Had a Totally Different Effect on My Boyfriend
2-CB, Cannabis, MDMA & Beer
Citation:   Ebinizer. "Had a Totally Different Effect on My Boyfriend: An Experience with 2-CB, Cannabis, MDMA & Beer (exp78047)". Erowid.org. Jul 24, 2019. erowid.org/exp/78047

2 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
  25 mg oral 2C-B
    smoked Cannabis
    oral MDMA
First Time 2-CB / Concert

The first (any only) time that I have taken 2-CB was with my boyfriend for a show.

About a half hour before the show my boyfriend, Kurt (160 lb) and I (130 lb) ingested 25mg of 2-CB. He was much more psyched for the drug then I was but I decided that I like trying new things so there we were. Beforehand we had each consumed 2 beers. Other than the beer I had nothing in my stomach, he had just eaten a full meal. We smoked some weed then headed out for the show.

Kurt went to the bar to grab a beer, I stayed in the crowd as the music began. We both started dancing and we both where in a pretty good mood, giddy to be trying a new drug. As the music progressed I looked over at Kurt who seemed totally spaced out. I asked him what was wrong and he said that the 2 C-B was hitting him hard. I had yet to feel anything so I just kept on dancing. Kurt started experiencing slight visuals in the lights and hearing sounds. I, on the other hand felt odd but I wasn’t hallucinating by any means.

About an hour and a half after ingesting the set break came on. I found Kurt who looked panic stricken and told me that he needed to go outside. I was still feeling strange but EXTREMELY clear headed
I was still feeling strange but EXTREMELY clear headed
, everything inside the venue was a slight shade of blue. We headed outside, the air felt good and I was craving a cigarette (I don’t smoke or like cigarettes), Kurt was have wild hallucinations, the whole room was flashing red as if he was inside a strobe light. We sat down and Kurt kept saying that he was in a strobe light and he couldn’t see anything because of these hallucinations. I felt good, slightly euphoric, very clear headed.

We tried to walk back inside and find our friends but Kurt had to sit because he was too overwhelmed. We moved to the other side of the stage and sat down. Kurt spaced out again then looked at me like he didn’t know who I was. Again I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he could not longer identify people, the hallucinations were getting stronger. Luckily I wasn’t in the same state that he was in. We moved into the crowd as the second set began, Kurt was having a hard time grooving to the music. I still didn’t feel much but remembered that I had brought some MDMA. I ate a little bit of that but decided that I should just relax and there was no need to be wired all night. Suddenly Kurt grabbed me and told me that we needed to get out of the crowd. This was about 2 hours after ingesting. Everything was hard for him to see and he was hallucinating harder than he had on any other drug. His hallucinations felt like he had his head next to a firetruck siren- flashing lights (reds and yellows) and overwhelming noises. I took Kurt to the back and we sat in some chairs. I wanted to dance still so I stood in front of him dancing. Every time I would move Kurt lost me, he couldn’t tell who anyone was. A half hour later I had someone come pick us up. Kurt was starting to panic but was managing only because he had experience with other psychedelics. Our ride came I had to lead Kurt by hand to the car, he almost fell down the stairs not seeing them.

At this point the night turned around. Kurt calmed down once in the car. I stopped at a gas station to get him Arnold Palmer and gummy worms and a Dutch (his favorite tripping food)- this is the point when I began to feel “trippy.” I was in the gas station and the coolers began making beats to me. I stated getting giggly but was still very clear headed. I talked to the guy behind the counter and even purchased lottery tickets. We got to our friends house and started smoking weed. Once everyone was calm and content I started hallucinating. They came on fast and before long the entire room was moving, it wasn’t a melty mushroom trip, it was more like watching sound vibrations bounce off of furniture and things in the room had a kaleidoscope effect. Kurt was having a good time at this point too. The rest of our friends came home from the show and Kurt and I were very amused by them. We watched them and both felt very introspective and like we were “seeing the real them.” We stayed at the house for another 2 hours; by this time it was almost 5 hours after ingesting. We both came down real fast and were back to reality almost instantly. We walked home in the dark and still had some hallucinations but did not feel any other effects of the drug.

I got home and slept like a baby, Kurt was up all night and then the next day felt very “hungover.”

I’m not sure why the 2-CB had a totally different effect on my boyfriend. It was strange because I have far less experience with psychedelics. Overall I think it could be a very fun experience if taken while sitting on the couch but I would steer clear if going to a show, a bar or a rave.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78047
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 24, 2019Views: 684
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