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Good or Bad?
Gabapentin (Neurotin)
Citation:   Light Enigma. "Good or Bad?: An Experience with Gabapentin (Neurotin) (exp78294)". Jun 20, 2009.

  repeated oral Pharms - Gabapentin (pill / tablet)
Okay, I found a HUGE bottle (275 pills) of Gabapentin 600mg in his dead grandpa’s bathroom. Knowing that my grandpa wouldn’t mind, I took a good handful, not even knowing what they were, but did some extensive research on the internet and decided to try a trip. I am male and 135lbs with almost no tolerance to everything (fairly fresh to the recreational drug world) except the 1200mg lithium (mood stabilizer) and 400mg-500mg seroquel (anti-psychotic) I take daily. This trip was on a very empty stomach, taken with sprite.

At 5:30 PM, I started his experiment with the recommended dose (1 tab of 600mg) to see what it would do. I always do this to feel a sample of effects to see if he would like to up the dose later.

at 6:30 PM, (T+ 1 hour) After some research and feeling a little bit of the light “heaviness and happiness” effects, I decides to up the dose, but waits a little more to see and feel the full effects of recommended dose.

7:00 PM (T+ 1:30) I take 4 more 600mg tabs, making 2400mg additional and 3000mg total, and 100mg seroquel because I decided I liked the effects and wanted them stronger. I read that seroquel enhanced the effects. I was hungry so I walked down the alley to Subway and then I ate a 6” sandwich and had a can a Pepsi. Forget it about the empty stomach, I didn’t really eat anything since the day before, and I also read that food doesn’t make a heck of a lot of difference; I guesses that I’ll find out.

About 7:30 (T+ 2:00) I decide to watch a movie with my roommate and friend. I feel woozy but not tired, just woozy.

About 7:50: (T+ 2:20) kind of woozy, I keep falling on my roommate and we are sitting on the couch. It is very odd, like being drunk but having a very clear mind. And happy... simply moving is fun.

About 8:05 (T+ 2:35) just for the hell of it I took half a tab more (300mg). Total dosage so far is 3300mg, spread out. I see everything with the jetliner effect. Anything that moves leaves a trail like trying to take a picture of a dude running with a bad camera, like a blur behind it. Moving is hard and fun at the same time. I feel almost a total loss of coordination and my balance is off. My roommate is being an asshole and keeps pretending to throw a basketball and hit me with a guitar, scaring me a bit but for some reason I am fine with it. My speech is odd, not slurred but odd because of cottonmouth. I tried physical activity by chasing my roommate and friend around the house. Result? Well at first there was no balance on the linoleum and I was wearing socks and kept slipping.

8:45 (T+ 3:15) I believe that physical activity somewhat cancels it out some of the effects. I bet when I just sit there, it is the trip that I want.

9:15 (T+ 3:45) I don’t know, I think the effects are gone.

9:30 (T+ 4:00) I don’t feel much different than regular, just a bit woozy. I read that it was nearly impossible to overdose and die on this stuff, and that food helps a better trip. I is going to eat a big meal and try some more. I am going to eat a big meal and pop like the rest of that handful that I took. I can always get more pills later.

10:00 (T+ 4:30) I decided to wait until this dose mostly to completely wore off before trying another dose of 3000mg all at once. I will still eat. I feel heavy and after sitting for a while, I don’t really feel like getting up, but I will still do another dose later tonight. I am slightly disorientated and off balance.

11:40 (T+ 6:10) I am hungry and as soon as I finish a big bag of food (pigs in a blanket, my roommate loves to cook for some reason) and chips and another pepsi, I will down 5 600mg tabs to see what happens. Oh yes, I plan on staying up ALL night.

Time 10:05 AM, next day. I was playing video games, then there is a big gap in memory and I guess I passed out on my roommate’s bed, because that is where I woke up. I never got around to the 5 additional, but I plan on taking them all tonight in 1 dose. Total dosage for last night, 3,300mg spread out. Tonight’s plans will be 3000mg all at once, which will also be documented.

