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A World of Colours
Citation:   Sovann. "A World of Colours: An Experience with 4-HO-MET (exp78096)". Jun 2, 2009.

40 mg IM 4-HO-MET
After my earlier negative experiences with some other research chemicals,
2C-C and 5-MeO-DiPT (Foxy Methoxy), whose heavy body load and insufficient
psychedelic yield got me disappointed, I have approached this chemical
with a degree of apprehension and skepticism. I needn't have to worry;
this is a very gentle drug of rare beauty.

Xavier (my partner) and I decided to tag on an experiment with this
drug to the end of our MDMA-enhanced love-making session, having just
celebrated our anniversary. We were both already quite tired, but still
felt we'd like to extend this wonderful night for a bit longer.

I decided to apply this drug by IM injection, in order to bypass the
deleterious effects of the digestive tract, and to speed up the action.
The drug acted quite fast, perhaps within 10 minutes, and my threshold
dose was about 5mg. I was then comfortable enough to gradually increase
our dose to a total of 40mg, for each of us. The dose-to-response curve
was remarkably linear, gently tapering off. There was very little body
load. The effects started to subside in approx one or two hours, and I
have extended the duration of the trip by topping up.

The first thing I noticed were gentle rushes in my face, followed by
altered perception of colours. It's a bit like if I turned my
internal 'colour contrast' adjustment control to the max, and then some.
Colours become incredibly deep and vibrant. Xavier (my partner) and I
were watching a porn movie; this was turned into a piece of art, a
feast to our eyes.

Watching Xavier's face, I saw it transformed before my eyes. He has a
handsome face, with some strong features, and I saw him transformed
into a Star Trek alien, then yet another type of alien, and then some
strange animals, one after the other. He looked a bit scary, but I
realized that I would still love him even if he remained like that.

Closing my eyes produced a never-ending tapestry of intricate artistic
imagery which, if one was able to remember it all, would keep alive a
generation of fantastic artists.

Interestingly though, this drug was not at all trippy in the Ketamine
sense. It did not affect my mind; there were no 'conversations with
gods', no funny mental loops, no time dilation. It never got scary. I didn't
actually get deeply involved in the 'action'. Rather, I was in a
position of an amused, almost detached, observer. That was quite enough
for me, but Xavier was somewhat disappointed, being used to a deeper
involvement on Ketamine and complaining that the visuals were too
weak even while he was at the peak of his experience.

Having said that, I did in fact notice some subtle mental cues of deeper
psychedelic deja-vu of my earlier Ketamine sessions. The drug does seem
able to get me close to some of the doors of higher perception, but leaves
them safely shut.

In terms of the stimulant/depressant scale, this drug was mildly
stimulant, in a peaceful, gentle way. I would imagine (as I heard) that
it would make a great combo with MDMA (in our case the MDMA effect was
already over). But it was not a rave club drug; I wouldn't be able to dance on it.
In fact I tended to develop a slight nausea just by going to the
bathroom and back, which however, quickly subsided when I got back in
bed again. It was not a sensual drug; I probably couldn't have sex on it,
it does not seem to enhance any erotic feelings. But if I wanted to just
lie down and relax, and perhaps watch some movie, I could be sure it
will become a work of art, a colourful, yet not kitchy, eye candy, while
still leaving my mind intact enough to be able to follow the plot.

This is a successful research chemical which could in fact make it to
the mainstream. It should have a street name; I'd simply call it 'Colour'.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78096
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 2, 2009Views: 25,803
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4-HO-MET (436) : Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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