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The True Power Of The Seeds & The Earth
Morning Glory & Cannabis
Citation:   Found. "The True Power Of The Seeds & The Earth: An Experience with Morning Glory & Cannabis (exp78017)". Erowid.org. Oct 20, 2009. erowid.org/exp/78017

T+ 0:00
10.5 g oral Morning Glory (seeds)
  T+ 0:00 .25 g smoked Cannabis - Hash (tar / resin)
  T+ 2:00 .25 g smoked Cannabis - Hash (tar / resin)
  T+ 3:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I am 20 years of age and am currently getting my degree in biology at UCLA. I have used drugs since the tender age of 15. Starting with weed then moving on to alcohol, MDMA, cocaine, psychedelics, etc. Just recently I had begun experimenting with many common organic substances. Morning Glories, San Pedro Cactus, Sage, Salvia Divinorum, Hells Bells (Datura), Nutmeg and Mace.

So here is the story. I had two friends, let’s call them E&J, who had never tripped and desperately wanted to try mushrooms. I suggested that they not waste their money and that all three of us could trip hard for the price of one 8th. E&J had never experienced any psychedelics, except for salvia. I had told them there was no true hallucinations when you trip, like white rabbits, flying TV's and talking toasters. This eventually ruined the trip for J, not like a bad trip, but he said later the trip wasn't worth the stomach ache and 5 dollars. I myself used to believe that psychedelics would cause me to see elves and cartoon characters. That was until I took 2 hits of acid in the 11th grade and realized that the psychedelic trip is really about the mental and emotional state I enter. The hallucinations I see are things that are already there. However they are warped and I could almost see their true meaning and purpose. I tried to explain this to E&J but they were simply interested in seeing 'HALLUCINATIONS'.

We headed down to Target around 4:00 o’clock. I knew they had a nice selection of seeds and good prices. We got 17 packs of Bupree Seeds for about 20 bucks, enough for all three of us to trip. I gave E&J 5 packs each and took seven packs myself. It came out to 7.5g for them and 10.5g for me. Now I know that 7.5 grams of potent Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds is a lot for a first timer, but my homies and I have been through some crazy shit dealing with drugs. E almost overdosed when he was frying on some MDMA and decided to take several shots of everclear. J has done some weird shit on salvia, where he falls down and makes these jerky, sporadic movements like a seizure, then gets up and recalls nothing. And both E&J have been with me some of my worst mushroom and acid trips. So I wasn't too worried they freak out to much.

I was going to prepare the seeds the traditional way by grinding them with rocks. However, J had only concrete rocks in his yard which broke at the slightest touch. So we consumed the seeds by chewing them up and taking them down with water. I thought E&J would have a hard time getting them down, but it was I who had the most trouble. I kept gagging and it took me almost 20 min to consume the whole lot. It wasn’t the taste that bothered me, it was just my body telling me not to eat this, its not part of my diet. I eventually got control of my body and finished off the black football shaped seeds. We then decided to play a couple of games of chess to pass the time. Half way through our little tournament, J decides to pull out his bowl and smoke some hash he got from the clinic. E couldn’t smoke cause of his probation at the time, so J and I smoked a fat hash bowl to the dome. We got terribly stoned.

We feel nothing and E&J begin to doubt me. I tell them that it takes time and the first signs are a slight stomach ache. Just as I said that my stomach begins to curl. I could tell it was kicking in.

The effects of the LSA start to kick in but it is very slow. I could feel the lapse in time because it feels like we took the seeds way more than 2 hours ago. E&J say they feel no effects except for a slight laziness which E blamed on sleep deprivation and J blamed on the hash. I myself knew the trip was coming on so I moseyed on over to the back to look at the plants. While E&J continued their on going chess war, I was mesmerized by the ivy growing on the fence and the gravel that lay upon the ground. There seemed to be interlaying patterns across their surfaces. Like something you would see out of an optical illusion book. I called E&J over to try and get their minds ready for the trip and to show them a “HALLUCINATION”. They came over to the back and sat next to me on the floor. I told them to ease their minds and focus on the surfaces in front of them. After about one minute, E gave up and begins texting his lady; J however was still fixated on the gravel saying that it looked all smeared together.

We all then proceeded inside to search for a lighter. J wanted to smoke another bowl and E needed to charge his phone. As J and I smoked another fat bowl, E became in awe of the lighter, he said it was brighter and he could see an aura around the light. I turned off the light and began to flick the lighter on and off. E&J seemed to love the lighter, so I took E’s and my phone and begun a light show. It looked like something you would see at a rave but much more bootleg. The white screens left trails all across the room and seemed to connect at the ends to make circles and figure eights. Just then the homeboy Chris rolled through. We decide to leave the pad and head out towards the city of Eagle Rock home of the “Eagle Rock” and a usual hang out for me and my associates. This probably wasn’t such a good idea but me and my friends are very spontaneous and do very random things, like taking morning glory seeds on a school night and leaving the safety of a house to go into the city. FUCK IT!!!

