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For well-being and productivity.
by cautiousfun
Citation:   cautiousfun. "For well-being and productivity.: An Experience with Kratom (exp78274)". Erowid.org. Feb 26, 2018. erowid.org/exp/78274

  repeated oral Kratom (powder / crystals)


I recently discovered Kratom when I used it as an additive to painkillers such as acetamenophen and ibuprofen, due to a knee injury I sustained when I laid my motorcycle over some time ago.

I took it powdered, in capsule form. Doses of 2-3 ~1g capsules every 4-5 hours. It helped the analgesic effect, but most of all, the stimulant effect increased my productivity by orders of magnitude. I would feel energetic, motivated to accomplish the tasks set before me at work, and the tasks I had to do at home. Side effects consisted primarily of increased warmth and sweating, although probably compounded by manual labor (even in IT, we still have heavy lifting :p ). No loss of fine motor skill experienced, nor any opiate-style 'buzz'. I'm normally resistant to such effects in the lower doses, even in proper opiates. Vicodin does nothing for me but kill pain. Even doses as high as 10g of kratom, pure herb, just have a generally stimulant and motivational effect on me, in increasing strength.

There is also a mild euphoria, although much of it is the feeling one would get from a task accomplished, a job well done.

Recreationlly, it takes a lot more. I find it takes roughly 18-20g worth of capsules to produce the typical opiate effect one would seek. The mitragynine takes effect roughly 30-45 minutes after ingestion, starting with the stimulant effect described earlier. It then proceeds to mellow to what I assume to be the opioid high (I've never had any recreational experience with opiates).
I've spent much time with friends in this mode, the euphoria keeps the experience with others lighthearted and fun. Music sounds excellent, from techno and trance to classical (Henryk Gorecki's 3rd Symphony is AMAZING). Anything with a generally wide soundstage, best if you have good equipment, speakers or headphones. No nausea with powdered herb in this dosage. A little more, 2g or so, causes slight nausea, but no vomiting.

I've also made a tea using Izze pomegranate soda as the base, placing about 20g in a teabag (or a makeshift one from a strong paper towel if no teabags handy). I use Izze instead of water because it's mostly fruit juices and water anyway, no added preservatives or processed sugars, and the flavor works well to offset the bitterness of the herb. I bring the soda to a boil, and
then pour it into the mug with the teabag. Swirling it around while steeping will help, as well as massaging the teabag with the spoon. I then add about 1tbsp of sugar, and it's *completely* palatable. Sipping the tea, the opioid effects come on a lot faster and stronger than taking raw herb, since my stomach's not doing the extraction. Again, no nausea from just sipping the tea.

Overall, my experiences with the herb have been completely positive. The stimulant and motivational effects (I feel like I need to DO SOMETHING) have positively affected my life in numerous ways.

Regarding the addictive properties, I'm not prone to addictions (psychological at least) and I have been off the herb for 2 weeks, after regular use. No ill effect or withdrawal symptoms, although this varies from person to person I'm sure.

As always, enjoy life to it's fullest, and use responsibly.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 78274
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 26, 2018Views: 1,148
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