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I Took It 100+ Times Over About 5 Years
by PuraVida
Citation:   PuraVida. "I Took It 100+ Times Over About 5 Years: An Experience with LSD (exp77811)". Oct 11, 2017.



As I have used many psychoactive drugs over the years and have professional training as a writer, I thought I could help out by sharing my experiences. This will, obviously, be in regard to the use of the drug LSD-25, more commonly known as 'acid.'

I first tried LSD at age 16. My best friend and I decided we would try it together and both cut a hit of blotter in half, as we knew it was a potentially powerful drug. The first time, I had no psychoactive effect whatsoever. This may have been because the acid was poorly manufactured, or that our 'acid' may have not contained any LSD whatsoever.

Eventually, we did begin to see a psychoactive effect from the drug. I specifically recall during that time taking one or two hits at a time. I would now say that the quality of the acid we were taking was average in strength. Not having taken it many times, though, I did experience some very notable experiences.

One of the most beautiful was at a friend's house, we had all dropped acid. I was relatively high or tripping on the drug. I laid down on my friend's bed and felt as if I was laying on clouds, way up in the sky. I felt incredibly serene and I thought it was beautiful. We eventually advanced to taking more of the drug and mixing it with heavy doses of marijuana.

When I was a teen, I feel in love with LSD.
When I was a teen, I feel in love with LSD.
I felt that it gave me a glimpse into Heaven. I loved the feeling. I loved the rush and the way it made me think of great things that I wouldn't have otherwise.

As I become more comfortable with the drug, I tried more. But even more importantly, friends from other cities began providing me with much more potent LSD. The effects of the more potent LSD were almost incomparable to the LSD I had obtained in my own city. I began having experiences which challenged my ability to keep myself 'together.'

Several times, I took significant amounts of this more potent LSD, and when mixed with marijuana, I had several experiences so intense that I wished that they had never occurred. Seriously. When you take a psychedelic drug such as LSD which has been purchased on the streets, you do not know the potency. You should understand that just because you take LSD once, twice, five or ten times... does not mean that you will be prepared for the time when you take a hit that is stronger.

Over the years, my love for this drug went on... I usually enjoyed taking smaller amounts of it because I mostly liked the 'rush' it gave me and not really the feeling of uncertainty that a large dose could provide. I definitely had multiple experiences where the drug overwhelmed me. If a person has not experienced this, it is near impossible to explain. Being overwhelmed by a drug is NOT fun or cool. It can cause you to panic and question your sanity and your health.

Overall... I have very mixed feelings about LSD-25. I know that part of who I am now has been influenced by the many fun and beautiful times I had with this drug. At the same time, I feel that it did in fact do me significant mental damage. This statement is not to be taken lightly, nor do I intend it to serve as a horrific 'anti-drug' statement.

LSD was invigorating, entertaining, and beautiful for me at times. But I also could have suffered permanent mental illness from it. I attribute some of my problems to this day to my excessive use of this drug although I can neither prove nor disprove this theory. I learned, 13 years after starting to take illegal drugs, that sometimes the negative effects can not be realized for many years.

Is this to say that LSD is the product of Satan and all that is bad? No. Far from it. But if I could live my life again, I would probably think twice about taking this drug. Mostly because I took it before I was an adult. Using drugs such as this, and others, led me to make my real life and my education of secondary importance. In my late 20's, I realized that I could have been much more successful in life without doing drugs like LSD-25. I had a lot of fun doing it. About this, there is no doubt. But I would probably, and honestly, as a 29 year old... If I could relive my life, I would probably not choose to use this drug or I would have waited until I was 21.

Exp Year: 1997ExpID: 77811
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Oct 11, 2017Views: 3,134
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LSD (2) : Various (28), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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