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Be Careful with the Dose
by Akane
Citation:   Akane. "Be Careful with the Dose: An Experience with 5-MeO-MIPT (exp77742)". Jul 17, 2009.

T+ 0:00
5 mg oral 4-MeO-MiPT
  T+ 7:00     Pharms - Lorazepam


I would like to tell you my experience with 5-MEO-MIPT because I think itīs important to be careful with this substance.

On Sunday at 23:25 pm I ingested 5 mg of 5 MEO-MIPT in an oral dose like another three friends and my boyfriend (I have to say that I am thin, much more than the other four who took the same dose). Half an hour later I was getting high like an LSD trip but with a strange feeling in my muscles. We went out to the street because we had planned to go to a club. After walking for 45 minutes the cold came into my body and I couldnīt talk. When finally we came into the club I felt oppression in my breast and I couldnīt breath, so I went out and my boyfriend and me decided to go home in a taxi.

In the taxi I couldnīt stop moving. My muscles didnīt stop although I was trying to relax. At 1:00 we arrived home again and I decided to put comfortable clothes because I believed that maybe that was my problem... it wasnīt. Every one of my muscles was contracting each second and the terrible cold didnīt stop running into my body. I couldnīt talk and I couldnīt lie down either because I had convulsions. I tried to cover with a duvet but I couldnīt stay placid because my muscles didnīt stop.

My boyfriend tried to calm me saying me that I was more worried and it was only a bad trip, but although I wanted to believe him, I knew that something wasnīt good with me.

At 4:30 am I started to feel the tryptamine. I started with visions, colors distortions and watching the energy around the room. We had put music and when it was relaxing I felt better, but the bad feelings in my muscles were still there. Also my jaw became a stone and I couldnīt turn my neck or speak for moments.

I tried to relax several times, but the contorts didnīt let me. He said to me that he didnīt feel the same and repeated to me that I had to relax, but I didnīt know how because all my muscles seemed to have their own life.

At 6:30 my boyfriend felt tired and he said that he even could sleep, but the effects in me didnīt stop and I felt a lot of fear, so I decided to go to a hospital. Iīve used a lot of substances in the past (two and more years ago, including ketamine) and Iīve never felt like this before.

When I arrived at the hospital I said that I had ingested a hallucinogen and they tested my heart and my blood pressure. Everything was ok but my muscles, which didnīt stop moving and to making me convulse. They gave me an Orifidal [lorazepam] and said that everything was supposed to stop in a while.

At 8:00 I went back home and lied into the bed. Thirty minutes later I felt asleep and I woke up three hours later with pain in my legs, back and hands. I was sleeping all the day. I just woke up once more at 20:00 pm to have dinner and I felt asleep again.

Now itīs Tuesday and almost 48 hours have passed since I consumed 5 MEO-MIPT, but I feel like shit and a lot of my muscles are still contracted and painful.

The other 4 that ingested the substance felt well in all moments and only two of them felt headache the day after, so I think that I consumed an overdose for my weight and that I had to take 2 or 3 mg less to have enjoyed the experience. By for the moment I donīt want to try it again, because I think itīs stronger than all the people say. I hope that this experience helps people that want to try it, because itīs necessary to consume a proportioned dose to the body weigh.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 77742
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 17, 2009Views: 25,933
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