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Too Small a Dose
Citation:   Anonymous. "Too Small a Dose: An Experience with TMA-2 (exp7806)". Jul 2, 2001.

20 mg oral TMA-2 (powder / crystals)
Two days ago a fictional character went for a piss in the bermuda triangle and what would he find scribbled on the door of the wooden urinoir but a tiny hieroglyphical piece of skill and poof; suddenly an elf appeared gesticulating wildly and making sexual noises. After climaxing the elf took off his hat and in it the dandruff made strange forms of letters; this is what it read:

20mg of TMA-2 was ingested in forested surroundings which enclosed a plateau of dunes and sparse vegetation. It was approximately 27 degrees celsius (centigrade) and the sun was shining brightly. After ingestion I walked for an hour and a half to get the metabolism moving again after 15 hours of fasting, and also to prepare myself for an unidentified experience: I was rather apprehensive. An alert was felt rather late and at t+1,25 hours my jaws started clenching as they would from any amphetamine i would ever take. My legs had become rather tired after toiling and jumping barefoot in the sandy dunes but now they started to feel rejuvenated and rubbery almost. My vision had some trouble keeping up. It would take some time for my eyes to adjust after sudden movements of the head. It felt, to sum up, like the come-on of mdma but slower and more gentle (probable due to the low dose). Unfortunately, when i felt the need to sit down to really explore the psychedelic (or entheogenic, whichever you prefer) properties of this drug i became emotional and quite dependent i felt, too. I suddenly missed my girlfriend and my mommy even it seemed. I started to wonder why this was; because i would get that way sometimes in the old days when i still smoked cannabis in shitloads and it then was one of the reasons for me to moderate my herbal consumption.

So i asked myself and came to the conclusion that the emotional side of me was too repressed by my too-big ego which pushed everything in the way of emotionality (and especially unconfortable or ill-timed emotionality) away, and this had gotten to the point where i didn't even realize it. After this realization i just stared at the sky some and was even able to study but there wasnt any synergy with the surrounding environment, nor did i feel that the effects were strengthening. Rather, they were probably lessening and I started to feel a pain in my head and ears which kept me from taking a 20mg booster dose. Wondering what else there was to do here and feeling quite sober (like you can on cannabis, just very relaxed), i jumped in my car and drove back home. Back in the city the weather, which had been deteriorating in the forest, was still excellent. I wondered about all the people doing their thing but there wasn't a hint of psychelic activity there; just a mild cannabis-like buzz was all there was. Sitting in the park near to my house i did some more studying and staring at the sky and the clouds until my head started ringing and i went home to take an aspirin and eat something. Later on a friend called and i went to his house to play guitar and drink beers.

The next day wasn't good. I was very tired and my head kept ringing. It wasn't until the evening at band practice where i finally felt human again. Would like to try again with a 30-40mg dose; but not next week. Maybe i'll try to get some more people who i can hug when i'm feeling down. Secondly, home seems to be the best setting for this thing; it never got annoying but there wasn't any drive to do stuff or to go make music as on mdma; nor was there any synergy with nature.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 7806
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 2, 2001Views: 18,713
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TMA-2 (112) : Alone (16), Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1)

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