The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs
Phyllomedusa bicolor
Citation:   dumdumboy. "The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs: An Experience with Phyllomedusa bicolor (exp78131)". Apr 29, 2011.

  transdermal Phyllomedusa bicolor
First of all, to get it completely and crystal clear: This is a medicine, not a drug, not a fad, not something 'cool' that 'needs' to be tested out. This is an extremely powerful medicine which along with the purge or cleansing of the system so-to-say RESETS the chemical signal transmittor substance system in the brain, resulting in a variety of psychological and physiological actions, directly or indirectly induced by the concotion of peptides in the secretion. It should only be applied by a shaman and the person getting the treatment should remain under strict supervision during the full duration of the trip.

Being a registered nurse with more than a decade of experience from ER and psych ER I generally have had a quite conservative view on drugs in general and recreational drugs specifically. Hailing from Northern Europe I've seen the backside of alcohol dependency and alcohol-related violence in my line of work and after a few years I got to think about how little I've seen of bad side effects of other drugs. Apart from the occasional GHB-overdoses and the habitual heroin junkies remarkably few other drugs found their way into the ER-wards. At the same time I was living in a country whose narcotic politics borders on paranoia. So with a little help from a friend I guided myself into the world of alternative medicine and natural hallucinogenics. Starting up softly with weed and shrooms I've eventually ventured on to ayahuasca/daime and kambo.

That being said, I want to relate the following experience:
My friend J. had talked about the Santo Daime-circle and although curious I really didn't feel that the right time had come yet. One day when we were working together I noticed some epidermal burnmarks on his left forearm, some fresh, some a few days, maybe a week old. I asked him about it and he gave me a cagey smile before he told me about Kambo and the amazonian frog of such great power. His first relation of the effect was that it was 'a cleansing'. This was obviously something different than the tea and immediately piqued my interest but I really had no idea what to expect when he came over to my place the same evening.

He asked me to find the position I found most comfortable and I chose to sit down in my big soft couch and lean backwards. He then applied seven (7) small, shallow burnmarks in the epidermis on my forearm. After wetting the dried Kambo he applied small 2-3 mm lumps of secretion/slime on the burnmarks. The effect was immediate, starting with a tingling sensation in the application zone, swiftly spreading to a general feeling of warmth in my upper body, which escalated until I felt feverish and added to it an immense pressure feeling in the head, neck and upper torso. I was now stuck in a couchlock wich like I never felt. I weighed 2 tons and the sound of my pulse was hammering intensely in my whole body. All sense of time was lost, I felt nausea, bowel turmoil and the first stages of panic, but as J was softly singing beside me I felt safe and just let the Kambo teach me. The trip subsided after 15 minutes or so and I felt related and incredibly hungry. Before J left he told me to call in a few days to tell him how I felt.

The next day I went to my hut to do some work, I still didn't feel anything special, I hadn't had 'the purge' no vomit, no defecation, no urination. I more or less shrugged my shoulders to the experience.

The second day, which was a very regular tuesday morning, I sat in my car. I was on my way to visit a friend and had been driving for about 20 minutes when a very sudden realisation came over me.

I was stable.

For the first time in my life I felt completely unstressed and leveled.
I started to laugh spontaneously because the feeling was so profound and true. For the first month after the cure I dug out 20 cubic metres of earth, stone and gravel for the foundation of the stable at my farm. Together with that and an amazing appetite-regulating effect I lost 15 kg and got fit again. The boring, heavy and menial task of digging for a month straight was sheer joy and I'm very grateful to the power of the Kambo.

As a drug Kambo is completely meaningless and as said above shouldn't be taken just to be tested. Kambo is a goal-oriented tool and powerful medicine with hallucinogenic and psychiatric properties and as such should be treated with great respect. The effect is long lasting, I have undergone 4 cures so far and the last one 2 months ago was applied on my spine and gave a very stern, serious feeling, difficult to describe, but I feel as if the Kambo is there, still teaching. I recommend it to anyone undergoing serious internal work and inside reflection, anyone wanting to tame the demon of sloth and apply routine to a rootless life and else directionless existence.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 78131
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 29, 2011Views: 19,761
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