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Lost in Space and Time for 3 Hours
DMT (extracted from M. tenuiflora) & Salvia divinorum (15x extract)
by Javast
Citation:   Javast. "Lost in Space and Time for 3 Hours: An Experience with DMT (extracted from M. tenuiflora) & Salvia divinorum (15x extract) (exp77553)". Jul 19, 2009.

T+ 0:00
30 mg smoked DMT (extract)
  T+ 2:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 5:00 2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


For the last couple weeks, I have been preparing for a psychoactive journey. I have been experiencing a lot of problems, death of two close family members, a divorce after 7 years of marriage, and general depression. I have been feeling very stuck – don’t know how to go forward, and can’t stay where I am at. I haven’t taken anything psychoactive in over 10 years, the last time being in college. I remember a very happy sunny day spent wandering around with a friend reading each others minds. My reading suggested I could probe deeper and search for some meaning and gain some perspective on my current situation.

I woke up with my materials ready to go. I had a couple hundred mg of DMT that needed some final processing, which I performed. My mindset was a bit paranoid, since my roommate doesn’t need to know about my journey, and the smell of acetone is hard to cover up. I dicked around for several hours processing, but finally around noon I got my very first hit of DMT. The stuff I made is not very pure, probably a good amount of 5 Meo in there as well, so the activity was pretty high.

I had tried some of the crystals that came from my process and found them not active. I was on the verge of believing my efforts had failed, when I remembered where the dmt was supposed to be at the final stage of my tek – dang, almost blew it! I scraped half dropped half a pencil eraser sized piece of light yellow waxy mimosa DMT from the evap plate and dropped it in a glass vaporizer type pipe.

T+00:00:00 I was half expecting it not to work, so when the stuff melted and smoked up, I was a little shocked and wasted a bit, but I got most of it in. Harsh, but not painful or smelly. The come up was indeed like a freight train, as the reports led me to expect – I remember thinking “Oh fuck, what did you do.”

T+00:00:15 I fell back onto my bed, and stared at the ceiling, feeling confident that I chose to do this and that I knew it would be over and ok in a little bit. The visuals were strong, plus auditory effects. I heard a thrumming gong type sound. The visuals were lights changing colors, and a misty or smoky fractal type pattern, that danced on the ceiling. I would consider this a sub breakthrough experience, based on trip reports I read.

T+00:05:00 I couldn’t possibly move, but the experience began to wear off almost as soon as I became ok with it, though there was a good tingly sunny feeling that took the place of the open eyed visuals – it lasted for about an hour afterwards.

About an hour later, I’m back to baseline; I finish cleaning up my makeshift lab, and packed my stuff to go to my friend’s house to smoke some herb. I grabbed my pipe and some salvia to try later. I have done salvia on another occasion, and found it relatively tame. Not this time.

T+02:00:00 Smoked a bowl of strong weed with my friend. Just enough to get buzzed, not stoned feeling at all. My friend get paranoid when he smokes, which was annoying me a bit. Not really fair, because I get that too when I get too stoned – which is why I just get buzzed now, no further. Just enough…

T+05:00:00 Ok, my friend is obsessing about wanting me to smoke more with him. I tell him I want to try a quick salvia trip first. Ok, fine, he says. I figure he’ll be babysitting me for a couple minutes – half hour tops. I load a bowl with a tiny pinch of the 15x – I figure start small. Just a nice light trip. I hit it, and get the pins and needles, and a little dizzy feeling. I wait for a bit, and the pins and needles subside a bit. I figure I didn’t get enough. I load the bowl again, this time with twice as much. Couldn’t have been more than 40mg. I have a torch style lighter this time, and it works upside down, so I can really flame the product. I take massive hit, and barely set down the pipe. My world is completely gone.

Unlike the DMT, it’s not visuals in the regular sense. Instead, I have been sucked into a vortex, where I hear the same looping thought over and over again. There was a police show on TV. I experienced the rest of my life in a moment which I relived about a million times, as the experience of my death crushed me over and over again like waves breaking into a cliff. This is what I knew – I was stuck, and went crazy and called the hospital and should have known better, and my family was devastated. I heard a phrase, which I can’t remember, being said repeatedly, I heard myself responding as a little boy. I was not aware of my body, I think I ended up on the floor.

T+05:10:00 I start to realize I have a body again. I am on the couch or floor, or the top half of my body is in the couch, or maybe my friend is holding me down. I really don’t know. My whole life, past and present existed as a single moment, a tunnel in time and space. The act of exercising free will to think about my wife, my job, actually changed the entire future tunnel as I thought it. It this point, I manage to glance at the clock, and realize I am still completely unwell. My friend tells me to lay down on the floor – apparently I was flopping around and staggering. I do, and close my eyes. I immediately start to experience crashing death waves again. Time has been chopped up. I am experiencing it in tiny slices, and can experience several of them simultaneously at once. Time dilation is massive. The body effects are extremely uncomfortable, twisting and painful, not at all friendly like the DMT. I move from the couch to the floor to the couch. I start arguing with my friend to turn down the TV which is playing a violent cop show and making cop consequences part of my thought/reality. He is being a dick now, and refuses. At one point I start throwing empty soda bottles at him.

T+05:30:00 Thirty minutes in, and I feel trapped. The time splicing is still happening, and time dilation is still pronounced. I’ve never heard of a salvia trip with prolonged effects like this, and I start to worry. My paranoid obsession becomes the thought that Salvia causes permanent psychosis and users have to deal with the effects forever in secret to maintain some sort of life outside a loony bin. I think about my wife and our divorce – I think maybe I can convince her to come back. I think I will be able to exist in that life that I had which was familiar to me with more ease. I lay on my friends bed and try to relax and rest. I manage it for only minutes at a time. I completely give up control or caring about my life, there is literally nothing I can do.

I am still tunneling through time and universes, and suddenly I realize feel an intense spiritual filling up feeling. Like, in giving up control, and admitting that I am powerless, I have let in some type of god force into my previously empty soul. Now, I was brought up religious, though I never really believed, and was pretty much a committed atheist. This was very much like what people describe their initial religious experience like, like I found god by giving up control. I promised god I would never doubt its existence again if I could only be allowed to experience time normally. The next ten minutes seems like days.

T+05:40:00 I begin to hope that the effects are lessening, though much more slowly than I would hope. I still believe some permanent form of time splicing will be inevitable. I lay down till an hour has passed.

T+06:00:00 I sit down on couch, and try to watch TV, I have trouble concentrating on the plot for any length of time. After a half an hour my friend takes a nap. The effects fade very slowly over the next 2 hours, and by T+8 hours I am well enough to ride the subway home.

Next morning – difficulty concentrating, recalling events of last few days in detail. Baseline, but definitely feel like I did too much. I have no need to do this drug again. I would also not recommend taking this drug in combination with other psychedelics, or soon thereafter.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 77553
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 19, 2009Views: 19,491
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Salvia divinorum (44), Mimosa tenuiflora (74), DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3)

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