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A Cautionary Tale
H.B. Woodrose
by Ecco
Citation:   Ecco. "A Cautionary Tale: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp77696)". Erowid.org. Oct 28, 2015. erowid.org/exp/77696

4 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
I haven't had much experience with drugs other than alcohol and trying DXM a few months before this. Before trying anything I would do as much reasearch as I can about any particular drug I wanted to take. I had read about DXM for many hours from many sources. The experience was pleasant but not something I feel the need to try again. I wanted something else.

I started a week ago from this experience mostly reading about Salvia and LSA. I did not want to order online and instead wanted a drug I could buy with cash at a head shop. When I got the headshop they did not have any fresh salvia leaves for the chewing method. I did not have anything to smoke salvia with so I bought Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. The guy at the shop explained a bit about the seeds to me, suggesting I take something for the nausea. Everything which I already knew and read about. I also assumed since this was a headshop that he would not be selling me seeds laced with the poison of commercial morning glory seeds. Although I did not ask this specifically.

I go home and read a little bit more on H.B. woodrose. I understand the main negative effect is anxiety/panic people experience while going through psychedelics. The other one being nausea which seemed to be less common and not something anyone really complained that much about.

It is a few hours after I purchased the seeds around 3:30pm and I am excited to try it but I decide to only take one to see what effect it would have. I remove the husk but chew and swallow the whole seed. The taste was mostly bland and a little bitter but not unbearable. An hour later my arms and legs feel a bit off and for some reason I can't sit still. My inner thighs feel strained when I try to walk so I go on my laptop while laying down. For the next few hours I am shifting and kicking my legs on the bed they feel somewhat numb although this doesn't usually happen when I lay down so I attribute this to the seed. Also, I have been fighting a mild feeling of nausea since ingesting the one seed.

The side effect I felt on one seed were quite mild and I decide 2 days later to try another 4 of the 5 I have remaining. I remove the husk but not the dark part surrounding the seed which people say give you the nausea, although I have heard someone else say that nausea is an intrinsic nature of the seed itself. I chew the seeds as finely I can, one at a time before swallowing. Each seed taste more bitter than the last and bitter taste lingers in my mouth even after a glass of water.

I am in my room after having ingested the seeds. It is 11:30am and I have not eaten anything since the night before. The blinds are closed and I attempt to watch a sitcom on my computer to bring myself into a happy mood. Minutes into it I feel a rush in my face, my ears are hot and so are my cheeks. A strange feeling but also a nauseous one. I lay down to wait for the nausea to subside.

I lay down partially on my side with my eyes closed. I attempt to sleep though every time I nearly fall asleep something in my mind jerks my body and my legs kick keeping me awake. I look at the clock and 2 hours have past in my attempt to sleep away the nausea. I feel better so I get up. My thighs feel strained from walking, more so than with the one seed. I look in the mirror and my eyes are very dilated. I am not tripping. Everything is normal and the only effect I have is that disconnected feeling I have with my body.

I attempt to watch something on the computer to see if anything has changed with my perception. I turn on the news, everything is normal. Typing and using the mouse feels difficult. I merely watch. After a few minutes my head feels funny. The hot sensation in my ears and face return and my stomach is churning. I move as quickly as I can to the bathroom and as soon I make it over the toilet bowl I throw up. It is mostly clear stomach acid, I do not see the seeds. I feel better and hope thats the last of the sick feeling now that I've thrown up.

I lay down on my bed again, laying down helps with the nausea, watching moving images only makes it worse. I lay there for an hour, its 3pm. The feeling comes back. I run to the bathroom and throw up once more. I sit there for half an hour in case I need to throw up again. I am hungry now so I grab a bag of chips and a drink. The smell from the bag of chips makes me nauseous. I run to the bathroom and vomit again into the toilet just as I make over the bowl again.

I sit in the bathroom some more. At this point I am very disappointed. I throw the last seed out. The only thing I experience on the seeds is a mild disconnect from the body, no changes in the perception of the world no open or closed eye visuals, nothing. What I have is the feeling of nausea since ingesting the seeds. I puke 5 times in total. Each time more violently and with more stomach content coming out than the last.

The last time I vomited was at 8:30pm about 9 hours after taking the seeds. An hour later I attempt to eat bread and have some water. Something I wouldn't mind too much if I had to throw them up. I don't. I go to sleep and slowly regain appetite over 24 hours.

In conclusion: For those who do not want to read the long winded bit. 4 seeds equaled 9 hours of nausea and intermittent vomiting about every 2 hours.

Some would say that it may be my method of preparation, my own body chemistry, or the fact that they may not be organically grown. I do not know the answer to these. Only that I do NOT RECOMMEND. I am done with drugs and will stick to alcohol. If you really want to take a psychedelic, try something else.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 77696
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 28, 2015Views: 3,254
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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