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96 Hours: I Just Want To Come Down!
DXM (extended release with Guaifenesin) & Cannabis
by Just Glad It's Over
Citation:   Just Glad It's Over. "96 Hours: I Just Want To Come Down!: An Experience with DXM (extended release with Guaifenesin) & Cannabis (exp78286)". Feb 5, 2011.

120 mg oral DXM (pill / tablet)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  


I am a skinny 19 year old with absolutely no issues of anorexia etc; my natural weight is 115, and I cannot gain more than that. Maybe my own natural metabolism had something to do with the rate at which the DMX was metabolized and therefore how long it lasted; I really have no idea. Whatever the case, I haven’t found reports of anyone who’s high lasted as long as mine (a whopping 96 hours, though the PEAK experience lasted only around 24), so I feel obliged to submit this report. I was told that it would last around 8 hours. Man, was that wrong.

The only drugs that I have ever done in my entire life have been prescription drugs that had been prescribed by a doctor, and marijuana. However, my friend was talking enthusiastically about 'Robotripping'/'Dexing', and naturally, I was a little bit curious. If it had been ANYONE else, I would have refused. However, this friend, I would trust with my life, absolutely regardless of the situation. He would never knowingly give me anything that could harm me or cause me discomfort. Of course, all that means is that HE had never had a hard time with DXM; not to mention that he’s prone to forgetting important details while high.

I'd been at his house since the previous day, ingesting a nearly constant stream of marijuana (as we did until I went home that night), and we were going to pick up his girlfriend (who I had never met before that day). Let's call him R and her K. We stopped at CVS and purchased two bottles of Mucinex DM on the way. 30mg of DXM in each tablet (as well as 600mg of Guaifenesin; I do not know if my complications had anything to do with this, either). In the car, he unwrapped one of the bottles. “Well,” he said, “I normally need 8 pills... You weigh half what I do, so take four.” He snapped the pills in half, explaining that this allows them to release faster (therefore feeling their effects in half an hour to an hour, instead of upwards of two hours with the unbroken tablets), and handed them to me with a bottle of water. It is worth noting that I had not eaten since the day before. This would later prove to be yet another part on my problem.

I took mine – he waited, because he was driving – and within 30 minutes, I began to feel it. I should have thrown the pills up right then and there. I felt EXTREMELY uncomfortable. I ended up closing my eyes and curling into a ball in is back seat around the time K got in the car. I was used to feeling ‘altered,’ though, and marijuana had made me feel uneasy in the past, as well, so I was in control enough to help her break her pills after R went into a gas station.

It was Friday. From this point on, my ONLY sense of time was my watch; however, my sense of time was so far gone and my memories of the experience are so vague that I can’t tell you more than the times that the trip began and that it ended. I took the pills at 2:55, and it began to hit me at 3:25.

My memory seems to skip from being in the backseat of his car in front of a gas station a few miles from his house, to going through the McDonalds drive-through window, to him parking the car behind his house as I thought how much I did NOT want to stand up, even long enough to walk into his house. It then skips to lying on his couch, curled up into a ball. They were feeling it as well by this point, but they did not seem to have the same negative effects as I was. K seemed to prefer lying down, but she wasn’t complaining like I was.

My memory then skips to feeling my stomach rush into my adams apple. I got up and walked calmly (and with poor coordination; I had the “robo-walk” which is apparently signature to robotripping) to the bathroom. I barely made it to the toilet. I threw up at least five times. Only half of a pill (and most of my cheeseburger) came up. R came in to check up on me. “Are you okay, man?!” etc, etc. The vomiting wasn’t as unpleasant as it normally is. I couldn’t figure out why. “Yeah, man, I’m…I’ll be fine.” “I guess I should have told you to eat something first…Shit.” I went and looked in the mirror after I was done, and my pupils were massive. There was only about a single millimeter of iris visible on either eye.

I went and I sat back down on the couch. I took a bite of one of my fries, and realized that I had absolutely no sense of taste. This absolutely FUCKED me over, because I no longer felt the urge to eat with no appetite. I knew that I had to, so I finished my fries. It helped somewhat. Once I felt comfortable enough to join their conversation again, they told me to take off my shirt and wrap myself in a felt blanket and roll around in it…It did feel quite good, orgasmic really, but that was just about the highest point of my high. It really, REALLY wasn’t worth it.