The ride over there seemed more than usual; except for the lights of oncoming traffic that casted the most beautiful rays. J seemed extra giddy; I knew it wasn’t the hash, that usually made him sluggish and quiet. He would comment every so often on how he felt very happy and how things seemed to go very smoothly. I kept commenting on the rays of light, they were so vivid. I would squint my eyes and see every single ray dancing on the tips of my eyes. J said he saw some trails from oncoming cars. E then decides to pick up his girl from her house and head over to what is called the view. It is a secluded street right under the over pass of the 210 freeway and looks out over the city of Eagle Rock, a nice spot to kick it and smoke some herb. Chris rolls up a nice blunt of some Hindu Kush and proceeds to smoke it. I take a couple of hits but stop, knowing I can get no higher from cannabis.

I step out the hot-boxed car and gaze upon the city; the lights seemed to flicker with much intensity. The street lamps above cast bright spherical auras around them leaving a rainbow of colors at the edge, almost like the ring of light around the moon. All this was nice but I felt this was the peak and it would get no better than this. I told E&J the trip would probably get no stronger than this and if we had taken more we probably would of tripped harder. I took Morning Glories before but this was as far as the trip went last time, some objects slightly moved and I felt a little euphoria and clear headedness but that was about it. I felt this trip was going nowhere, and boy was I wrong.

I walked down the hill which was overgrown with tall grass and sat in a patch of dirt. I really enjoy plants and being in nature so this cheered me up quite a bit and made me feel really euphoric. The grass blew in with the wind all in unison and I felt a rush of energy and confidence with every gust. I noticed I was getting very high, it almost felt like the rush I get when MDMA is kicks in. I realized that the seeds were really coming on now and a psychedelic experience was unfolding. I laid back on the grass a stared up at the stars, they to gleamed and flickered with much veracity. My thoughts seemed to flow so smoothly, no blockages, no concentrating on thoughts or ideas, just a very smooth thought process. As I was taking ideas in one brain lobe and spitting them out the other, I heard my name being called. Chris, E&J and the girl were all at the top of the hill waiting for me. Apparently they had been calling my name for several minutes and I didn’t respond at all. It was time for the caravan to move again.

The group had decided to head up to the Eagle Rock. The Eagle Rock is the center piece of the city, it’s a rock that’s shaped like an eagles head and the brow forms a shadow in the shape of a flying eagle. Now before I moved to this part of L.A., the people I associated myself with had never been on top of the Eagle Rock. My first objective when I moved there was to climb the rock to the top being that I love the outdoors. It just so happens I met E&J a couple of days before my accent. So when I did go, I took them. Ever since, the rock has become the steeple of our hangouts in the city. This time however I was not expecting them to choose that as a destination to chill.

See, I am very in touch with my spiritual side, my mom is from Haiti and my father is La Kota, that’s a tribe in the Dakotas, we chant and we practice voodoo. Not that stereotypical chicken bone dance and sacrificing of the goat you see on television. It is about listening to the Ancestors and the Earth, being in touch with myself and my surroundings. Historically, The Eagle Rock is a sacred Rock; the land around it is sacred to. The indigenous peoples to this part of California would go on top of the rock and perform ceremonies to talk with their ancestors, hey for all know there could have been shamans experiencing psychedelics on top of that rock. So when they chose this as a destination I almost thought they were joking, but they were dead serious.

At first I thought we were just going to kick it on the stairs which are beside the rock. So I went back to the car to grab my jacket, there’s a nasty breeze up there due to the rock being adjacent to the 210 freeway. As I was walked down to the car I could really feel the strength of the seeds and the energy of the rock. Issues and problems that plagued my mind before were solved with the simplest of ease. The solutions to all my life’s problems were so simple; I don’t know why I hadn’t come to these conclusions before. There is no multiple solutions one problem, there is only one true solution, and it’s me. I know it seems rhetorical and simplistic, but it is. I just looked within myself. I am the answer.

Any who, as I walked back up the hill towards the stairs, I noticed there was no one there. I proceeded to walk up the stairs which leads to the back of the rock. The stairs are eerily dark and are sloped at a rather steep angle. There is a tree half way through that divides them in two, and they are badly deformed and cracked due to California’s earthquakes. These stairs have always caught my eye, but this time I smirked and laughed in my mind at the western worlds failed attempts to colonize the earth. Nature will prevail and destroy. I made it to the back of the rock expecting my friends to be there laughing and smoking a bowl, no one in sight. It wasn’t fear that took over, but a since of concern. My friends couldn’t of climbed the rock, don’t they know the power and force that this earth possess’.

Just then I turned to face the rock to see it almost breathing, vividly moving from side to side. Other objects were warped, but the Eagle Rock clearly stood out with significance. I could feel the energy of the rock in my body. My heart rushed with adrenaline, the back of my neck went warm, and my face, hands and feet tingled from the rush of blood. My mind became fixated on the rock, and my soul grew heavy with pain. The ways of men disgusted me, the way we rape, kill, and destroy our selves and our world. Yet, turn around and act like nothing’s wrong or pretend to care that there’s something wrong. My mind was delving deep into the subject when a transient who lived back there said “Hey, you on shrooms man?” I replied “No, I’m just in awe of the rock.” He said “Yeah right, your buddies up there were doing the same thing, staring up at the rock like it’s a god. Just be careful up there, I don’t wanna move from my spot cause some drugged up kids fell of the rock.” I said, ”Nah, were cool” and proceeded to scale the back of the rock.