Trip #2

Drug: Gabapentin DOSAGE: 3000mg all at once on a somewhat filled stomach. 10:20. Human condition = just got back from a horror movie, very excited but possibly could be scared later. 135lbs and male, possibly small tolerance, as did 3300mg spread out last night. Setting: My room, which is fairly calm. My dumbass roommate and his friend are going to leave me alone this time. Music will probably be playing throughout.

11:17 (T+ almost 1 hour) I don’t feel much. A little happy but that’s all. I also have not sat down to relax until now. I am going to relax and watch movies and stuff.

About 11:50 (T+ 1:30) I still don’t feel much except a bit hyper, could be all the caffeine I had today at the movie. Well that was until I took a piss. I feel heavy and not happy but indifferent. Happy Valentines Day, I was a bit depressed earlier because he is 400 miles away from my Boyfriend, so I guess this helped depression.

12:00 midnight (T+ 1:40) I am laughing at stupid shit, and am happy, not euphorically really, but this could be because of my roommates.

12:30 (t+ 2:10) I find it easy to argue, but maybe my roommates just know how to push my buttons. I laugh at a lot, am happy. I thought that I lost coordination, but I entertained myself by running around in circles, then doing a flubbed judo move on the roommate. Okay I lost a bit of coordination.

About 12; 50 (T+ 2:30) definitely something has been felt, woozy and to my roommates I could pull off sober but am a bit off, acting funny. But I definintly feels the effects. My roommates and I are going to go smoke a cigar. Watching a movie in the rafters on a door in the garage smoking a cigar. I feel kind of drunk yaay. BTW my roommates and I are watching “Dude where’s my car”, I was laughing constantly, even at things that aren’t funny. Okay whatever. Movie time!

1:30 (T+ 3:10) My roommates and I are all kind of high. I am feeling very drunk. Paradoxically I feel totally out of it, but at the same time could pull of sobriety if I wanted to. It’s kind of hard to type, oh well. In it but out of it at the same time. Kind of like the mix between weed and alcohol, but I rather dislikes alcohol. Roommates say that I feel really warm. Hmm maybe I store heat better and they are cold because of the unheated garage. Moving feels weird.

1:50 (T+ 3:30) I feel like a bobble head … that’s all

2:00 (T+ 3:40) My roommates say that I feel really hot. I am comfortable though. I will keep this short because my roommates and I are still watching the movie. The movie seems FUNNY AS HELL!! (At least to me) I feel really woozy and love it. I can fake Sobriety but it’s kind of hard.

2:40 (T+ 4:20 ha-ha!!) I am definitely on the plateau, but is slowly coming off of it. I still feel really good though. Still feel pretty drunk but maybe can feel kind of coming down, maybe not. Need a smoke break and some fucking food. I am still fucked up, feels good and not really going down, maybe just imagining it. Moving now, every step I takes feels like “Boom bOOM BOOM” like the ground feels harder.

3:10 (T+ 4:50) really hard to type and concentrate. I am not so stoned that I can not make Ramen Noodles. I also found out that a good nicotine buzz really enhanced the high. I had a roommate do a phone text for me. I chamber pipe smoked a Marlboro Red without the filter, giving me a good buzz, which made the high very intensified. I am going to eat the ramen and going to what?? I will figure it out and tell you later. You must also note that it is in fact 3 in the morning.

UPDATE 3:21 I am going to try I-doser, usually they don’t work because I always thinks too much. My mind is kind of shit right now so maybe it will work because I can’t really think and can just sit there without a thought.

3:40 (T+ 5:20) I feel the effects rapidly decreasing. The trip is pretty much over. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. The effects are almost gone, just barely hanging on. The prescription dose says “take 1 600MG tab every 6 hours”. Well, It was fun but it’s nearly 4 in the morning and I suppose I’ll go to sleep now, but it was fun writing a report. I was kind of stupid during this whole time. I get why they call it “Morontin” instead of Neurontin. Well, when I was smoking that pipe, I was SUPER STONED. Like really really woozy, and I had a roommate lead me back inside.

Good Nite and thanks for reading my experience. I will probably do this again, maybe next weekend.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 78294
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 20, 2009Views: 105,849
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Pharms - Gabapentin (183) : First Times (2), General (1), Various (28)

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