We fooled around for the rest of the day. I’m used to acting normal in front of people while high on weed, but this was different. Highly uncomfortable. At one point, he locked his keys in the car, and we all had to act sober enough to fool the mall security guards into helping him. Neither of their pupils dilated, but mine did; my eyes are so dark that no one could tell at 9:20ish, though (I only remember this because that is the time that the movie started). I had massive muscle rigidity, so I was standing as stiff as a board. I wanted NOTHING more than to get back in the car and sit down, by this point.

When we finally got back into the car, we decided sitting in the theatre was a bad idea (especially due to the dense crowd), so he took me home. I didn’t feel okay to go home, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out what they were going to do that night. I left them to it. I managed to act sober in front of my mother (I don’t remember anything about the conversation; just that she suspected nothing). I then went directly to bed. I woke up at around 5AM Saturday morning, rubbing my feet violently through the blankets, thinking to myself, “IT FEELS SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.” I was still in the peak experience. I looked at the clock, rolled over (which also felt awesome), and went back to sleep. I woke up again at around 10AM, and got on my laptop. I found it extremely hard to type, primarily because I was completely unable to feel my fingertips. I was seriously wondering if it was normal for it to last this long. I remembered R saying (though I do not remember when) that the high would last for about 8 hours. I decided I’d wait and let it come down on its own. I wished I had more marijuana by this point...At least it took the uncomfortable edge off of the DXM the day before.

I realized around noon on, that I had absolutely no sense of hunger, and had not eaten anything since I finished my fries the previous afternoon. I found this odd, but even stranger was that my teeth hurt. I guessed that either I had been gritting my teeth in my sleep (very likely due to the muscle rigidity throughout the rest of my body), or my gums were swollen (even more likely, because the pain went away within an hour of the high fully wearing off – this was not any time soon, mind you).

Between the lack of hunger and the fact that it hurt to chew, I decided to skip breakfast/lunch.
And dinner.

Around 3, I felt as though I had enough feeling in my fingers to type again. Overall, I did NOT feel normal, but at least the numbness had worn off. For the most part, at least. I spent the rest of the day on the computer, fighting wave after wave of full-body muscle tension. Numbness and other peak-sensations (almost none of which were positive) came and went over the course of the entire day. During this entire time, I would like to point out that I had been feeling the following (in waves) for the ENTIRETY of the trip, from beginning to end:
-Shivering in my jaw (similar to a mini jaw seizure, actually) and hands
-Full-body muscle tension which I had to forcibly relax constantly
-Slight nausea
----My pupils were also at least twice the size of normal until the very, very, VERY end.

I went to sleep; I don’t remember anything significant about that day other than trying to call R once to ask him about all of it, but he was busy, and I forgot to call back later.

Sunday morning, I woke up, still not hungry. I forced myself to eat something because I knew I needed food, even if I didn’t feel it, and even if it hurt to eat it.
I skipped lunch.
I skipped dinner.
I only remember having an online conversation with one person that day, though I know I spoke with at least five. The rest of the day is overall blank. I do remember that I was still fighting the peak-sensations.

Monday morning, I had to go to school. Well, there wasn’t much I could do about that. You can’t call in high, and that day’s lecture was required to attend. So I went. Around ten minutes after I sat down in biology class, I lost 60% of the sensation in my face. I remember complaining to the few people who I felt comfortable telling about my DXM abuse, that I was still feeling it.

Finally, around 7:30PM, I noticed that I no longer felt strange. After a few minutes of feeling this strange lack of abnormality, I asked myself, “Is this what it feels like to be normal?!?!” and went to the bathroom. My pupils were no longer dilated. I felt normal. I waited until around 8:00 before I made the final call that I really was okay.

I’m typing this at 11:40PM, now that my residual headaches have passed enough to concentrate on, well, anything. I’ve sworn off of any drugs other than marijuana and Salvia divinorum (which I have not tried)... Period. Once with DXM was far, far, far more than enough for me. 96 hours too much.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78286
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 5, 2011Views: 52,371
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