As I hiked up the rock I thought about E&J and how they might be tripping as hard as I am. Fear then presided with in me. I was fearful that E&J might not be able to handle the intensity of the rock and the effects of the LSA beginning to peak. I looked down at the rock and could feel a vibe that I could never describe, in words that is. I reached the summit and could see Chris, the girl and E&J sitting on the edge of the rock. Chris and the girl were talking to E&J but E&J gave concise and humble answers. I was relieved; my mind state went back to the smooth and vibrant flow it was in before.

I sat next to them on the edge and looked out towards the city. Now, I don’t know if it was the seeds peeking, but I definitely know that the Eagle Rock had intensified my high. The city gleamed very brightly. I could only describe it as millions of yellow fireflies in neat rows, flickering on and off. Yet the hillside with all its greenery and shrubbery, moved with an ebb and flow like water. It mystified me. I looked back down at the rock and saw that it moving from side to side, almost growing, leaving trails with every motion. I realized that the rock was alive, it had a power and energy all its own.

Then the emotion of fear came back over me. I wondered if E&J where aware of the power they sat on, out of all the places we could have gone they chose here. I almost felt like blurting out, ”the rock is alive!!!” to get a reaction from them. But then, that would make a bad trip a worse trip, I thought. So I said, “Isn’t the city pretty?” Everyone looked at me crazy cause this was the first thing I said since, “I’m going to get my jacket” which was well over a half an hour ago. The girl of course replied, “It’s beautiful”, but E&J still looked at me. E put his thumb up and gave a quaint smile, and J said dope very slowly. My mind went back to euphoria. I could now see how closely related LSD and LSA are. The emotional rollercoaster I go through, however LSA is much more relaxing and things don’t seem so cataclysmic.

Things went smooth all night after that, I knew E&J weren’t tripping that hard, and the effects of the seeds were peeking. Earlier I had believed that I might have given to high a dose to E&J. I told them three and a half hours after we took the seeds it probably wasn’t going to get much stronger. But they crept up on me, so I know they were tripping hard or as hard as I was, being their first timers. I have to say that the dose of seeds we took is comparable to a strong batch of mushrooms. With that in mind and how much money I saved for a priceless trip, I laid my head back and closed my eyes. My chakra was more open than it had ever been. I could see my third eye pulsating, there was bolts of electricity, curved and jagged lines dashing about the center, ever-changing shapes with ever-changing hues of colors in every direction, all the circumference of a single point in my mind. That’s the best description of the closed eyed visuals I saw. I was in this higher plane for about 20 minutes before J taped me on my shoulder and said it was time to go again.

When I awoke I felt less of the mental and emotional high I had before, but the visuals and movement of the rock showed no signs of dying down. As we were walked to the trail that leads off the rock, I stepped in a puddle of water. A white flash filled my eyes as I closed them by reaction. The leg that stepped in the puddle was the leg I had badly shattered when I was 14. This accident made it so I could no longer play football for my school, which was a big aspiration in my life, and it begun my early drug use. When I opened my eyes, I realized that I had stepped in a fire pit the indigenous peoples of California used. It was thousands of years old and held the fires for generations of people before me. I soon came to the realization that I don’t need drugs to cope with life and I’ve been wasting precious years trying to get high and search for the answer, granted I got high to finally get sober. I took the half once of weed from my pocket and threw it off the edge of the cliff.

I’ve been sober ever since. After that very pivotal moment in my life we headed back down to the car. I took my shoes off and walked bare foot across the rock that was strewn with broken beer bottles. I knew I wasn’t going to step on any though. I felt a very strong since of being at one with the universe on top of the rock. When we reached civilization, my mental high had died down a lot. The visuals were still there, but I was almost sad that such a beautiful experience was ending. We drove everybody home including my self. And I sat at home watching my garden almost breathe in the moonlight. The organic matter around me seemed joyous to see me, the one who waters and sits with them. I told them good night and almost immediately fell asleep.

The next day things were back to normal. I called E first to see what he thought, he told me that he was just straight tripping and things seemed extra fun. He then said that the rock was tripping him out the hardest and there was something special to it, other than that he wrote some really deep shit that he’s never talked about before. Basically about the world we live in is a materialistic lie. J on the other hand, said he got sick and chucked it all up, he felt good, but nothing he can’t get from ecstasy, and that he wasn’t hallucinating at all. When I asked him about the trails of lights and moving objects, he said, “that’s shit I see all the time, there was nothing special about that, and it made me sick. I wasted my money.” Well I guess the experience is not for everyone.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78017
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Oct 20, 2009Views: 26,099
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