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Feeling Smarter than I've Ever Felt
Salvia divinorum
by SkaTrina
Citation:   SkaTrina. "Feeling Smarter than I've Ever Felt: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp77632)". Jan 23, 2020.

3 - 8 g buccal Salvia divinorum (dried)


These are my couple main experiences with Salvia. I use dried leaves (“foliage”) soaked to make a quid, and then use it sublingually, because I don’t smoke. I have ingested some but usually end up spitting it out. At this point I was 18 yrs old, 165ish lb.s, female, having taken no alcohol or additional drugs on those days save for my prescriptions (only ones with no psychoactive/intoxicating effects).

I used salvia three times in a relatively short period (one to two weeks). The first time, I had about zero preparation- I just soaked the leaves, rolled them and put them in my mouth. They taste really terrible if I put them on the roof of my mouth, but I figured out that keeping them under my tongue and not moving around a lot, it’s pretty OK. I had read instructions on this so I did not spit anything out and allowed it to become this, like, juicy mess. I kept that for maybe 10-15 minutes, then got rid of the whole thing. Not much happened, and I was a little disappointed, because I mostly got dizzy and “buzzed.” Objects briefly shifted into a flat 2D appearance. I did start laughing uncontrollably for a period of time, and was confused, but not what I had expected. I did, however, only use maybe 3 or 4 g at this time, and it was my first time.

I was not discouraged too much (often the first time yields little) so a few days later I tried again. This time I prepared by using mouthwash with alcohol to clean out my mouth, and by brushing my teeth/tongue.
I prepared by using mouthwash with alcohol to clean out my mouth, and by brushing my teeth/tongue.
This seriously made a difference. I used somewhere between 6 and 8 g of soaked leaves this time, and soaked them for maybe 20 minutes. Then I did the same thing, trying to keep the “quid” under my tongue and swish all that stuff around. In 10 minutes I was hilariously dizzy and apparently tried to walk around but failed. I remember falling a lot and laughing and thinking all my friends were really fucking great. I got really friendly. At this stage I was feeling/acting the way one might when drunk.

About 15 minutes in, colors started blending together and everything appeared as though two-dimensional, which was very trippy. I tried touching things that were not close to me, believing they were. I thought everyone was highly attractive (myself included). I figured that this trip stuff was pretty good, and that it couldn’t get any better, but then shit totally blew my mind.

It had been 20-25 minutes so I spit all the stuff out. I normally would be relieved to get rid of the nasty taste, but had gotten used to it and was feeling very numb so did not care that it was gross. While before I had been just very disoriented, with things appearing odd and different, I suddenly COULD NOT SEE anything real around me. Everything real faded away. I mean I had a complete and total hallucination, but believed I was really in it. It’s hard to describe but was like this: I’m in a giant forest, with like a field in it, and there’s big trees and really tall grass, all bizarre colors and what-have-you. Then I’m standing under a waterfall with these brilliant shining stars overhead. I’m naked. The best music I’ve ever fucking heard is playing. Basically I’m having some kind of a mental orgasm. I tell my friends I’m the smartest person in the world, and that I know everything, because I truly believed that I understood everything at that moment, and felt a very deep spiritual communion was taking place. Apparently God was also present and I thought that was cool. This intense hallucination only lasted for probably 45 seconds but it felt longer and was totally worth its brevity.

Unfortunately, someone decided to be an ass by turning on the TV, which distracted me to the point of extreme annoyance and so I got up and walked away. Actually, I stumbled away, and went to a quiet room to be alone so I could finish tripping. The room was spinning in a very pleasant way and things continued to exist in 2D and with some lovely color stuff going on. It was roughly 45 minutes to an hour after I had first taken in the salvia that I became lucid enough to interact with people. However my feeling “trippy” and happy and very friendly lasted the remainder of that evening and the next morning even, because I am generally very affected by these substances.

A while (few days-week) after this, once all the good feelings had worn off, I did the same essential practice again, although with a little less salvia, and by myself lying down in bed. I spit it out in less time too because someone was coming over to my house and time was limited (maybe kept it in 12 minutes-ish). I was very sleepy and so in a good way to be affected, but less alert, so my trip was certainly more dreamlike. For this hallucination, I had to close my eyes, and sort of let my mind wander- it was more difficult to achieve than my previous experience. However I soon believed I had entered into some kind of fantasy world not unlike “Through the Looking-Glass” which made me very satisfied. There were many strange and beautiful people there who I conversed with, and I discovered that I could fly for short periods, which was about as awesome as it sounds. Then I did a lot of other activities, such as enter other people’s homes and swing on a giant playground. (I did not attempt any real things during the trip, I just lied in bed.) It was very imaginative and put a lot of information in my head- I can still see the illustrations, for instance, and the intricate patterns and costumes there, and I instantly knew everything about the fantasy world, all the locations and the names of the people, etc. etc.

These experiences have been very pleasant, especially considering that my effort was minimal, it was not very expensive, and salvia did not have any health drawbacks for me. On the contrary it seemed to temporarily improve my condition -- Crohn’s Disease
it seemed to temporarily improve my condition -- Crohn’s Disease
- in that I felt less shitty than the way I generally do, and also had less bleeding, my stomach did not hurt very much (often it does) and- it was not painful to go to the bathroom. I believe salvia can be used to ease pain because I felt a lot less physical discomfort than I usually would.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 77632
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jan 23, 2020Views: 922
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