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My Worst Experience with Drugs So Far
Citation:   Socrates. "My Worst Experience with Drugs So Far: An Experience with 2C-C & MDMA (exp77685)". Sep 9, 2009.

30 mg IM 2C-C (powder / crystals)
  1 tablet oral MDMA  
  1 tablet oral MDMA  
  6 mg IM 2C-C (powder / crystals)
  10 mg IM 2C-C (powder / crystals)
  10 mg IM 2C-C (powder / crystals)
Material: 2C-C, MDMA
Method of application: IM injection, tablet
Dose: 50mg, 2 tablets

My brother, who, like me, is an avid psychonaut, managed to get hold of some 2C-C, a new substance for me that we have not tried before. After his initial positive experimentation he sent some to me to try. While most reports related to this substance refer to oral application or insufflation, we prefer to use IM or IV injection, in order to bypass the deleterious effects of the digestive system, and so enjoy the drug at its cleanest best. Based on his own experience, my brother recommended for me a 50-60mg dose IM. I decided to try this with my partner Xavier and as I heard from my brother that the substance has sensual overtones, we were looking forward to enjoy sex on this together.

I dissolved 120 mg of this material in 1.2 ml of water, and injected myself with 0.3 ml (30 mg) as a 'calibration dose' first. My intention was then to inject Xavier and top myself up to heighten the effect.

However, within approx 3 minutes, I was train-wrecked in what has been my worst experience with drugs so far.

The experience can be perhaps closest described to that of an 'asthma attack' (I have never had asthma, so I just imagine what it must be like); I was not able to breath properly, my body was convulsing and I had a feeling of an unbearable body load. While I could not actually feel any tachycardia (in that state it is impossible to even feel my pulse, let alone measure it), I had a very unpleasant feeling of pressure on the left side of my chest. This was accompanied by a strong feeling of anxiety and panic.

I managed to tell Xavier to just wait and not be afraid; do not call anybody, this will pass soon, and was relieved to see him calm and collected. I asked him to measure my heart rate: He did that in what seemed like eternity, and came back with a figure of 76. (He then later told me he lied; my pulse was about double that, and he was very scared, but he did not want to tell me the truth as he was concerned, probably rightly so, that this might make my situation worse.)

Meanwhile, I have been having hell in the mental sphere as well. With my eyes closed, I felt like I was in a dark universe where all my actions, any movement, any thoughts, immediately generated a crescendo of glowing neon-like visual patterns and reverberating 'ping' echo sounds. It was interesting but also disconserting as I was struggling to find some balance and equilibrium from which I would be able to just observe, manipulate and enjoy the view - but it was not possible, perhaps also due to the intense physical discomfort I was experiencing and which was demanding most of my attention.

As the dark world was uninteresting to me and too much to handle anyway, I decided to keep my eyes open and asked Xavier to turn on the lights in the room. Open eye visuals continued, mainly with rainbow trailers following eye movements, and everything being noticeably pixelated, especially images on the TV screen. Xavier's face was pixelated and unusual; I did not find him as handsome as I usually do. Eventually, I was not able to cope with the TV screen and any sounds in the room because of the echoing effects. I asked Xavier to switch off the TV and not touch me because I found even his touches uncomfortable. My body senses seemed hypersensitive to any outside stimuli.

I had trouble concentrating on my breathing and promised to God that if He pulls me out of this then I shall never, ever, touch any drugs again - but even then, while I was making this promise, I was hoping He would not actually hold me to that!

During all this time, I was unable to find a comfortable position for my body which was shaking and convulsing. For example, I would have been unable to get up and walk around the room. I was able, however, to raise my head and drink with Xavier's help. Xavier was trying to get me to drink as much as possible to flush the substance out of my system. At one point I wanted to ask him to make sure I don't drink more than one litre per hour, but my mind was not collected enough to actually remember what the safe limit was and express my thoughts, so I left him confused by repeating only 'make sure I don't more than... make sure I don't more than...'.

One hour and a half later I was almost back to normal, to the point of being able to get out of bed and walk around, and think and speak coherently. I still did not feel physically very well. I was able to measure my heart rate and it was around 120.

Half an hour later, I felt almost good. I decided to save the night by taking some MDMA, in the hope that the calming goodness of the MDMA will overshadow any lingering bad feelings from the 2C-C. Both Xavier and I took one tablet. Within an hour, Xavier was happy and chatty, but I still felt nausea and tiredness. I took one more tablet, and this eventually did the trick and I was able to reclaim the night.

Xavier, curious and brave as ever, asked me to try just a little of 2C-C, now that we knew that 30mg was too much. I gave him 6mg IM, and he was feeling the effects, the echos, the 'ping' sounds, the hypersensitivity to touch. He enjoyed it and asked for more, so I gave him another 6mg. He kept asking for more in 30 minute intervals, so I upped his individual doses to 10mg up to a total of approx 60mg - double the amount that had entirely floored me only a while ago! He liked it. He became very quiet (the MDMA chattiness was gone within minutes) and even asked me not to speak, as I presume he was listening to the echoing astral sounds of the 2C-C in his head.

By this time, I felt good again, so I decided I will give 2C-C another chance, in a smaller dose, in the hope that the MDMA will neutralize the adverse physical effects I experienced earlier. I injected 6mg first, followed by two additional 10mg doses about an hour apart.

The effects were now much less intense and entirely manageable. However, I again felt the same odd pressure on the left side of my chest, with some slight breathing difficulties, which made it impossible for me to really enjoy the substance.

The visual effects of 2C-C were rather interesting but perhaps too monothematic. Once 2C-C opened its bag of tricks, there were no more surprises. All the visuals seemed to be very 'neon' like. I mostly saw only geometric shapes, rarely faces or objects. All images appeared usually like mosaics, with thick black boundaries between the pieces, while the individual pieces were smoothly spray-painted. The whole artistic impression was that of late sixties. I also saw a lot of stars - all of them carefully crafted 5-point stars in the Hollywood style, in rainbow colours. Another 2C-C trick was to continue pointed objects (such as stars) with series of dots diminishing in size. When the objects moved, the dots followed in a wavy fashion, as if they were attached to the points using invisible rubber strings.

The sounds I heard on 2C-C were gentle astral 'ping' sounds, that reverberated through my mental 'universe' in short intervals: 'ping... ng... ng... ng...'. I could not hear any other sounds, only these 'pings'.

These halucinations are all interesting, but made me wish for more; I don't particular like that type of Hollywood neon kitch that I most often see on 2C-C, and was really hoping for more depth and variety, that kind of intriguing, ever-changing, mentally-challenging landscapes that I experience on ketamine.

Synesthesia, confusion of senses, seemed to dominate on 2C-C. But I found most of the 'tastes' experienced on 2C-C to be metallic and unpleasant, something like 'freshly crushed aluminium'.

To me, 2C-C comes to me with a very heavy body load for what appears to be very gentle relaxing effects and unremarkable visuals. Due to the heavy body load and resulting physical discomfort, I have not been quite able to enjoy this drug. This is in contrast to Xavier, who actually seemed to enjoy this drug. Throughout his trip he asked me to fuck him while he felt high, which I obliged. He enjoyed that too, even though at one point he got up and rushed to the bathroom where he had to unceremoniously throw up. Then he came back and we continued as if nothing happened.

This surely was one hell of a night to remember!

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 77685
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 9, 2009Views: 22,397
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