 11,626
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